5 Sights in Medemblik, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Medemblik, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Medemblik, Netherlands.

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1. Bonifaciuskerk

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Bonifaciuskerk Arch / Public domain

The Bonifati Church of fellow initiates is a Dutch church in 1404. A priest of the church, whose oldest name dates back to 1118, was set on fire not long ago. The canopy of the church is used to build a new church. The church was originally dedicated to sint-bonifius, and later also dedicated to sint-March. In 1572, after the Reformation, the Protestant church used the name bonifaius and in March became the main model of the Roman Catholic diocese. Despite being affected by two fires, a large part of the church remains. The church is now used in Protestant churches. Mao Shuixiu in Beishan is called "Bean Opera" and used as a theater. Sweelinck, son of Jan Pieters, married at this church on January 15.

Wikipedia: Bonifaciuskerk (Medemblik) (NL)

2. De Herder

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Shepherd is a stable factory with reeds on eight sides, which is on the edge. It is a top herb with two torque grindstones. It was not until 1947, in the same place, that an earlier factory was demolished because it no longer worked and was no longer needed. Therefore, it can no longer be used when rebuilding. However, the plant consisted of several old parts: the wood octahedron was built at Wormer in 1695 and as an oil mill at Willekope in 1904. The mills were brought together in 1986 when serious consideration began to be given to rebuilding, when large wooden beams could be overhauled and used.

Wikipedia: De Herder (Medemblik) (NL)

3. TOP Gemaal Lely

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TOP Gemaal Lely Arch / Public domain

The tourist transfer point (top) is a "natural node" from which various cycling, boating, skating and hiking routes begin. Each of the vertices can be identified on landmarks, using a type of obelisk in the eastern part of the country, thatched cottages in the Green Center and throwing an amazing pillar of information in the area & Battle and River Land. At the top, there are usually some seats, bicycle racks and road signs. The area's top Throw & Fight also always offers bike rentals, hotels, free toilets, anwb bike service boxes and vv information points.

Wikipedia: Toeristisch Overstappunt (NL)

4. Martinuskerk

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The Catholic St. Martin's Church in Medemblik is a neo-Gothic church of T. Slinger, pupil of Pierre Cuypers. The 65 meter high tower of the church is one of the four towers that determine the appearance of Medemblik, it is after the Bonifacius church the highest building in the city.

Wikipedia: Sint-Martinuskerk (Medemblik) (NL)

5. Station Medemblik

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The railway station is the railway station of West Frisia. It is the end of the tourist railway (museum line) horn-the cematch (shm) operated by the museum steam tram horn. In the context of the "historical triangle", it will be linked with tourist boat services.

Wikipedia: Station Medemblik (NL)

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