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Explore interesting sights in Enschede, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Enschede, Netherlands.

Sightseeing Tours in Enschede

1. Wissinks Möl

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The Wissinks Möl is located in the municipality of Enschede near Usselo, along the road to Haaksbergen. The mill is of the (open) post mill type, locally known as a stender box. The founder and first owner J.H. Wissink lived next to the mill field. The mill has three attics instead of the usual two attics for post mills and has a king spindle with a rail wheel for the drive of two of the three grinding couples. The third grinding torque, the front mill, is driven directly by the upper wheel. With three pairs of millstones, the flour mill grinded for the farmers in the area from its year of construction 1802 to 1921. Then a machine mill was built at the Lonneker Coöporatie. The front mill has 17der blue stones. The blue grinding stones of the left rear mill are so-called wolfjes and those of the right rear mill are 13der blue stones.

Wikipedia: Wissinks Möl (NL), Website

2. De Museumfabriek

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De Museumfabriek is a museum in Enschede, Netherlands. The new museum is located partly in a renovated Jannink textile factory, in reference to Enschede's textile history, and partly in an adjourning new building designed by the Amsterdam-based firm SeARCH. The project architect was Bjarne Mastenbroek. It is an Anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage.

Wikipedia: De Museumfabriek (EN), Website

3. Het ei van Ko

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Ko's Egg is a work of art in the center of the Dutch city of Enschede. The designer, artist Joop Hekman, did not give it a name, but the municipality of Enschede calls it The Family. After its installation in 1984, the bourgeoisie immediately named the oval brick masonry construction with a group of statues, after the then mayor Ko Wierenga.

Wikipedia: Het ei van Ko (NL)

4. Sein huisje

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The Museum Buurtspoorweg (MBS) Foundation operates a museum railway line in Haaksbergen and Boekelo (municipality of Enschede) in Overijssel. The foundation was founded on February 21, 1967 and obtained a transport concession for the Haaksbergen - Boekelo course on 23 June 1989 as the first railway company next to the Dutch Railways.

Wikipedia: Museum Buurtspoorweg (NL), Website

5. Sint Jacobus de Meerdere

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The Sint-Jacobus De Meerderekerk is a church on the Oude Markt in the Dutch city of Enschede. The Jacobusparochie is best known as a parish where Alphons Ariëns worked as a chaplain. In memory of him, the 'Ariënsachtenis celebration' is held here every year in November.

Wikipedia: Sint-Jacobus de Meerderekerk (Enschede, 1934) (NL), Heritage Website

6. Nationaal Muziekkwartier

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Nationaal Muziekkwartier

The National Muziekkwartier, located in Enschede, is a collaboration between Wilminktheater and Muziekcentrum Enschede, Metropool Enschede, National Travel Opera, the orchestra of the East, the Muziekschool Twente and Artez Conservatory.

Wikipedia: Nationaal Muziekkwartier (NL), Website

7. Lonneker Molen

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The Lonneker Mill is a round stone windmill of the belt mill type and is located at Lonneker Molenweg 80 in the Twente village of Lonneker in the municipality of Enschede. The grounds on which it stands is called 'De Elzenkamp'.

Wikipedia: Lonneker Molen (NL), Website, Facebook, Heritage Website


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