6 Sights in Deventer, Netherlands (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Deventer, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Deventer, Netherlands.

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1. Wilhelminafontein

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On the Brink in Deventer there is a Wilhelmina fountain. The monument was unveiled in 1898 on the occasion of the inauguration of Queen Wilhelmina. The monument is by the hand of the Deventer city architect J. A. Mulock Houwer. The construction of this fountain - incidentally not as a Wilhelmina monument - had already been planned in 1893, when the Deventer water pipe was completed. Lack of money then forced to abandon the construction. In 1898 the opportunity arose to install a fountain. The monument - whose cast iron parts were cast by Nering Bögel - limps on those two thoughts. Contrary to what the inscription on the pedestal suggests, the monument contains no further references to the queen. On the pedestal is the City Maiden of Deventer, made by Wilhelmus Gerhardus van Poorten. It is provided with a bay leaf and a shield on which the city coat of arms is printed.

Wikipedia: Wilhelminafontein (Deventer) (NL)

2. Broederenkerk

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The Broederenkerk, officially the Roman Catholic Saint Lebuïnus church, is a church in Deventer, built between 1335 and 1338 by order of Eleanor of England, then Duchess of Guelders. Before the church was built, a monastery had already been founded on that site around 1300 by the Franciscan Friars Minor. Although the brothers left the monastery and church permanently in 1579, the informal but completely established name of the House of God reminds us of their centuries-long presence. From 1579 to 1799 the church building was, with a short interruption, in use by Deventer Protestants.

Wikipedia: Broederenkerk (Deventer) (NL)

3. Proosdij

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De Proosdij in Deventer is the oldest surviving stone house in the Netherlands. Building history research has shown that the oldest core of the building dates from around the year 1130 and is built from trachite and tuff, types of stone that were brought in from the Eifel. On the second floor, the remains of three Romanesque windows are present on the end façade. The house is located on the Sandrasteeg and the Stromarkt, in the core of the old city of Deventer.

Wikipedia: Proosdij (Deventer) (NL)

4. Museum EICAS

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Museum EICAS is a Dutch museum for contemporary art in Deventer. Museum EICAS focuses on a wide audience and takes the art of the Zero and Zero movement as a starting point. From there, the connection is made with contemporary non-figurative, investigative and innovative artists for exhibitions and activities such as concerts and lectures.

Wikipedia: Museum EICAS (NL)

5. Rijsterborgherpark

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Rice Bail Park or Single Plant Line is an urban park designed by lemonade jumper in 1886. It is located at deventer Station and downtown. In the mouth of the people, this park is also called "old plants" to distinguish the new plants near the water tower prepared in 1914.

Wikipedia: Rijsterborgherpark (NL)

6. Beestenmarkt

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The Beestenmarkt in the Dutch city of Deventer is a large square and parking lot just outside the old town in the Voorstad district, in a neighborhood that is also called De Driehoek. It is bordered by the Brinkgreverweg, the 1e Pauwenlandstraat and the Langerij.

Wikipedia: Beestenmarkt (Deventer) (NL)

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