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Explore interesting sights in Brielle, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Brielle, Netherlands.

Sightseeing Tours in Brielle

1. TOP Brielle

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TOP Brielle

A Tourist Transfer Point (TOP) is a 'natural junction', where various cycling, sailing, skating and walking routes start. Each TOP is recognizable by its landmark, a kind of obelisk is used in the east of the country, a grass neck in the Green Heart and a remarkably large information column in the Gooi & Vecht region and the Rivierenland region. At TOPs there are often also a few seats, a bicycle rack and a signpost. TOPs in the Gooi & Vecht region are also always equipped with a bicycle rental, catering, (free) toilets, an ANWB Bicycle Service Box and a VVV information point.

Wikipedia: Toeristisch Overstappunt (NL)

2. 't Vliegend Hert

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Deer's Factory, which flies in Mill Street in the Dutch town of brielle, is a hardwood factory built in 1985. He worked on the city's fort walls as a rolling mill, which has been the site of flour mills since the 17th century. Until 1696, it was a sanding machine replaced by a Stone counting machine. The factory was burned down on the night of 2-3 November 1810 and rebuilt in 1811. In 1882, it also burned. In 1970, during the restoration of the fort, tar from the old spray gun factory was discovered. Decided to build a factory, which is a replica of the former foundry.

Wikipedia: 't Vliegend Hert (molen) (NL)

3. Bedevaartskerk H. H. Martelaren van Gorcum

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The Pilgrimage Church H. H. Martelaren van Gorcum is a church building in Brielle, in the Dutch province of South Holland. The church is dedicated to the Martyrs of Gorcum. The building was designed by the architect H. P. J. De Vries and was inaugurated on 29 April 1932. The church is part of a pilgrimage complex that also includes the martyrs' field, an altar cibory, a well and a Stations of the Cross.

Wikipedia: Martelaren van Gorcumkerk (Brielle) (NL), Website

4. Langepoort

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The Langepoort from about 1704 on the Westdam, is a city gate of the fortified city of Brielle in the Dutch province of South Holland. The gate is part of the national monument registration 26968 together with the ramparts and the Kaaipoort on the southeast side of the city.

Wikipedia: Langepoort (NL)

5. Watertoren

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The water tower in Brielle, in the Dutch province of South Holland, was designed by architect A. D. Heederik and was built in 1923. The water tower has a height of 40. 50 meters and has one water reservoir of 200 m³. It was decommissioned in 1984.

Wikipedia: Watertoren (Brielle) (NL)

6. Sloepenloods

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The slooploods in the South Holland city of Brielle is a warehouse on the Maarland Noordzijde. It was built in 1886 by order of the Engineers 3rd Commandement at Brielle, for a detachment of the Torpedo Company stationed in the city since 1870.

Wikipedia: Sloepenloods (Brielle) (NL)

7. Sint-Catharijnekerk

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The Grote or Sint-Catharijnekerk is the main church of the fortified city of Brielle, in the Dutch province of South Holland. The Sint-Catharijnekerk is used by the Protestant municipality of Sint-Catharijne.

Wikipedia: Grote of Sint-Catharijnekerk (NL)


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