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Explore interesting sights in Alkmaar, Netherlands. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Alkmaar, Netherlands.

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1. Sluismolen

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The Sluismolen is a polder mill built in 1575 with an oak octagon on a low base. The mill is located near the Koedijkervlotbrug along the Noordhollandsch Kanaal in the village of Koedijk, although the postal address is Alkmaar. The mill is, like so many North Holland polder mills, an inland porter. Until 1926, the mill drained the Sluispolder exclusively by wind power. In that year, an electric auxiliary drive was installed and there was hardly any grinding on the wind. In 1944 the Sluismolen was made operational again due to problems with the electricity supply. Unreliable rods were the reason for the mill to be shut down after a short time. In 1948 the paddle wheel was replaced by an electrically driven jack.

Wikipedia: Sluismolen (Koedijk) (NL)

2. Kapelkerk

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The Chapel Church is a medieval church in the old town of Alkmaar, on the Late. Originally, the Catholic Saint John Chapel was originally named in this place. The church is used by the Dutch Reformed Churches in Alkmaar for weekly worship services. In February 2016, this church bought this church from the Protestant Church of the Netherlands, ensuring survival as a church building. In January 2019 the church was housed in the Kapelkerk Foundation.

Wikipedia: Kapelkerk (Alkmaar) (NL), Website

3. Schermerhek

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All that remains of the Schermerpoort is the Schermerhek, the two natural stone pillars with sandstone decorations. The Schermerpoort was a city gate in the Dutch city of Alkmaar. The remains are the only remnants of the seven city gates that Alkmaar has had. The pillars stood in front of the actual gate. On 16 December 1969 they were registered in the Register of Monuments as a national monument.

Wikipedia: Schermerpoort (NL)

4. Muziekvereniging Excelsior

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The former Volksbadhuis of the Dutch city of Alkmaar is a municipal monument in the center of the city. The building, opened in 1892, was the first municipal bathhouse in Alkmaar. At the same time as the bathhouse, villas were also built in the Emmakwartier that had its own bathroom. To take a bath in the bathhouse, NLG 0.50 had to be paid.

Wikipedia: Volksbadhuis (Alkmaar) (NL)

5. Vismarkt

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The fishing market in Alkmaar is a national monument consisting of some stone galleries and covered fish banks. In the first half of the 19th century the building served as a trading office and fishing stall. The fish was stored in the galleries and was released on the stone fish banks for the market.

Wikipedia: Vismarkt (Alkmaar) (NL)

6. Grote Sint-Laurenskerk

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Grote or Sint-Laurenskerk is a landmark formerly Protestant church in Alkmaar, Netherlands, now in secular use. The building is located on the Koorstraat. It is mostly closed in the winter and open for tourists in the summer months or by appointment.

Wikipedia: Grote or Sint-Laurenskerk (Alkmaar) (EN)

7. Doopsgezinde kerk

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The Baptist Church is a national monumental hall church at Koningsweg 12 in Alkmaar in North Holland. The building was built on the initiative of predecessor Hans de Ries, it is one of the oldest stone Baptist churches in the Netherlands.

Wikipedia: Doopsgezinde kerk (Alkmaar) (NL), Website

8. Molen van Piet

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De Groot or the Mill of Piet is a round stone windmill in the Dutch city of Alkmaar. The mill was built as a shore mill on the Clarissenbolwerk near the former Kennemerpoort and still dominates the cityscape there.

Wikipedia: De Groot (Alkmaar) (NL)


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