29 Sights in Riga, Latvia (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Riga, Latvia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 29 sights are available in Riga, Latvia.

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1. Great Guild

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Great Guild Author missing

The Great Guild of Riga or the Guild of St. Mary was a brotherhood of Riga merchants, which existed from 1354 to 1939 and gathered in the Münster room, which has survived to this day in the House of the Great Guild. It existed alongside the Small Guild or St. John's Guild, which united the artisans of Riga. The guild's statutes stated that its task was "the nurturing of sociality, polite domesticity, feasts, charity, and soulfulness."

Wikipedia: Lielā ģilde (LV), Website

2. House of the Blackheads

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The House of the Blackheads is a building situated in the old town of Riga, Latvia. The original building was erected during the first third of the 14th century for the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a guild for unmarried merchants, shipowners, and foreigners in Riga. Major works were done in the early 17th century, adding most of the Mannerist ornamentation. The sculptures were made by the workshop of August Volz. Additionally, it is the site of the first decorated Christmas tree, which was erected in 1510.

Wikipedia: House of the Blackheads (Riga) (EN), Website

3. Freedom Monument

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The Freedom Monument is located in Riga, Latvia, honouring soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence (1918–1920). It is considered an important symbol of the freedom, independence, and sovereignty of Latvia. Unveiled in 1935, the 42-metre (138 ft) high monument of granite, travertine, and copper often serves as the focal point of public gatherings and official ceremonies in Riga.

Wikipedia: Freedom Monument (EN)

4. Old Riga

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Vecrīga is the historical center and a neighbourhood of Riga, Latvia, located in the Central District on the east side of Daugava River. Vecrīga is famous for its old churches and cathedrals, such as Riga Cathedral and St. Peter's Church.

Wikipedia: Vecrīga (EN), Heritage Website

5. Riga Circus

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Riga Circus Author missing

Riga's circus is Ria at 4 Merkel Street. The circus was discovered in 1888. Twenty-nine years old. Riga in December. It is one of the oldest circus buildings in Europe and the only permanent circus building in the Baltic States. The circus is listed in the national protected cultural relics list. Circus performances are performed as visiting scholars from various countries, as are Latvian circus artists. In February 2016, the circus was closed for safety reasons, but after strengthening the building facade, the circus reopened the venue of public events in 2018. September of 2008. After 2019. Latvia enacted laws that year, Wild animals are prohibited from performing in scenic spots and circuses, The facilities of Riga Circus have been put into use, not only by circus performances produced by themselves and co-produced, but also by circus guest performances invited from other countries, and cultural activities such as concerts, exhibitions, drama performances and festivals have been organized, thus embodying the strategic construction of transforming strategic buildings into multi-art centers.

Wikipedia: Rīgas cirks (LV), Website

6. Reformed Church of Riga

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Riga Reformed Church is the ancient (Calvinist) temple of Reformation at 10 Mastri Street, Old Town. At present, the church building belongs to the evangelical preaching church in Latvia, and LELB youth center has been installed there. Architecture is an important architectural landmark in China. It is a brutal single-walled wooden-coated building with a towering double-sloping roof against the chandeliers of Mastri Street, which is composed of a small turret and a colonnade. There are elevated castles on the facade rhythmically, while there are peaks on the tower of the building. Morning star. The gravel entrance is located in Bremen in 1737. Year. There are two wooden ladders in the hall at the entrance, but the ceiling of the temple wall retains the original palace-style architecture for mirror image. The altar and eagle balcony combined with stationery were built in 1805. Classical style. 1783. Henri Ha Andrea Concissa installed it that year, but installed it in 1847. Eagle, the brand of Scholes Company.

Wikipedia: Rīgas Reformātu baznīca (LV)

7. Pharmacy Museum

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The Latvian Museum of Pharmacy is a medical museum in Riga, Latvia. It was founded in 1987 in association with the Pauls Stradins Museum for History of Medicine and is located on Richard Wagner street in an18th century building which itself is an architectural monument. The museum is dedicated to understanding the development of pharmacy and pharmacies in Latvia and contains documents and books from the 17th- 19th century, pharmacist tools and devices for preparing drugs, and drugs which were manufactured in Latvia in the 1920s and 1930s

Wikipedia: Latvian Museum of Pharmacy (EN)

8. Latvian National Theatre

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The Latvian National Theatre is one of the leading professional theatres in Latvia. The building is in the Eclectic style and is an architectural and artistic monument. The country of Latvia was proclaimed in this building in the year 1918. On 23 February 2002, the theatre celebrated its 100th anniversary. The director of National Theatre of Latvia since 2006 has been Ojārs Rubenis.

Wikipedia: Latvian National Theatre (EN), Website

9. Museum of the history of Riga and navigation

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Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation is housed by the Riga Dom Cathedral ensemble in the heart of the Old Riga, Latvia. It originated in 1773 as a private collection of Nikolaus von Himsel, a Riga doctor and, being one of the oldest museums in Europe, over the centuries it has grown into the largest collection of material evidence of the history of Riga.

Wikipedia: Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation (EN), Website

10. Mangaļsalas bāka

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Mangaļsala Lighthouse is a former lighthouse on the eastern pier of the mouth of the Daugava. It was in operation until 1998 and was replaced by a 7 meter high metal tower. Now it is set up as a decorative monument on the city canal in the former "Schützengarten". The name is reminiscent of the former location on Magnusholm.

Wikipedia: Leuchtturm Mangaļsala (DE)

11. Daugavgriva lighthouse

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Daugavgrīva Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in Daugavgrīva on the Bay of Riga on the Latvian coast of the Baltic Sea. The lighthouse was built in 1956, located next to Daugava River. Due to the change in the river's course, several lighthouses have been built, destroyed, and rebuilt again over the course of history.

Wikipedia: Daugavgrīva Lighthouse (EN)

12. St. James's Cathedral

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St James's Cathedral is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Riga in Latvia. The cathedral is dedicated to Saint James the Greater. The building is part of the Old Riga UNESCO World Heritage Site and lies directly opposite the House of the Livonian Noble Corporation, the meeting place of Latvia's parliament the Saeima.

Wikipedia: St. James's Cathedral, Riga (EN)

13. Latvijas dzelzceļa vēstures muzejs

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Latvian Railway History Museum is a railway museum with expositions in Riga and in Jelgava, dedicated to the history of railway and its development in Latvia. The museum is a structural unit of the company "Latvijas dzelzceļš". The museum has the largest collection of wide-gauge vehicles in the Baltics.

Wikipedia: Latvian Railway History Museum (EN)

14. Biķeru Svētās Katrīnas baznīca

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The Evangelical Church of Biker St Catherine is the Church of God of the Evangelical Church at 59 Old Bikman Street, Rigag Town, Latvia. The church is built in the baroque style of boulder, brick and architecture, and in the form of late festivals. Next to the church is an ancient cemetery.

Wikipedia: Biķeru baznīca (LV), Website

15. Vadošā gaisma Baltā baznīca

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The Baltā baznīca is located in the Riga district of Vecmīlgrāvis (german Old Mill Ditch) and consists of three units: the orange signal light, which comes out of a church tower window almost south-facing, and two beacons with signal lights in the direction of the harbor on the Daugava.

Wikipedia: Richtfeuer Baltā baznīca (DE)

16. Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

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Museum of Decorative Arts and Design

The Latvian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design is an arts museum in Riga, Latvia. The museum was established on 1 January 1989 and opened to the public on 6 July 1989. It is located in the former church St. George's Church, Riga, the oldest surviving stone building in Riga.

Wikipedia: Latvian Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (EN)

17. Vecā Ģertrūdes baznīca

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The Old St. Givis Church in Riga is the shrine of Latvian evangelical churches, at the street intersection of Riga, Givis and the Church, designed by architect John Daniela Fairsko and built in 1864. 1869. Year. The church building was surrounded in 1869. Year 2. March.

Wikipedia: Rīgas Vecā Svētās Ģertrūdes Evaņģēliski luteriskā baznīca (LV)

18. Riga Gheto and Latvian Holocaust museum

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Riga Gheto and Latvian Holocaust museum

The Riga Ghetto and the Latvian Holocaust Museum is a museum in Riga. Opened on September 21, 2010, it is the second ghetto museum in the post-Soviet space. [citation needed] The museum is located in the historic spikers of the Riga Central Market, Maskavas street 14a.

Wikipedia: Rīgas geto muzejs (LV), Website

19. The Latvian National Museum of Art

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The Latvian National Museum of Art is the richest collection of national art in Latvia. It houses more than 52,000 works of art reflecting the development of professional art in the Baltic area and in Latvia from the middle of the 18th century until the present time.

Wikipedia: Latvian National Museum of Art (EN), Website

20. Jaunatnes dārzs

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Jaunatnes dārzs Author missing / PD

Green Garden is a small park in Rome, an Aden between Lapuna, Montenegro and Ernanes Street. Occasionally, it is unofficially called Lermontova Park, because it is located on Lermontova Street and next to No.5. The trumpet stops on the trumpet with the same name.

Wikipedia: Jaunatnes dārzs (LV)

21. Māras dārzs

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Māra dzirnavu pond is an artificial water reservoir in Riga on Mārupīte between Torņakalns and Āgenskalns. The banks of the pond are flat, the bottom muddy. Runoff is regulated by the floodgates. Dwells linseed, pike, perch, carp, roach, carrion, crayfish.

Wikipedia: Māras dīķis (LV)

22. St. Mary Magdalene's Church

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St. Mary Magdalene Roman Catholic Church and Monastery in Riga is a Roman Catholic Church church at Klostera Street 2, Old Riga. An architectural monument of national importance of the 13th–17th centuries. Services are held in Latgalian, Latvian and English.

Wikipedia: Rīgas Svētās Marijas Magdalēnas baznīca (LV)

23. Pils laukums

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Castle Square is a square near Riga Palace in the old city. Other fields include buildings such as the Bank of Latvia building, the Kachinya building in the former Rigak, the former Petersburg hotel building, and the Church of the Gods of Pain in Riga.

Wikipedia: Pils laukums (Rīga) (LV)

24. Anglikāņu baznīca

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Anglikāņu baznīca Anonīms / CC BY-SA 3.0

St. Saviour's Church is a congregation of the Church of England in Riga, Latvia. Its parish church is located at Anglikāņu iela 2. This is to the north of the old town centre (Vecrīga), close to Riga Castle and the banks of the Daugava River.

Wikipedia: St. Saviour's Church, Riga (EN)

25. KGB Building Corner House

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The Corner House is a historic building in the city center of Riga, Latvia. It was known as the headquarters of the Soviet KGB in Latvia from 1940 to 1941 and from 1944 to 1991. The official address is 61 Brīvības iela.

Wikipedia: Corner House (Riga) (EN), Website

26. Māte Latvija

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Māte Latvija

Brothers' Cemetery or Cemetery of the Brethren, also sometimes referred to in English as the Common Graves or simply as the Military Cemetery, is a military cemetery and national monument in Riga, capital of Latvia.

Wikipedia: Brothers' Cemetery (EN)

27. Svētā svētmocekļa Rīgas Jāņa nogalināšanas vieta

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Svētā svētmocekļa Rīgas Jāņa nogalināšanas vieta

Archbishop John was the first Latvian Archbishop of the Latvian Orthodox Church, serving from 1921 to his assassination in 1934. He was also involved in politics, and was the leader of the Party of the Orthodox.

Wikipedia: John Pommers (EN)

28. Švarcmuiža

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Švarcmuiža, formerly Hagenshof, is a manor owner's building built by architect M. Holst at Daugavgrivas Street 19/21 in Agenskalns. The building burned down in 1812, restored in 1872, in 1997 and 2017.

Wikipedia: Švarcmuiža (LV)

29. 1941

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The memorial to the victims of communist terror in Tornakalns is located near Tornakalns railway station, in Riga, Latvia. The memorial is dedicated to the inhabitants of Latvia deported in June 1941.

Wikipedia: Komunistiskā terora upuru piemiņas vieta Torņakalnā (LV)


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