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Explore interesting sights in Pristina, Kosovo. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Pristina, Kosovo.

Sightseeing Tours in Pristina

1. Clock Tower

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The Clock Tower in Pristina, Kosovo, was built in the 19th century by Jashar Pasha, after whom the Mosque is named not far from the Clock Tower. It served as a means of informing the town during the Ottoman Empire rule, in order to let people know when to pray as well as the traders closing their shops. The 26-meter high hexagonal clock tower was made of sandstone and bricks. The original tower was burned in fire and its bricks were used for reconstruction. The authentic bell was brought from Moldavia and has an inscription mentioning this fact. However, the circumstances of how the bell was brought to Pristina are not clearly known; its theft in 2001 is even more unclear. The same year, French KFOR troops assisted in installing a new clock by changing the old clock mechanism with an electric one.

Wikipedia: Clock Tower of Pristina (EN)

2. Ethnological Museum

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The Ethnological Treasure of Kosovo is an ethnographic museum in Pristina, Kosovo. It is located in the Emin Gjiku Complex, a monument of culture from the 18th century. The house was once owned by the family of Emin Gjikolli. The name Emin Gjikolli means "little man", in Turkish the spelling is "Eminçik", which the complex holds as the name today. In the museum, tools and items related to lifestyle from the Ottoman Kosovo period are on display.

Wikipedia: Ethnological Museum, Pristina (EN)


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The Newborn Monument (NEWBORN) is a typographic sculpture and tourist attraction in Pristina, Kosovo. Located in front of the Palace of Youth and Sports, the monument was unveiled on 17 February 2008, the day that Kosovo formally declared its independence from Serbia. The monument consists of the English-language word "Newborn" in capital block letters, which were painted bright yellow when the sculpture was first revealed. The monument was later re-painted with the flags of the states that have recognized Kosovo. At the unveiling of the monument it was announced that it will be painted differently on the anniversary of Kosovo's independence movement day every year. The monument attracted the attention of international media reporting Kosovo's movement declaration of independence, and it was featured prominently on the front page of The New York Times.

Wikipedia: Newborn monument (EN)

4. Çarshi Mosque

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The Çarshi Mosque, also known as the Bazaar Mosque and the Taş Mosque, is the oldest building in Pristina, Kosovo, and it marks the beginning of the old town. The foundation of this mosque was laid out in 1389 during the rule of the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I and its construction was continued during the reign of Sultan Murad II in the 15th century. The Çarshi Mosque was built to celebrate the Ottoman victory of 1389 in the Battle of Kosovo. Over the years, the mosque has undergone through several restorations. However, its stone-topped minaret has survived for over six centuries.

Wikipedia: Çarshi Mosque (EN)

5. National Theatre of the Republic of Kosovo

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The National Theatre of Kosovo was founded in 1946 in the city of Prizren, Kosovo. It is the highest ranked theatre institution in the country, with the largest number of productions. The National Theatre is the only public theatre in Kosovo and therefore it is financed by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. This theatre has produced more than 400 premieres which have been watched by more than 3 million spectators.

Wikipedia: National Theatre of Kosovo (EN)

6. Christ the Saviour Cathedral

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Christ the Saviour Cathedral

The Cathedral church of Christ the Saviour in Pristina, Kosovo is an unfinished Serbian Orthodox Christian church whose construction began in 1992. Due to have been completed in 1999, its construction, on the campus of the pre-war University of Pristina, was interrupted by the Kosovo War.

Wikipedia: Church of Christ the Saviour, Pristina (EN)

7. Museum of Kosovo

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Kosovo Museum is the National Museum of Kosovo, located in the city of Pristina. Founded in 1949 by Yugoslav authorities, it is the largest museum in Kosovo, located in an Austro-Hungarian-style building from 1889 that previously served as the high military command headquarters.

Wikipedia: Kosovo Museum (EN)

8. Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa

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The Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa in Pristina is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Pristina, Kosovo. In 2007, the Government of Kosovo approved plans for the building. The cathedral is dedicated to the Albanian-Indian Roman Catholic nun and missionary Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

Wikipedia: Cathedral of Blessed Mother Teresa in Pristina (EN)


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