11 Sights in Tsuyama, Japan (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Tsuyama, Japan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 11 sights are available in Tsuyama, Japan.

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1. Kakuzan Park

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Kakuzan Park denteru / CC BY 3.0

Tsuruyama Park (鶴山公園, Kakuzan-kōen) is a historical park located in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The center of Tsuyama Castle, which had been sold to the private sector by the Meiji castle abandonment decree, was owned by Tsuyama Town at that time, and opened to the public as Tsuruyama Park in 1900 (Meiji 33). It is also called Tsuyama Castle Ruins Tsuruyama Park. The old name of the place is "Tsuruyama", but the common name of the castle and the name of the park is "Kakuzan".

Wikipedia: 鶴山公園 (JA)

2. 作州城東屋敷

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The Sakushu Jōtō Mansion is a building that reproduces a townhouse from the Edo period, which was developed in the Joto district of Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture. It was built in 1993 by Tsuyama City for the purpose of being used as a rest area for tourists and training for the townscape preservation movement. The facility includes a two-story wooden machiya house, a danjiri exhibition hall, and a fire engine warehouse.

Wikipedia: 作州城東屋敷 (JA)

3. 延寿山 本行寺

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Head Office Temple is Rilianzong Temple located in Nisi Town, Jinshan City, Okayama Prefecture. The mountain name is Yanshou Mountain. As the missionary stronghold of Rilianzong in Meizuo, it flourished. Old Benshan is Miaojue Temple in Kyoto City, which reaches the edge of learning from the law (Fanzhu Club). There is the cemetery of Asahi Mao, which is famous for Asahi litigation (human trial).

Wikipedia: 本行寺 (津山市) (JA)

4. 長昌山 妙法寺

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Miaofa Temple is a Rilianzong Temple located in Nisi Town, Jinshan City, Okayama Prefecture. There are cemeteries of Kano Rulin (painter), Jian Jing (knife worker), Iizuka Zhuqi (literati painter), Takeuchi Wen Zi (educator) and others in the territory. The mountain number is Changchang Mountain. The former Benshan was Miaojue Temple in Kyoto, that is, Diao Tong Hui.

Wikipedia: 妙法寺 (津山市) (JA)

5. Tsuyama Castle Ruins

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Tsuyama Castle Ruins denteru / CC BY 3.0

Tsuyama Castle is a castle in Sange, Tsuyama, Okayama prefecture, Japan. Tsuyama is home to one of Japan's three major hirayama style castles along with Himeji Castle and Matsuyama Castle (Iyo), which were constructed around the same time. During the Edo period, Tsuyama castle served as the primary residence of the government official and Lord of the Tsuyama Domain.

Wikipedia: Tsuyama Castle (EN)

6. 国指定史跡 箕作阮甫旧宅

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The former residence of Minosaku Ninpo (箕作阮甫前residence) is located in Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, along the old Izumo Kaido, and is the birthplace of Minosaku Aiho, a Western-style scholar of the Tsuyama Domain, and is designated as a national historic site.

Wikipedia: 箕作阮甫旧宅 (JA)

7. 津山まなびの鉄道館

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Tsuyama Railroad Educational Museum is a railway museum in Tsuyama, Okayama, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company since 2 April 2016. It is based around the former Tsuyama Depot roundhouse, which was used to house a number of preserved locomotives since 2007.

Wikipedia: Tsuyama Railroad Educational Museum (EN)

8. 法雲山 妙願寺

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Miaoyuan Temple is a temple of Pure Land True Sect Honganji Sect located in Huchuan Town, Jinshan City, Okayama Prefecture. Commonly known as "Heshan Royal Square". The mountain name "Fayun Mountain" used to be the head of the United States.

Wikipedia: 妙願寺 (JA)

9. 法光山 妙勝寺

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Myoshoji Temple (妙勝寺) is a Nichiren Buddhist temple located in the town of Saiji, Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. The former main mountain is Myokakuji Temple in Kyoto City, and the temple is located in the temple of the Lord.

Wikipedia: 妙勝寺 (津山市) (JA)

10. 徳守神社

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Deshou Shrine is located in Miyawaki Town, Jinshan City, Okayama Prefecture. Tsuyama Francisco is always guarding. Shege is a county community, and now as the general guard of the central city of Jinshan City, it is deeply loved by Shi Zi.

Wikipedia: 徳守神社 (JA)

11. 千代稲荷神社

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Chiyo Daohe Shrine is a shrine located in Jinshan City, Okayama Prefecture. The old company is a qualified company. Although there is no surname, there are worshippers from inside and outside the town.

Wikipedia: 千代稲荷神社 (JA)

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