7 Sights in Tottori, Japan (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Tottori, Japan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Tottori, Japan.

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1. 大唐大巖深心山九品院 玄忠寺

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Genchuji Temple (玄忠寺) is a Buddhist temple of the Pure Land sect located in Shinshinaji-cho, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The official name is Great Tang 大巖深心山九品院玄忠寺. It is the Bodhi temple of the swordsman Araki Mataemon, widely known for the duel of the locksmith Tsuji, and there is a Araki Mataemon Relic Museum in the precincts that exhibits items and materials related to the temple.

Wikipedia: 玄忠寺 (JA)

2. 鳥取民藝美術館

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The Tottori Folk Crafts Museum opened in Tottori, Japan, in 1949. It was established as the Tottori Mingeikan by Yoshida Shōya , local advocate of the mingei folk craft movement, who formed a craft guild in 1931 and opened the craft shop "Takumi" in the city the following year. The building in which the museum is housed was registered as a Tangible Cultural Property in 2012.

Wikipedia: Tottori Folk Crafts Museum (EN)

3. 聖神社

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Hijiri Jinja (聖神社, Hijiri-jinja) is a Shinto shrine located at the western end of the Gyotoku district of Tottori City. It faces the highway called Shikano Transit (equivalent to the current Prefectural Roads 41 and 21) that connects Tottori Castle and Kano Castle, and is located at the place where the highway approaches the Chiyo River that flows through Tottori City.

Wikipedia: 聖神社 (鳥取市) (JA)

4. Kannon-In Temple

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Kannon-in , formally known as Fudarakusan Jigen-ji Kannon-in (補陀落山慈眼寺観音院), is a Buddhist temple in Uemachi district of the city of Tottori, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. Kannon-in was built early in the Edo period and is noted for its Edo-style Japanese garden.

Wikipedia: Kannon-in (EN)

5. 光照山 学成寺

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Gakujoji Temple (学成寺) is a Nichiren Buddhist temple located in Shinshinaji, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The mountain number is Koteruyama. The former main mountain is Kyoto Myokakuji Temple, and the temple is located in the temple (奠統会).

Wikipedia: 学成寺 (JA)

6. 龍峯山 興禅寺

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Kozenji Temple (興禅寺) is a temple of the Obaku sect located in Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The mountain number is Mt. Ryuho. It is the Bodhi temple of the Ikeda family, the lord of the Tottori domain.

Wikipedia: 興禅寺 (鳥取市) (JA)

7. 鳥取東照宮

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Ōchidani Jinja (樗谿神社) is a Shinto shrine in Tottori, Tottori Prefecture, Japan. The Karamon, Honden, and Haiden/Heiden, all of 1650, are Important Cultural Properties. The surrounding area is a public park.

Wikipedia: Ōchidani Shrine (EN)

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