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Explore interesting sights in Kawagoe, Japan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Kawagoe, Japan.

Sightseeing Tours in Kawagoe

1. Miyoshino Shrine

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Miyoshino Shrine is a shrine in Kakumachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. The children's song "Street Yanse" is said to be set on the approach to this shrine. It had been in this area since before the construction of Kawagoe Castle, but due to the construction of Kawagoe Castle by the father and son of Ota Michishin and Ota Michina, it was decided to be located in the Tenjin Curve in the castle. Major repairs were carried out in the first year of Heisei (1989) and completed in Heisei 4 (1992). Saitama Prefecture Designated Cultural Property.

Wikipedia: 三芳野神社 (JA)

2. Hikawa Shrine

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Hikawa Shrine 三人日 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Hikawa Shrine (氷川神社) is a Shinto shrine in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. In order to separate it from Hikawa Shrine in Omiya Ward, Saitama City, it is often called Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine. Hikawa Shrine is known for its Reitaisai, or a festival considered the origin of Kawagoe festival, which was registered as a National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property and listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. It's also well known for its "corridor of windchiimes".

Wikipedia: Hikawa Shrine (Kawagoe) (EN)

3. 本応寺

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Honōji Temple is a temple of Nichiren Buddhism located in Ishihara Town, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. The name of the mountain is Mt. Nagaku. There is also a separate hospital in Shimohiroya in the city. The former main temple is the Minobusan Kuonji Temple of Sohonzan Kai, and the Shioshi Hoen. In the precincts, there is the grave of Shigefumi Takayama (haiku, vassal of Kawagoe Castle lord Akimoto Takachi) (Saitama Prefecture designated old site).

Wikipedia: 本応寺 (川越市) (JA)

4. Naritasan Kawagoe Branch

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Naritasan Kawagoe Branch 三人日 / CC BY-SA 4.0

Naritasan Kawagoe Betsuin Hongyoin is a temple of the Chizan sect of Shingon Buddhism located in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It is a separate temple of Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (Narita City, Chiba Prefecture), and is commonly known as Kawagoe Fudo. On the 28th of every month, it is crowded with flea markets (antique markets) and in November with the Fire Walking Festival (Shiba Lantern Goma). The honzon is Fudo Myo.

Wikipedia: 成田山川越別院本行院 (JA), Website

5. 妙養寺

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Myōyōji Temple is a temple of Nichiren Buddhism located in Suehiro Town, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. The name of the mountain is Mt. Renshin. The former main temple is Sohonzan Kai Minobusan Kuonji Temple, Shioshi Hoen. Within the precincts of the temple are the Myomi-do and Shichimen-do halls, which were solicited by Jutao Horiuchi, a vassal of the lord of Kawagoe Castle, Akimoto Tajima.

Wikipedia: 妙養寺 (JA)

6. Kita-in Temple

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Seiya-san Muryōshuji Kita-in (星野山無量寿寺喜多院) is a Buddhist temple located in the city of Kawagoe in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It is noted for its main hall, which was part of the original Edo Castle, and the statues of 540 Rakan, disciples of the Buddha. It is also known informally as the Kawagoe Daishi (川越大師).

Wikipedia: Kita-in (EN)

7. 聖武天皇社

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The Shomu Emperor Shrine is a shrine located in Matsubara Hataya, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture. The nearest station is JR Tomita Station. It is a clan shrine in the Matsubara area founded in the Kamakura period, and enshrines Emperor Shomu as a god of the clan. The Ishitori Festival in Matsubara is being held.

Wikipedia: 聖武天皇社 (JA)

8. Semba Toshogu

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Semba Toshogu

Senba Tōshō-gū (仙波東照宮) is a Shinto shrine in Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. It enshrines the first Shōgun of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Ieyasu. It is enumerated as one of the Three Great Tōshō-gū Shrines (日本三大東照宮). The shrine was founded in 1617.

Wikipedia: Senba Tōshō-gū (EN)

9. Kawagoe Castle

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Kawagoe Castle is a flatland Japanese castle in the city of Kawagoe, in Japan's Saitama Prefecture. It is the closest castle to Tokyo to be accessible to visitors, as Edo castle is now the Imperial palace, and largely inaccessible.

Wikipedia: Kawagoe Castle (EN)

10. 東明寺

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Tōmyoji Temple is a temple of Tokimune located in Shita-machi, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The name of the mountain is Mt. Inari, the name of the temple is Shomyoin, and the main temple is the Bodhisattva of the Void.

Wikipedia: 東明寺 (川越市) (JA)


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