8 Sights in Ise, Japan (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Ise, Japan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Ise, Japan.

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1. Taikoji

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Taijiang Temple is located in Ise City, Mie Prefecture. The mountain number is marked by Chaoyin Mountain and Dajiang Temple. This is an ancient temple created and handed down by Xingji during the Tianping period, which has a deep relationship with Ise Shrine and Erjian Xingyu Shrine. This Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva with thousands of hands was made in Kamakura and designated as an important cultural property. At present, there are also love hospitals and youth hostels in the courtyard, which are famous as places of interest for wisteria and Ziyang flowers.

Wikipedia: 太江寺 (JA), Website

2. Nice old town

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TOEFL Hengding (TOEFL Hengding) is a sightseeing place that reproduces the street style of TOEFL visits (Ise visits) in front of the Imperial Grand Shrine (Inner Palace) of Ise Shrine in Ise City, Mie Prefecture, from the late Edo period to the early Meiji period. The operation is carried out by Isefu Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Isefu Co., Ltd., which produces and sells Isefu cakes. Located in the middle of Exorcism Town, it is a sightseeing place representing Iseshi Mo.

Wikipedia: おかげ横丁 (JA)

3. 光明寺

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Komyōji (光明寺) is a Buddhist temple of the Rinzai sect Tofukuji school located in Iwabuchi 3-chome, Ise City, Mie Prefecture, Japan. The mountain number is Kinkozan. It is said to be the place of the end of the warlord Yuki Munehiro of the Southern Court during the Nanboku-cho period, and is known for the "one bell of Komyoji Temple" that was the only one around Ise Jingu in the early modern period where a bell tower was allowed.

Wikipedia: 光明寺 (伊勢市) (JA)

4. Meoto Iwa. Married Couple Rocks

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Meotoishi, Fufuiwa, Myōtoiwa, and Meotoiwa, Meotoiwa, Myōtoishi are strangely shaped rocks and scenic spots found throughout the Japan. It is named because the two rocks seem to cuddle together like a married couple. It can be roughly divided into rocks that protrude from the surface of the sea and rocks in the mountains. There are three or more rocks, and only two of them are sometimes called couple rocks or couple stones.

Wikipedia: 夫婦岩 (JA)

5. Isekawasakisyouninkan

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The Isekawasaki Merchants' Hall is a facility that has been restored and maintained from the long-established sake wholesaler "Ogawa Sake Store" founded in the middle of the Edo period, and revitalized as a base for historical and cultural exchange while retaining the atmosphere of the merchant town of Kawasaki (Ise City). In 2001 (Heisei 13), 12 buildings were registered as national registered tangible cultural properties.

Wikipedia: 伊勢河崎商人館 (JA), Website

6. Sarutahiko Shrine

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Sarutahiko Shrine (猿田彦神社, Sarutahikojinja) is a Shinto shrine located near the Ise Jingu Inner Shrine in Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan. Sarutahiko Ōkami and his descendant Ōta are the deities. The former shrine was an unqualified shrine (it does not mean that there is no company status, but a company rating called "unqualified company"), and after World War II, it became an appendix shrine.

Wikipedia: 猿田彦神社 (JA), Website

7. 伊勢シーパラダイス

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Isemeo Iwa Fureai Aquarium Sea Paradise (isemeo to iwafureai suizokan sea paradise) is an aquarium located in Futami Machie, Ise City, Mie Prefecture (formerly Futami Town, Dokai District). Abbreviated as Ise Sea Paradise (Ise Sea Paradise), Shipara. It is adjacent to the scenic Futamiura. Operated by Ise Couple Rock Paradise Co., Ltd. Until September 2015, it belonged to the Meitetsu Group.

Wikipedia: 伊勢夫婦岩ふれあい水族館シーパラダイス (JA)

8. 二見興玉神社

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The Futami Okitama shrine is a Shinto temple in the town of Futami-ura, part of the city of Ise, in Mie Prefecture (Japan). It is known for its proximity to the Meoto Iwa rocks, which serve as torii gates for believers offering prayers to the sun..

Wikipedia: Futami Okitama Shrine (EN)


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