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Explore interesting sights in Hofu, Japan. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Hofu, Japan.

1. 大楽寺

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Dairakuji Temple (大楽寺) is a temple of the Soto sect located in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. It is located at the eastern foot of Kuwanoyama. The official name is Hōkōzan Dairakuji. Founded in 1381 (the first year of Eitoku). It is known for having graves of people involved in the Meiji Restoration. In addition, the bell of this temple was originally the time bell of Mitajiri Mifunagura (Mitajiri Ofunagura), which was the base of the Mōri Water Army, and was hung on the bell tower built on the roof of the carpenter's hut in the shipyard, and was moved to Dairakuji Temple after the Meiji Restoration with the abolition of Mifunakura. It is a designated tangible cultural property of Hofu City. There are two graveyards of the temple, the Dairakuji North Cemetery and the Dairakuji South Cemetery across the main hall.

Wikipedia: 大楽寺 (防府市) (JA)

2. 毛利博物館

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Mōri Museum opened in Hōfu, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, in 1966. It occupies part of the Former Mōri Clan Main Residence, dating from the Meiji and Taishō periods, of which twelve component structures have been jointly designated an Important Cultural Property and the gardens a Place of Scenic Beauty. The collection of some twenty thousand objects includes four National Treasures, nine Important Cultural Properties, and nine Prefectural Cultural Properties.

Wikipedia: Mōri Museum (EN)

3. 玉祖神社

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Tamanooya Jinja (玉祖神社) is a Shinto shrine in the Osaki neighborhood of the city of Hōfu in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. It is the ichinomiya of former Suo Province. The main festival of the shrine is held annually on the Saturday & Sunday nearest September 25.

Wikipedia: Tamanooya Shrine (EN)

4. 防府市公会堂

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Hofu City Public Hall is a concert hall located in Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. It is owned by Hofu City and managed and operated by the Hofu City Cultural Promotion Foundation, an external organization of the city.

Wikipedia: 防府市公会堂 (JA)

5. 周防国分寺

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Suo Kokubunji (Suo Kokubunji) is a temple located in Kokubunji-cho, Hofu City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. The main mountain of the Koyasan Shingon sect. The mountain number is Mt. Jōruri. The main statue is Yakushi Nyorai.

Wikipedia: 周防国分寺 (JA)


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