56 Sights in Turin, Italy (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Turin, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 56 sights are available in Turin, Italy.

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1. National Cinema Museum

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The National Museum of Cinema located in Turin, Italy, is a motion picture museum fitted out inside the Mole Antonelliana tower. It is operated by the Maria Adriana Prolo Foundation, and the core of its collection is the result of the work of the historian and collector Maria Adriana Prolo. It was housed in the Palazzo Chiablese.

Wikipedia: National Museum of Cinema (EN), Website

2. Monte dei Cappuccini

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The Monte dei Cappuccini is a hill of 325 meters above sea level that rises in the city of Turin, about 200 meters from the right bank of the Po, in the Borgo Po district. It is very close to the historic center, near the Vittorio Emanuele I Bridge, which gives access to Piazza Vittorio Veneto. On it, stands the convent and the late-Renaissance church, mannerist, and with baroque interiors of Santa Maria al Monte dei Cappuccini entrusted to the Capuchin friars, hence the name.

Wikipedia: Monte dei Cappuccini (IT)

3. Cappella della Sindone

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The Chapel of the Shroud, or Guarini Chapel, is an architectural work by the architect Guarino Guarini, built in Turin at the end of the seventeenth century to house the Shroud. Located between the Duomo and the Royal Palace of Turin, the chapel was begun in 1610 by the will of Carlo Emanuele I of Savoy. The project was initially entrusted to Ascanio Vitozzi and Carlo di Castellamonte, but in 1668 Guarini took over, who designed the greater part of the building. His design, especially the dome, known for its complexity and optical effect, is considered a masterpiece of the Baroque. The project was finally completed by Antonio Bertola in 1694. After a fire that severely damaged the structure in 1997, the chapel underwent a long and complex restoration that ended in 2018, when it was reopened to the public.

Wikipedia: Cappella della Sacra Sindone (IT)

4. Teatro Carignano

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The Teatro Carignano is a theatre in Turin and one of the oldest and most important theatres in Italy. Designed by Benedetto Alfieri, it is located opposite the Palazzo Carignano. Building commenced in 1752 and the theatre was inaugurated the following year with a performance of Baldassare Galuppi's opera, Calamità de' cuori. Much of the theatre was destroyed in a fire in 1786, but it was rebuilt in a few months using Alfieri's original plans. Since then it has undergone several renovations. Although today it is primarily used for performances of plays, in the past it was an important opera house. The theatre is owned by the City of Turin but administered by the theatre company, Teatro Stabile di Torino, and is one of the company's principal performing venues.

Wikipedia: Teatro Carignano (EN)

5. Pinacoteca Agnelli

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The Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli is an art gallery in Turin, Italy. It opened in 2002 on the top floor of the Lingotto complex, where a "scrigno" or 450 square-metre steel structure designed by Renzo Piano is raised 34 metres off the test track on the roof of the plant. Its style represents a crystal spaceship, referring back to the original building's futuristic style. Its permanent collection is a selection of paintings and sculptures from Gianni and Marella Agnelli's private collection such as Renoir's Blonde Bather and Manet's La Négresse as well as paintings by Matisse, Canaletto, Tiepolo, Canova, Picasso and Modigliani. The gallery also puts on temporary modern art exhibitions.

Wikipedia: Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli (EN), Website

6. Centro Storico Fiat

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Centro Storico Fiat is a museum and corporate archive based in Turin, Italy. It exhibits cars, airplanes, trains, tractors, trucks, bicycles, washing machines, refrigerators with Fiat brand. Scale models, reconstructions of parts of the production process, posters and advertising sketches complete the collection. The archival part preserves more than 5,000 linear meters of paper documents, 300,000 technical drawings, 5,000 volumes and magazines on motoring and industrial history, 6 million images, 200 hours of historical films. Of particular interest are the funds of the designers Dante Giacosa and Giuseppe Gabrielli.

Wikipedia: Centro storico Fiat (IT)

7. MAUTO Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile

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MAUTO Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile TuRbO_J from Adelaide, Australia / CC BY 2.0

The Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile, founded by Carlo Biscaretti di Ruffia, is an automobile museum in Turin, northern Italy. The museum has a collection of almost 200 cars among eighty automobile brands representing eight countries . The museum is situated in a building dating from 1960, and it has three floors. After restructuring in 2011 the museum is open again, and its exhibition area has been expanded from 11,000 square metres (120,000 sq ft) to 19,000 square metres (200,000 sq ft). The museum also has its own library, documentation centre, bookshop and auditorium.

Wikipedia: Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile (EN), Website

8. Parrocchia ortodossa San Massimo

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The church of the Most Holy Redeemer is a religious building located in the hills of Turin, in the Madonna del Pilone district. It originally housed the Sisters of the Good Shepherd and was built in the period between 1893 and 1897 in late-eclectic style by the architect Giuseppe Gallo. Since 2001 it has been granted to the Orthodox community of Turin and is dedicated to San Massimo, the first bishop of the Savoy capital, and is dependent on the Patriarchate of Moscow. The seat of the local eparchy is in Paris, titular see of the diocese of Chersonesus of Europe.

Wikipedia: Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore (Torino) (IT), Website

9. Museum of the Shroud

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The Museum of the Shroud, founded in 1936 by the Confraternity of the Holy Shroud, is located in Turin. It displays finds, documents, images relating to the history of the Holy Linen, as well as good documentation relating to scientific research carried out on it. An image of the shroud in the form of a hologram is also exhibited, which makes evident its particular three-dimensional structure, discovered by Jackson and Jumper in 1978 and confirmed independently, with different techniques, by the Turin Giovanni Tamburelli in the same year.

Wikipedia: Museo della Sindone (IT), Website

10. Parco della Rimembranza

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The park of Rimembranza, commonly known as the Maddalena park, is a vast public garden of the Turin hill, located in the surroundings of the summit of the Bric della Maddalena, who with its 715 m a.s.l. It is the highest point in the city. It has an extension greater than 90 hectares and houses over 21,000 trees, many of which are not indigenous. It consists of a large panoramic square located on the summit of the hill with the Faro della Vittoria, the Taurinense arboretum and a series of pedestrian roads of about 45 km of development.

Wikipedia: Parco della Rimembranza (Torino) (IT)

11. Auditorium Gianni Agnelli

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Together with the Rai Auditorium in Via Rossini, the "Gianni Agnelli" Auditorium, named after the homonymous Turin entrepreneur, is the main structure suitable for hosting classical music concerts in Turin. It was designed in 1994 by the famous architect Renzo Piano, in the context of the entire redevelopment of the former FIAT plant in Lingotto. Being inserted in the Lingotto complex, which also houses the exhibition center of the Piedmontese capital, the auditorium is also a regular venue for conferences and congress events.

Wikipedia: Auditorium Gianni Agnelli (IT), Website

12. Parco Dora (area Michelin)

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The Dora Park is a post-industrial park of the city of Turin of 456,000 m² of extension, located in the Spina 3 area where the large production plants of Fiat and Michelin arose until the nineties. It takes its name from the river that crosses it, the Dora Riparia, and is surrounded by the Nole, Valdellatorre streets, by the tunnel Carlo Donat-Cattin, Corso Mortara, Corso Principe Oddone, the Environment Park, via Daubrée, Corso Umbria, Piazzale Piero della Francesca, between the circumscriptions 4 and 5.

Wikipedia: Parco Dora (IT)

13. Chiesa di San Massimo

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The church of San Massimo is a building of Catholic worship that is located in the central area of Turin, in Via San Massimo corner Via Mazzini, not far from Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. It was built between 1845 and 1853 and designed by architects Carlo Sada and Giuseppe Leoni, and is dedicated to San Massimo, the first bishop of Turin. Together with the church of San Francesco di Sales, it is an example of nineteenth-century neoclassical architecture in the Borgo Nuovo.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Massimo (Torino) (IT)

14. Chiesa della Misericordia

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The church of Misericordia is one of the churches of Turin, located in via Barbaroux 41. It is dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It owes its name to the Archconfraternity of Mercy, which in the eighteenth century took possession of it and restructured it, so named because its members had the task of comforting those condemned to death, accompanying them to the scaffold, taking care of subsequent funerals and celebrating masses in suffrage of their souls.

Wikipedia: Chiesa della Misericordia (Torino) (IT)

15. Manica Nuova di Palazzo Reale

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The Royal Palace of Milan was the seat of government in the Italian city of Milan for many centuries. Today, it serves as a cultural centre and it is home to international art exhibitions. It spans through an area of 7,000 square meters and it regularly hosts modern and contemporary art works and famous collections in cooperation with notable museums and cultural institutions from across the world. More than 1,500 masterpieces are on display annually.

Wikipedia: Royal Palace of Milan (EN)

16. Giardini Reali

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The Royal Gardens of Turin are green areas located behind the Royal Palace, the Government Palace and the Royal Armoury, in the historic center of Turin, between Piazza Castello and Corso San Maurizio; The lower part of the gardens is public. The green areas are crossed by the avenues I Maggio and dei Partigiani, at whose confluence the monument to the carabiniere was erected in 1933, later declared an Italian national monument.

Wikipedia: Giardini Reali di Torino (IT)

17. Armeria Reale

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The Royal Armoury of Turin is one of the world's most important collections of arms and armour, formed in Turin by the Savoy family. The museum is now part of the Musei Reali di Torino, the royal site that has unified the Royal Palace, the Sabauda Gallery, the Archaeological Museum, the Royal Library and the Armoury. The whole site has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 1997.

Wikipedia: Royal Armoury of Turin (EN), Website

18. Mausoleo della Bela Rosin

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The Mausoleum of the Bela Rosin, a name with which the Mirafiori Pantheon is commonly known, is a neoclassical style building of Turin located in the peripheral neighborhood of Mirafiori Sud. It is a reduced scale copy of the Pantheon in Rome, built as a tomb Family from the children of Rosa Vercellana, nicknamed in Piedmontese Bela Rosin, Morganatic wife of Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy.

Wikipedia: Mausoleo della Bela Rosin (IT)

19. Parco Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto

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Piazza d'Armi in Turin was one of the squares destined, in the history of the Savoy city, to the gatherings of troops and their parades. Throughout its history, the Savoy capital has always had the need to have large spaces to gather the army, an inevitable need for all cities during the past centuries. It has changed its location several times over the centuries due to urban expansion.

Wikipedia: Piazza d'armi (Torino) (IT)

20. Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali

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The Turin Museum of Natural History was established in 1978 to house the natural history collections of the University of Turin and other collections of natural history, originated from specific research campaigns and donations. It is located at 36 Via Giolitti, Turin, in a 17th-century building which used to be the hospital of San Giovanni Battista, build by Amedeo di Castellamonte.

Wikipedia: Turin Museum of Natural History (EN)

21. Juventus Museum

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The Juventus Museum, called the J-Museum, is a sports museum dedicated to the most decorated football club in Italy, Juventus F. C. The museum is part of a complex surrounding Juventus Stadium; it is entirely bilingual in Italian and English, and opened in 2012, the 115th anniversary of the club, by club president Andrea Agnelli and museum chairman Paolo Gamberti.

Wikipedia: J-Museum (EN), Website

22. San Filippo Neri

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San Filippo Neri Franco56 / CC-BY-SA-3.0

San Filippo Neri is a late-Baroque style, Roman Catholic church located in Turin, region of Piedmont, Italy. The church is located on Via Maria Vittoria 5; the left flank of the nave faces the Turin Academy of Sciences. The church is still used for services. 69 metres (226 ft) long and 37 metres (121 ft) wide, it is the largest church in the city of Turin.

Wikipedia: San Filippo Neri, Turin (EN)

23. Casa Scaccabarozzi

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Casa Scaccabarozzi, commonly known as Fetta di Polenta, is a historic building located in the Vanchiglia neighborhood of the northern Italian city of Turin. It is famous for its unusual and very thin trapezoidal plan and for being only 54 centimetres (1.77 ft) at its narrowest. Its primary nickname due to its resemblance to the shape to a slice of polenta.

Wikipedia: Fetta di Polenta (EN), Website

24. Galleria civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea

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The Turin Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art is an art gallery in Turin, Italy, founded in 1891-1895 and located in 31 via Magenta. With the MAO, Palazzo Madama e Casaforte degli Acaja, the Borgo and the Rocca medioevali, it forms part of the Fondazione Torino Musei. The lower rooms house important reviews and a large collection of video art.

Wikipedia: Turin Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (EN), Website

25. Orto Botanico di Torino

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The Orto Botanico dell'Università di Torino is a botanical garden and arboretum operated by the Dipartimento di Biologia Vegetale of the University of Turin. It is located in the Parco del Valentino along the Po River, at Viale Pier Andrea Mattioli, Turin, Italy, and open weekends and holidays during the warmer months; an admission fee is charged.

Wikipedia: Orto Botanico dell'Università di Torino (EN)

26. Museo Accorsi Ometto

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Museo Accorsi Ometto Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France / CC BY 2.0

The Accorsi–Ometto Museum is a private museum based in Turin, northern Italy. It is chronologically the first decorative arts museum in Italy. The museum was originated from a legacy left by Pietro Accorsi and was opened by Giulio Ometto, president for life of the "Fondation Pietro Accorsi" and Director ad interim of the museum.

Wikipedia: Accorsi-Ometto Museum (EN), Website

27. Chiesa di Nostra Signora della Salute

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The Salute Church is a religious building in Turin, located in Via Vibò 26, built between 1895 and 1950. Its importance is linked to the memory of the siege of Turin in 1706, to the dedication to Mary with the title of health of the homeland and the sick and because it preserves inside the mortal remains of St. Leonard Murialdo.

Wikipedia: Chiesa della Salute (Torino) (IT)

28. Museo nazionale del Risorgimento italiano

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The National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento is the first, the biggest and the most important among the 23 museums in Italy dedicated to the Risorgimento; and the only one which can be considered "national" according to a 1901 law, and due to its rich and great collections. It is housed in the Palazzo Carignano in Turin.

Wikipedia: Museum of the Risorgimento (Turin) (EN), Website

29. Museo del carcere Le Nuove

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The Museum of the Prison "Le Nuove" is located at the former prison of Turin, called Le Nuove, built between 1854 and 1869, inaugurated in 1870 under the reign of Vittorio Emanuele II and remained in operation until it was replaced in 1986 by the more modern prison "Lorusso e Cutugno" located in the Vallette district.

Wikipedia: Museo del carcere Le Nuove (IT), Website

30. Beata Vergine delle Grazie

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The Church of the Beata Vergine delle Grazie commonly known as the Church of the Crocetta is a Catholic church located in the homonymous district of Turin. The popular name derives from the red and blue cross that adorned the habit of the Trinitarian fathers, for a long time holders of the building and of the cult.

Wikipedia: Chiesa della Beata Vergine delle Grazie (Torino) (IT), Website

31. Parco del Valentino

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Parco del Valentino Fulvio Spada from Torino, Italy / CC BY-SA 2.0

Parco del Valentino is a popular public park in Turin, Italy. It is located along the west bank of the Po river. It covers an area of 500,000m², which makes it Turin's second largest park . This park has been nominated “The best Italian park” after a selection among the fifteen best Italian parks.

Wikipedia: Parco del Valentino (EN)

32. Sacrario del Martinetto

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The Sacrario del Martinetto is located in Turin in Corso Svizzera corner Corso Appio Claudio and is the only surviving part of the shooting range of the city. It stands on the site where, between September 1943 and April 1945, many death sentences were carried out by partisans and political opponents.

Wikipedia: Sacrario del Martinetto (IT)

33. Chiesa di Maria Regina della Pace

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The Church of Maria Regina della Pace is a parish church, which is located in Turin, in the Barrier district of Milan: currently the parish territory extends along the axis of Corso Giulio Cesare, from via Monte Nero to via Cuneo and from Piazza Bottesini in via Banfo; The residents are over 19,000.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Maria Regina della Pace (Torino) (IT)

34. Carabiniere Reale

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The National Monument to the Carabiniere is a work erected in 1933 in the external part of the gardens of the Royal Palace of Turin, at the confluence of the avenues I Maggio and the Partisans. It was one of the many monuments erected after the First World War to honor the sacrifice of the fallen.

Wikipedia: Monumento nazionale al carabiniere (IT)

35. Museo Nazionale della Montagna Duca degli Abruzzi

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The Museo Nazionale della Montagna Duca degli Abruzzi is a museum in Turin, Italy. It is home and founding member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film (IAMF), which brings together the world's major mountain film festivals, as well as the International Mountain Museums Alliance (IMMA).

Wikipedia: Museo nazionale della montagna (IT), Website

36. Sacro Cuore di Maria

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The church of the Sacred Heart of Mary is a neo-Gothic church in Turin, located in the San Salvario district. Designed and built by the architect Carlo Ceppi in 1898, it was destroyed during the bombings of 28 November 1942 and 12 August 1943 and rebuilt in the fifties of the twentieth century.

Wikipedia: Chiesa del Sacro Cuore di Maria (Torino) (IT)

37. Museo di anatomia umana Luigi Rolando

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The Museum of Human Anatomy Luigi Rolando is a museum of human anatomy that was founded in 1739 with headquarters in Torino, Italy. It is part of the museum network of the University of Turin and moved to its current location in the Building of the Anatomical Institutes in 1898.

Wikipedia: Museum of Human Anatomy Luigi Rolando (EN)

38. Chiesa di San Giuseppe

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The church of San Giuseppe is one of the churches of Turin, located in via Santa Teresa 22, between via dei Mercanti and via San Francesco di Assisi. It should not be confused with the church of the patronage of San Giuseppe in via Ticketri 7 in the Nice Millefonti district.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Giuseppe (Torino) (IT)

39. Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista

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The church of San Giovanni Evangelista is one of the churches that San Giovanni Bosco built in 19th century Turin; It is located in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II at n. 13, in the block between via Madama Cristina and via Ormea, in the desired proximity of the Valdese temple.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Giovanni Evangelista (Torino) (IT)

40. Camera - Centro Italiano per la fotografia

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CAMERA – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia is an exhibition space dedicated to photography based in Turin. Inaugurated in 2015, the center hosts exhibitions and education and research activities for the enhancement of national and international photographic heritage.

Wikipedia: Camera - Centro Italiano per la Fotografia (IT), Website

41. Museo Diffuso della Resistenza, della Deportazione, della Guerra, dei Diritti e della Libertà

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The widespread Museum of Resistance, Deportation, War, Rights and Freedom consists of an interpretation center, which is located at the Juvarrian palace of the "Military Quarters", in Turin, and a network of places distributed throughout the urban territory.

Wikipedia: Museo diffuso della Resistenza, della deportazione, della guerra, dei diritti e della libertà (IT), Website

42. Opera per Torino

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Opera per Torino is a work by the Danish artist Per Kirkeby created between 2004 and 2005 as part of the Artecittà project: 11 artists for the Passante Ferroviario and located in Turin, in Largo Orbassano. It is a double-height porch made mainly of brick.

Wikipedia: Opera per Torino (IT)

43. Auditorium RAI

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The Rai Auditorium of Turin "Arturo Toscanini" is a structure of Rai, in the Piedmontese capital. Built at the end of the nineteenth century to host equestrian performances, it has been radically renovated several times during the twentieth century.

Wikipedia: Auditorium Rai di Torino (IT)

44. Museo Civico d'Arte Antica

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Museo Civico d'Arte Antica Xadhoomx / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Museo Civico d'Arte Antica is an art museum located in the Palazzo Madama in Turin, Italy. It has a renowned collection of paintings from the medieval, Renaissance and Baroque periods. It reopened in 2006 after several years of restorations.

Wikipedia: Museo Civico d'Arte Antica (EN), Website

45. Parco Sangone

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The Sangone Park is the twentieth park by size of the city of Turin. Its surface is 120,000 m². It was inaugurated in July 2007 after the redevelopment of the sides of the Sangone torrent in the stretch between roads and via Artom.

Wikipedia: Parco Sangone (IT)

46. Basilica del Corpus Domini

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Basilica del Corpus Domini Franco56 / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Basilica of Corpus Domini is a Roman Catholic church in Turin, Italy, built to celebrate the "Miracle of the Eucharist" which, according to various sources, occurred in 1453 during the war between the Duchy of Savoy and France.

Wikipedia: Basilica of Corpus Domini (EN)

47. Museo di antropologia criminale Lombroso

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The Cesare Lombroso Museum of Criminal Anthropology is a museum in Turin, founded in 1876 by the physician and anthropologist Cesare Lombroso (1835-1909). The exhibition is part of the museum system of the University of Turin.

Wikipedia: Museo di antropologia criminale (IT), Website

48. Teatro Regio

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The Teatro Regio is a prominent opera house and opera company in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. Its season runs from October to June with the presentation of eight or nine operas given from five to twelve performances of each.

Wikipedia: Teatro Regio (Turin) (EN)

49. Basilica di Maria Ausiliatrice

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Basilica di Maria Ausiliatrice Franco56 / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians is a church in Turin, northern Italy. Originally part of the home for poor boys founded by John Bosco, it now contains the remains of Bosco, and 6,000 relics of other saints.

Wikipedia: Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians, Turin (EN)

50. Chiesa di San Lorenzo

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San Lorenzo, also known as the Royal Church of Saint Lawrence, is a Baroque-style church in Turin, adjacent to the Royal Palace of Turin. The present church was designed and built by Guarino Guarini during 1668–1687.

Wikipedia: San Lorenzo, Turin (EN), Website

51. Chiesa di Gesù Nazareno

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The Church of Jesus of Nazareth, Turin is a Catholic church in the Cit Turin district of central Turin, Piedmont, Italy, designed by Giovanni and Bartolomeo Gallo and built between 1904 and 1929 on the Piazza Benefica.

Wikipedia: Church of Jesus of Nazareth, Turin (EN)

52. Chiesa della Gran Madre di Dio

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The church of Gran Madre di Dio is a Neoclassic-style church located on the western bank of the Po River, facing the Ponte Vittorio Emanuele I leading into Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin, region of Piedmont, Italy.

Wikipedia: Gran Madre di Dio, Turin (EN)

53. Chiesa di San Gioacchino

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The church of San Gioacchino is a Catholic church located in Turin in front of the former Ciriè-Lanzo railway station, in Corso Giulio Cesare, in the Porta Palazzo sub-district on the border with Borgo Dora.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Gioacchino (Torino) (IT)

54. Chiesa di San Domenico

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The Church and Convent of Saint Dominic is a Roman Catholic church located in the city of Turin, Italy. Throughout its history it has served as a church, as inquisition tribunal, and as a masonic lodge.

Wikipedia: San Domenico, Turin (EN)

55. Chiesa di Santa Maria di Piazza

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Santa Maria di Piazza is a late-Baroque-style church located on via Santa Maria near Via Garibaldi in Central Turin, region of Piedmont, Italy. The church was among the last designs by Bernardo Vittone.

Wikipedia: Santa Maria di Piazza, Turin (EN)

56. Galleria Sabauda

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The Galleria Sabauda is an art collection in the Italian city of Turin, which contains the royal art collections amassed by the House of Savoy over the centuries. It is located on Via XX Settembre, 86.

Wikipedia: Galleria Sabauda (EN)

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