8 Sights in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy.

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1. Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore

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The church of the Most Holy Redeemer is a religious building in Ruvo di Puglia located in Piazza Giacomo Matteotti. Although the church was consecrated already in 1902, the completion of the fa├žade and the bell tower was completed only in 1955. The temple is currently home to an extensive parish territory so as to enjoy four rectories, such as the church of the Annunziata, the church of San Rocco, the church of Santa Caterina d'Alessandria and the church of San Giacomo al Corso. The church is dedicated to the Most Holy Redeemer and is vicar of the Cathedral parish.

Wikipedia: Chiesa del Santissimo Redentore (Ruvo di Puglia) (IT)

2. Museo archeologico nazionale Jatta

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Museo archeologico nazionale Jatta The original uploader was AndreaJatta at Italian Wikipedia. / GFDL

The Jatta National Archaeological Museum in Ruvo di Puglia, a historic city in southern Italy, was set up in rooms of Palazzo Jatta and represents the only example in Italy of a nineteenth-century private collection that has remained unaltered from the original museographic concept. The finds preserved in the museum were collected by the archaeologist Giovanni Jatta in the early nineteenth century and his collection was subsequently enriched by his nephew of the same name and was sold to the Italian state in the twentieth century.

Wikipedia: Jatta National Archaeological Museum (EN)

3. Concattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta

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Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption in Ruvo di Puglia is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Ruvo di Puglia, an historic and a City of Art in Apulia, southern Italy, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Formerly the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Ruvo, it is now a co-cathedral in the Diocese of Molfetta-Ruvo-Giovinazzo-Terlizzi. The building is an important example of late Apulian Romanesque architecture, built between the 12th and 13th centuries, with several later alterations.

Wikipedia: Ruvo Cathedral (EN)

4. Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo

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The church of San Michele Arcangelo is a sacred building in Ruvo di Puglia located in Corso Piave. The temple is connected to the convent of the Order of Friars Minor Observant arose, together with the original church collapsed in the first half of the eighteenth century, at the behest of St. Francis of Assisi passing through Ruvo. Currently the convent houses a retirement home.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo (Ruvo di Puglia) (IT)

5. Chiesa di San Domenico

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The Church of San Domenico is a church in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy, located in the Piazza Giovanni Bovio. The temple and its affiliated monastery were built by the Order of Missionaries in the second half of the sixteenth century. This religious building was later rebuilt in the 18th century and entrusted to Skolopi's fathers. The monastery is now a city museum.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Domenico (Ruvo di Puglia) (IT)

6. Chiesa dei Cappuccini

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The church of the Capuchins, also known as Santa Lucia vecchia, is a sacred building in Ruvo di Puglia located in Via Don Minzoni. The temple is rarely opened for worship as the new parish of Santa Lucia was built in 1999.

Wikipedia: Chiesa dei Cappuccini (Ruvo di Puglia) (IT)

7. Chiesa dell'Annunziata

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The church of the Annunziata is a sacred building in Ruvo di Puglia located in Largo Annunziata. It was built at the end of the fourteenth century when the inhabitants of the hamlet of Calentano retired to Ruvo.

Wikipedia: Chiesa dell'Annunziata (Ruvo di Puglia) (IT)

8. Chiesa di San Rocco

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The church of San Rocco is a sacred building in Ruvo di Puglia located in Piazza Giacomo Matteotti. The small temple was built in 1503 after the liberation of Ruvo from the plague by St. Roch of Montpellier.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Rocco (Ruvo di Puglia) (IT)

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