18 Sights in Parma, Italy (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Parma, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 18 sights are available in Parma, Italy.

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1. Auditorium Niccolò Paganini

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The Niccolò Paganini Auditorium is located in the city of Parma and is dedicated to Maestro Niccolò Paganini, who was called to Parma by the Duchess Maria Luisa to direct the activity within the Ducal Orchestra. Every year the concert season of the Teatro Regio is organized here. The Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini also uses the Paganini Auditorium for its concert activity. In September for all four Sundays at 11:00, there is the "Festa delle bande militari", while in October there is the review, "Festa delle Bande civiche", which in 2009 was attended by the Municipal Band Giuseppe Verdi of Parma, performing in two concerts, one of which for the closing party of the "Festival Verdi". Since 2013 it has hosted the traditional Sant'Ilario awards ceremony which takes place on January 13 of each year, on the occasion of the day of the patron saint of the city.

Wikipedia: Auditorium Niccolò Paganini (IT)

2. Arco di San Lazzaro

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The Arch of San Lazzaro is a triumphal arch that stands just outside and east of the city of Parma, Region of Emilia-Romagna. It was constructed in 1628 under the designs of Giovanni Battista Magnani to celebrate the arrival to the city of Margherita de’ Medici, the new wife of the then Duke Odoardo Farnese. At the time of its construction, the panels of the arch were painted by Pomponio Amidano with historical tableaus, depictingMarcus Aemilius Lepidus founds a Roman Colony in Parma. Parma sends Citizens to Rome to aid them during Floods. The siege of Parma by Legates of Sulla urging rebellion against Rome. Parma offers 1,000 citizens to protect Julius Caesar. Frederick II defeat in the 1248 Battle of Parma. Celebration of the victory with dedications to the Virgin.

Wikipedia: Arch of San Lazzaro, Parma (EN)

3. Chiesa di San Leonardo

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The church of San Leonardo is a place of Catholic worship with neo-Byzantine forms, located in Via San Leonardo 11 in Parma, in the province and diocese of Parma; The building gives its name to the neighborhood in which it stands. Derived from an ancient oratory in an extra moenia position, the building was rebuilt in neo-Byzantine style in the first half of the twentieth century.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Leonardo (Parma) (IT)

4. Cattedrale di Santa Maria Assunta

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Parma Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Parma, Emilia-Romagna (Italy), dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is the episcopal seat of the Diocese of Parma. It is an important Italian Romanesque cathedral: the dome, in particular, is decorated by a highly influential illusionistic fresco by Renaissance painter Antonio da Correggio.

Wikipedia: Parma Cathedral (EN)

5. Teatro Farnese

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Teatro Farnese is a Renaissance theatre in the Palazzo della Pilotta, Parma, Italy. It was built in 1618 by Giovanni Battista Aleotti. The idea of creating this grand theater came from the Duke of Parma and Piacenza Ranuccio I Farnese. The theatre was almost destroyed by an Allied air raid during World War II (1944). It was rebuilt and reopened in 1962.

Wikipedia: Teatro Farnese (EN)

6. Casa della Musica

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La Casa della Musica is an institution in the city of Palma established to preserve and strengthen the documentary heritage of musical culture and to promote specialized research and dissemination of information obtained. It is located in piazzale San Francesco 1, in the Renaissance Cusani Palace.

Wikipedia: Casa della Musica (IT)

7. Chiesa di Santi Maria Maddalena e Nettario

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The church of Santa Maria Maddalena is a place of Catholic worship with Baroque and neoclassical forms, located in the village of Posta 19 in Parma, in the province and diocese of Parma; the building, sold by convention to the Greek Orthodox community of Parma, is dedicated to San Nettario.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena (Parma) (IT)

8. Chiesa della Santissima Trinità

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The church of the Holy Trinity, called the Old Trinity to distinguish it from the homonymous oratory of the Rossi, is a place of Catholic worship with Baroque forms, located in the village of Trinità 5 in Parma, in the province and diocese of Parma.

Wikipedia: Chiesa della Santissima Trinità (Parma) (IT)

9. Chiesa di Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù

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Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù, also known as the Chiesa della Trinità Nuova, is a Roman Catholic parish church located on Strada Garibaldi 28 in Parma, region of Emilia Romagna, Italy. This building was once was the Oratory dei Trinità Rossi.

Wikipedia: Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesù, Parma (EN)

10. Orto Botanico

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Orto Botanico Daderot. / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Orto Botanico di Parma, also known as the Orto Botanico dell'Università di Parma, is a botanical garden maintained by the University of Parma. It is located on the Viale Martiri della Libertà, Parma, Italy, and open daily without charge.

Wikipedia: Orto Botanico di Parma (EN)

11. Monumento a Ercole e Anteo - I Du Brasè

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The monument to Hercules and Antaeus, also known as I du brasè, is a copper monument of the seventeenth century, now located in the center of the courtyard of Palazzo Cusani, in Parma; a copy of it is located in a niche of the city hall.

Wikipedia: Monumento a Ercole e Anteo (IT)

12. Chiesa di San Bartolomeo

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The church of San Bartolomeo is a place of Catholic worship with Baroque forms, located in via Giosuè Carducci 7 in Parma, in the province and diocese of Parma; it is the seat of a parish included in the pastoral area of Parma Centro.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Bartolomeo (Parma, capoluogo) (IT)

13. Chiesa di San Salvatore

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The church of San Salvatore is a place of worship originally Catholic and since 1908 Methodist with neo-Renaissance forms, located in Borgo Giacomo Tommasini 26, at the corner with Borgo Riccio da Parma, in the homonymous province.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Salvatore (Parma) (IT)

14. Chiesa di San Benedetto

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The church of San Benedetto is a place of Catholic worship with Renaissance and neoclassical forms, located in Piazzale San Benedetto da Norcia 3, at the end of Aurelio Saffi road, in Parma, in the province and diocese of Parma.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Benedetto (Parma) (IT)

15. Porta Santa Croce

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The Santa Croce Porta is a surviving Renaissance city door of the destroyed wall of Parma; It stands on the side of the square of the same name, at the end of the road Massimo D'Azeglio in the OltretoRornte neighborhood.

Wikipedia: Porta Santa Croce (Parma) (IT)

16. Museo Glauco Lombardi

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Museo Glauco Lombardi Fotografata da G. Gabelli / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Museo Lombardi is a museum displaying an eclectic collection of 19th-century art and cultural works from Parma. It is located in the Palazzo di Riserva on Strada Garibaldi #5 in central Parma, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

Wikipedia: Museo Glauco Lombardi (EN)

17. Chiesa di San Giacomo

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The Church of San Giacomo is a Baroque and Neo-Romanesque Catholic place of worship located at the piazzale San Giacomo 7 in Palma, the province of Palma and the diocese, on the corner with strada Massimo D 'Azeglio.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Giacomo (Parma) (IT)

18. Camera della Badessa

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The Camera di San Paolo or Camera della Badessa is a room in the former Monastery of San Paolo, in Parma, northern Italy. It is painted with frescoes by Correggio in the vault (697x645 cm) and over the fireplace.

Wikipedia: Camera di San Paolo (EN)

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