5 Sights in Narni, Italy (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Narni, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Narni, Italy.

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1. Fonte Feronia

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The source of Feronia is a source of water of pre -Roman origin found in Narni. It was dedicated to the goddess Feronia who, in the Narni of the time, enjoyed a cult and respect to be venerated, as well as by the Umbrians, but also among the Etruscans, the Volsci and the Sabines. The water of the source, now declared non -drinking and not controlled, was highly appreciated by the necessary for its characteristics of purity and lightness. Features that brought the ancient inhabitants very far from the center of city life thus becoming a destination for pilgrimages in honor of the goddess which, among other virtues, represented eternal spring and the purity of the waters. The original temple, the statue of Feronia and the Sacred Bosco of Ombrosi Elci were destroyed by the first Narnese Christians. As a consequence that place, considered sacred until recently before, was called "Maccla Mortua". The first historical indication of the site occurs in 1100, as can be seen from the writing Liber Geneniagraphus sive cleronomialis Ecclesiae Farfensis, better known by the name of Regestum Farfense written by Gregorio Di Catino in 1128, where the will of a Narnese nobleman, Beraldo is reported of Rolando, who donated all his assets to the abbey of Farfa except for the "Maccla Mortua Quae Vocatur Ferone".

Wikipedia: Fonte Feronia (IT)

2. Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

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Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

The church of Sant'Agostino is a church of Narni, built in the early fourteenth century by the Augustinian friars. The current church, which began at the end of the thirteenth century, has a naked facade and a singular entrance. Inside, it presents itself to three naves, divided by two rows of thin and slender pillars. The wooden ceiling contains a gigantic canvas depicting the glory of Sant'Agostino. Other important works: the fresco of the Madonna and Child on the knees between Santa Lucia and Santa Apollonia of Piermatteo d'Amelia; the beautiful chapel of San Sebastiano; The splendid crucifix.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Sant'Agostino (Narni) (IT)

3. Palazzo Eroli, Museo della Città

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Palazzo Eroli, Museo della Città

The Museum Mida is located in the municipality of Narni and is located in the Midum Palace, built between 1600 and 1700 and home of the former nobleman of the same name Narnese until 1984, the year in which it was purchased by the province of Terni.

Wikipedia: Museo Eroli (IT)

4. Bridge of Augustus

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The Bridge of Augustus is a Roman arch bridge in the Italian city Narni in Umbria, built to carry the Flaminian Way over the river Nera. Of the original four spans of the 160-metre-long (520 ft) bridge, only the southernmost remains standing.

Wikipedia: Bridge of Augustus (Narni) (EN)

5. Chiesa di Santa Maria Impensole

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Chiesa di Santa Maria Impensole

Santa Maria Impensole is a Romanesque style church in the center of Narni, Province of Terni, Italy. The church name likely derives from the term in pisilis which refers to either overhanging or held in suspension.

Wikipedia: Santa Maria Impensole, Narni (EN)


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