9 Sights in Monza, Italy (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Monza, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Monza, Italy.

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1. Cappella Espiatoria

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The Expiatory Chapel in Monza is a monument-chapel built to atone and commemorate the site at which the king Humbert I was murdered on July 29, 1900, by the anarchist Gaetano Bresci. It stands near the entrance to the Royal Villa of Monza on Viale Regina Margherita and Via Matteo da Campione. Humbert's son Vittorio Emanuele III commissioned the aged architect Giuseppe Sacconi, and the work was completed by his pupil Guido Cirilli, and completed in 1910. Obelisk-like crosses emerge from a stone chapel, and are surmounted by bronze crown and royal symbols of the House of Savoy. The entrance is surmounted by a Pieta by the sculptor Lodovico Pogliaghi.

Wikipedia: Expiatory Chapel of Monza (EN)

2. Chiesa di San Gregorio

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The Church of San Gregorio, a religious building in the city of Monza, was the last witness to the ancient cemetery of the same name and operated until 1930. It is located in an area outside the center of the historic town and, in contrast, southeast of a bend in the Lambrow River. The building is now not far from Monza Station (1840) and close to the old stadium of Via Davide Guard (1945-1946), which was built in part of the old district of Camposanto.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Gregorio (Monza) (IT)

3. Duomo di Monza

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The Duomo of Monza, often known in English as Monza Cathedral, is the main religious building of Monza, Italy. Unlike most duomos, it is not in fact a cathedral, as Monza has always been part of the Diocese of Milan, but is in the charge of an archpriest who has the right to certain episcopal vestments including the mitre and the ring. The church is also known as the Basilica of San Giovanni Battista from its dedication to John the Baptist.

Wikipedia: Monza Cathedral (EN)

4. Cappella di Teodolinda

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Theodolinda Chapel is located in Monza Cathedral, to the left of the central attic. In a special display case at the altar, the Iron Crown and the tomb of the Queen of Lombardy are preserved. The walls of the chapel are adorned with a series of murals painted in the 15th century by the Zavatari family, a family of painters with workshops in Milan and a prime example of Lombardy's late Gothic painting cycle.

Wikipedia: Cappella di Teodolinda (IT)

5. Villa Castello del Torneamento

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The Villa Torneamento is a historical building in Monza, northern Italy, in the Taccona Street, in the northern suburbs of the city, in the district of San Fruttuoso. It is 400 metres (1,300 ft) from the residential district of Triante. Known as The Castle by residents, it is used by the Daughters of Divine Zeal for a nursery school and primary school called Padre Annibale di Francia.

Wikipedia: Villa Torneamento (EN)

6. Chiesa di Sancto Gerhardo

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The church of Sancto Gerhardo is a religious building in Monza annexed to the old Umberto I Hospital of San Gerardo. The parish church, designed together with the hospital itself by the architect Ercole Balossi-Merlo, was built in 1894 and inaugurated in 1896. It is dedicated to San Gerardo, known as dei Tintori, co-patron of Monza.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Sancto Gerhardo (IT)

7. Chiesa di Santa Maria al Carrobiolo

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The church of Santa Maria al Carrobiolo is located in Monza, in Piazza Carrobiolo 8. It was built in the sixteenth century as a church annexed to the attached convent of the Barnabites still existing, and preserves significant works of the mannerist era and a valuable decoration ad Baroque fresco.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Maria al Carrobiolo (IT)

8. Arengario

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The Arengario is a historic building in Monza, northern Italy. It was built in the 13th century and is named after its original function as the town's "arengario". It is located in the most central square of Monza, Piazza Roma.

Wikipedia: Arengario (Monza) (EN)

9. Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena e Santa Teresa

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The church of Santa Maria Maddalena and Santa Teresa d'Avila, also known as the church of the Sacramentine, is located in the center of the city of Monza, in via Italia on the corner with via Santa Maddalena.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Maria Maddalena e Santa Teresa (IT)

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