8 Sights in Lucca, Italy (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Lucca, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Lucca, Italy.

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1. Piazza Anfiteatro

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Piazza dell'Anfiteatro is a public square in the northeast quadrant of walled center of Lucca, region of Tuscany, Italy. The ring of buildings surrounding the square, follows the elliptical shape of the former second century Roman amphitheater of Lucca. The square can be reached through four gateways located at the four vertices of the ellipse. A cross is carved into the central tile of the square with the arms pointing to the four gateways of the square.

Wikipedia: Piazza dell'Anfiteatro (EN)

2. Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi

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The Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi is one of the two main art museum hosting tapestry collections and mainly post-19th century art collections owned by the city of Lucca, Italy. The collection is displayed in the Baroque palace, formerly belonging to the Mansi family, and located in central Lucca. Many of the original room decorations remain in place.

Wikipedia: Museo Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi (EN)

3. Porta Santi Gervasio e Protasio

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Porta San Gervasio is a gate of the old walls of Lucca, almost completely demolished with the construction of the Renaissance walls, the latter still visible today. Of the four gates of this thirteenth-century circle remains only, in addition to Porta San Gervasio, the door of the villages located at one of the ends of Via Fillungo.

Wikipedia: Porta San Gervasio (IT)

4. Museo Italiano del Fumetto e dell'Immagine

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The Museum of Comics and Image, owned by the Municipality of Lucca, is located in Piazza San Romano 4. Created by Gianni Bono, since 2008 it has been responsible for programming by Angelo Nencetti. The Museum does not have, nor has it ever had, the function of director, as it is still waiting for a precise institutional structure.

Wikipedia: Museo del fumetto e dell'immagine (IT)

5. San Benedetto in Gottella

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San Benedetto in Gottella is a Romanesque-style, Roman Catholic church located on piazza Bernardin in Lucca, region of Tuscany, Italy. The church is located on Piazza Bernardini, near the Palazzo Bernardini, on the route of the ancient decumanus maximus of Lucca.

Wikipedia: San Benedetto in Gottella, Lucca (EN)

6. San Michele in Foro

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San Michele in Foro is a Roman Catholic basilica church in Lucca, Tuscany, central Italy, built over the ancient Roman forum. Until 1370 it was the seat of the Consiglio Maggiore, the commune's most important assembly. It is dedicated to Archangel Michael.

Wikipedia: San Michele in Foro (EN)

7. Mercato del Carmine

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The Mercato del Carmine, once the church of Santa Maria del Carmine, is a historic building in Lucca, located in the center, between Via del Carmine, Via San Gregorio, Via Antonio Mordini and Piazza del Carmine.

Wikipedia: Mercato del Carmine (IT)

8. Torre Guinigi

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The Torre Guinigi is a tower in Lucca, Tuscany, central Italy. It is a typical example of local Romanesque-Gothic architecture. The height of the tower is 45 meters with a total of 233 steps to reach the top.

Wikipedia: Guinigi Tower (EN)

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