12 Sights in Lecce, Italy (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Lecce, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 12 sights are available in Lecce, Italy.

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1. Porta Napoli

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Porta Napoli is a city gate with a triumphal arch of Lecce, which marks the entrance into the historic center of the city together with the other two existing gates Porta San Biagio and Porta Rudiae. It is located near piazzetta Arco di Trionfo.

Wikipedia: Porta Napoli (Lecce) (IT)

2. Chiesa dei Santi Niccolò e Cataldo

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The church of Saints Niccolò and Cataldo is a medieval church of Lecce. Together with the autiguo monastery it was founded in 1180 by the count of Stirpe Normanna Tancredi of Altavilla, who became king of Sicily. The construction of the temple represents a real 'model' that innovated and at the same time then directed the architectural and stylical dictates for the creation of the so -called 'new Romanesque hydrutin school' hugging the now stale architecture of the first Romanesque of Terra d'Otranto, where The Latin-Bizino-Epirota component merged with the style of the Alps. Starting from Tancredi, stylistic models that survived for about two centuries until the construction of the church of Santa Caterina in Galatina, of the mid -fourteenth century; Arriving to dictate the architectural lines for the realization of the Cathedral of Matera. The Count donated the complex to the Benedictine monks, which followed in 1494, at the behest of Alfonso II of Naples, the Olivetan fathers who remained until 1807. In 1807 Napoleon sets up the high schools and the complex became high school. In 1870 the complex became the seat of the kindergarten and starting from the 80s, it is home to the faculty of cultural heritage.

Wikipedia: Chiesa dei Santi Niccolò e Cataldo (IT)

3. Chiesa delle Alcantarine

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The church of Santa Maria della Provvidenza, better known as delle Alcantarine by the nuns who occupied the adjacent monastery now demolished, is a church in the ancient village of Lecce. It was built in the early eighteenth century by the architect Giuseppe Cino. Later, in 1724, by the will of the client Giuseppe Angrisani, Baron of Torchiarolo, the project was modified and followed by the architect Mauro Manieri.

Wikipedia: Chiesa delle Alcantarine (Lecce) (IT)

4. Porta San Biagio

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Porta San Biagio is one of the three gateways to the ancient nucleus of Lecce, dedicated to San Biagio bishop of the city of Sebaste in Armenia in the fourth century, born in Lecce and then left in Armenia because of persecution from the road on which this door stands according to tradition. It constitutes the southern access to the ancient urban nucleus. It is located near Piazza d'Italia.

Wikipedia: Porta San Biagio (Lecce) (IT)

5. Parco Archeologico di Valesio

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Valesio is an archaeological site south of Brindisi in the province of Brindisi, which can be reached by the Brindisi-Lecce highway at the junction for the Municipality of Torchiarolo. In the Tabula Peutingeriana this site is indicated as Mutatio Valentia and is placed in the middle of the journey of the so -called Via Traiana Calabra that went from Brindisi to Lecce to continue to Otranto.

Wikipedia: Valesio (città antica) (IT)

6. Chiesa di San Francesco della Scarpa

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Chiesa di San Francesco della Scarpa

The church of San Francesco della Scarpa is a church in the historic center of Lecce, so named in the sixteenth century when the Friars Minor who lived in the destroyed convent of Santa Maria del Tempio were divided into conventual and observant: the former wore shoes unlike the latter.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Francesco della Scarpa (IT)

7. Chiesa di Sant'Irene dei Teatini

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The church of Sant'Irene dei Teatini is a place of Catholic worship in the historic center of Lecce. It is dedicated to St. Irene of Lecce, protector of the city until 1656, when Pope Alexander VII proclaimed the patronage of a holy bishop from Lecce: Sant'Oronzo.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Sant'Irene (Lecce) (IT)

8. Chiesa di San Nicola dei Greci

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The church of San Nicola dei Greci, built at the behest of Frederick II of Swabia in 1232, is a church in Altamura and is located on the main street of the historic center, Corso Federico II di Svevia, a few steps from the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Nicola dei Greci (IT)

9. Chiesa di Sant'Anna

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The church of Sant'Anna, together with the autiguous conservatory of the same name, is a baroque construction of the historic center of Lecce built in 1680 and wanted by Teresa Paladini, for the testamentary request of her husband Bernardino Veradi.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Sant'Anna (Lecce) (IT)

10. Santuario di Sant'Oronzo fuori le mura

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The sanctuary of Sant'Oronzo outside the walls is an extra -urban church of Lecce located in via Adriatica. The tradition indicates the sanctuary as the place where Sant'oronzo, the main patron of the city and the whole diocese was martyred.

Wikipedia: Santuario di Sant'Oronzo fuori le mura (IT)

11. Orto botanico di Lecce

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Orto botanico di Lecce

The Orto Botanico dell'Università di Lecce, also known as the Orto Botanico di Lecce, is a botanical garden operated by the University of Lecce and located at Via Provinciale Lecce-Monteroni, 73100, Lecce, Apulia, Italy.

Wikipedia: Orto Botanico dell'Università di Lecce (EN)

12. Chiesa di Santa Elisabetta

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The church of Sant'Elisabetta is a small church in Lecce, located in via Libertini, in the historic center of the city. In ancient times it was dedicated to Sant'Andrea Apostolo and is also known as Chiesa Nova.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Elisabetta (Lecce) (IT)


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