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Explore interesting sights in Chioggia, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Chioggia, Italy.

Sightseeing Tours in Chioggia

1. Chiesa di San Francesco

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The Chiesa di San Francesco, in Chioggia is a religious building that overlooks on the main square of the city, is a Catholic church located in Chioggia, in the province of Venice, Veneto, Italy. This church is also called San Francesco "old" or "inside the walls" to distinguish it from the other church of San Francesco, the current Civic Museum, located 350 meters further south, beyond the Porta Di Santa Maria, the last remnant of the ancient city walls to the south.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Francesco, Chioggia (EN)

2. Chiesa Della Santissima Trinità

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The Church of the Holy Trinity and the Oratory of the Rossi are a single religious building in the city of Chioggia, in the metropolitan city of Venice. The building preserves a vast series of canvases, starting with those on the ceiling or from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. The Oratory takes its name from the color of the habit worn by the Confraternity, which animated this church complex for more than four centuries.

Wikipedia: Chiesa della Santissima Trinità (Chioggia) (IT)

3. Torre delle Bebbe

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The Torre delle Bebbe and the Lido di Fossone are two archaeological sites located between the old borders of the territories of Venice and Padua. From the origins of the Serenissima until 1380, the year of the War of Chioggia against Genoa, there was a military border garrison, located south of the Venetian Lagoon.

Wikipedia: Torre delle Bebbe (IT)

4. Chiesa San Martino Vescovo

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The church of San Martino Vescovo di Sottomarina, a hamlet of Chioggia, is a place of worship consisting of two buildings, one eighteenth-century and the other inaugurated at the beginning of the twentieth century. Within the diocese of Chioggia, this is the mother church of the vicariate of Sottomarina.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Martino Vescovo (Sottomarina) (IT)

5. Museo Civico della Laguna Sud

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The Civic Museum of the South Lagoon - also known as the Museum of St. Francis Outside the Walls, to distinguish it from the church of St. Francis located within the city limits - is an archaeological and ethnographic museum in Chioggia and one of the main ones in the area of the Venice lagoon.

Wikipedia: Museo civico della Laguna Sud (IT), Website

6. Santa Caterina

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The church of Santa Caterina is a religious building in Chioggia, Italy. Unlike the other churches in the center, which overlook the main square, it is inserted within the urban fabric of the city. It was populated by Cistercian nuns for four and a half centuries, then by the Canossian nuns.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Caterina (Chioggia) (IT)

7. Chiesa di San Domenico

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The sanctuary of San Domenico, built on the island of the same name, bears witness to the presence of Dominican friars in the lagoon city of Chioggia since the end of the thirteenth century. The fourteenth-century Crucifix kept in it is highly venerated by the local citizens.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Domenico (Chioggia) (IT)

8. Chiesa dei Santi Pietro e Paolo

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The Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli Pietro e Paolo, also called San Pieretto by the local population of Chioggia due to its small size, is located in Campo del Duomo on the east side, is a Catholic church located in Chioggia, in the province of Venice, Veneto, Italy.

Wikipedia: Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli Pietro e Paolo, Chioggia (EN)

9. Chiesa di Sant'Andrea

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The church of San Andrea Apostolo is the oldest religious building in the city of Chioggia and has as its bell tower a medieval watchtower dating back to about the middle of the tenth century, which preserves the oldest working tower clock in the world.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Sant'Andrea Apostolo (Chioggia) (IT)


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