14 Sights in Bolzano - Bozen, Italy (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Bolzano - Bozen, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 14 sights are available in Bolzano - Bozen, Italy.

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1. Ehemalige Kirche St. Oswald - Ex chiesa S. Osvaldo

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St. Oswald was a church on the Oswaldweg in Bolzano, dedicated to St. Oswald of Northumbria. The late Romanesque east tower church was first mentioned in 1288, reconsecrated after damage by landslides in 1323 and 1405 and named "sant Oswalt pey Poczen" in 1412. The feast of consecration was celebrated on the anniversary of St. Oswald's death on 5 August. During the bombing of Bolzano during the Second World War, the church was destroyed by an American bomb on 2 December 1943. Only the foundation walls are preserved. Since 1951, these have been under monument protection.

Wikipedia: St. Oswald (Bozen) (DE)

2. Monumento alla Vittoria - Siegesdenkmal

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The Victory Monument is a monument in Bolzano, northernmost Italy, erected on the personal orders of Benito Mussolini in South Tyrol, which had been annexed from Austria after World War I. The 19 metre wide Victory Gate was designed by architect Marcello Piacentini and substituted the former Austrian Kaiserjäger monument, torn down in 1926–27. Its construction in Fascist style, displaying lictorial pillars, was dedicated to the "Martyrs of World War I".

Wikipedia: Bolzano Victory Monument (EN)

3. Museo Scienze Naturali - Naturmuseum

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The Natural History Museum South Tyrol is a natural history museum in the Bindergasse in Bolzano. Opened in 1997, the museum is one of the South Tyrolean state museums in public hands. The museum is housed in the Princely Office of Emperor Maximilian I in the old town of Bolzano. As the only National Museum of Natural History, it is the central documentation and collection point for natural history objects in South Tyrol.

Wikipedia: Naturmuseum Südtirol (DE)

4. Municipal Museum - Stadtmuseum

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The Civic Museum of Bolzano based in Bolzano is a museum of provincial relevance. It is the oldest museum of the current Alto Adige and is directed by the culture distribution of the municipal administration. Since 2003 it has been partially closed for a long restoration work which also provides for its expansion; Only the raised plan periodically hosts exhibitions.

Wikipedia: Museo civico (Bolzano) (IT)

5. Museo Mercantile - Merkantilmuseum

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The Mercantile Museum houses the economic history of Bolzano with collections of documents, paintings and furnishings from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is located in the Mercantile Building, the former seat of the Mercantile Magistrat, built in 1635. After its dissolution, the building was the seat of the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce from 1851 to 1979.

Wikipedia: Merkantilmuseum (DE)

6. Duomo di Bolzano - Bozner Dom

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The cathedral Maria Himmelfahrt is the parish church of the South Tyrolean capital Bozen and cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bozen-Brixen. While the Bishop has resided in Bozen since 1964, the cathedra and the cathedral chapter remain in Brixen. Maria Himmelfahrt is therefore with Brixen Cathedral co-cathedral of the diocese.

Wikipedia: Maria Himmelfahrt (Bozen) (EN)

7. Castel Roncolo - Schloss Runkelstein

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Runkelstein Castle is a medieval fortification on a rocky spur in the territory of Ritten, near the city of Bolzano in South Tyrol, Italy. In 1237 Alderich Prince-Bishop of Trent gave the brothers Friedrich and Beral Lords of Wangen permission to construct a castle on the rock then called Runchenstayn.

Wikipedia: Runkelstein Castle (EN)

8. Vecchia Chiesa parrocchiale di Gries - Alte Grieser Pfarrkirche

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Vecchia Chiesa parrocchiale di Gries - Alte Grieser Pfarrkirche This Photo was taken by Wolfgang Moroder. Feel free to use my photos, but please mention me as the author and send me a message. This image is not public domain. Please respect the copyright protection. It may only be used according to the rules mentioned here. This specifically excludes use in social media, if applicable terms of the licenses listed here not appropriate. Please do not upload an updated image here without consultation with the Author. The author would like to make corrections only at his own source. This ensures that the changes are preserved.Please if you think that any changes should be required, please inform the author.Otherwise you can upload a new image with a new name. Please use one of the templates derivative or extract. / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Old Parish Church of Gries was until 1788 the parish church of the formerly independent municipality of Gries, which today forms part of the Gries-San Quirino district of Bolzano, South Tyrol (Italy). The Late Gothic church contains several precious works of art.

Wikipedia: Old Parish Church of Gries (EN)

9. Statua di Walther von der Vogelweide - Walther-von-der-Vogelweide-Denkmal

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The Walter Monument in Bolzano was created by Heinrich Nutt in 1889 and dedicated to Walter von de Vogelwade. It is located in the center of Walther-von-der-Vogelweide Square. The statue of Walter, made of Lhasa marble, stands on a fountain that serves as a pedestal.

Wikipedia: Walther-Denkmal (Bozen) (DE)

10. Torre Druso - Gscheibter Turm

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Torre Druso - Gscheibter Turm Mauro Mazzio / CC BY-SA 3.0

Treuenstein Castle is a medieval fortification on the outskirts of Bolzano in South Tyrol, northern Italy. Located in the borough of Gries, it was built between 1276 and 1278 by Meinhard, Count of Tyrol for his trusted vassal Friedrich, a burgher from Bolzano.

Wikipedia: Treuenstein Castle (EN)

11. Tesoro del Duomo di Bolzano - Domschatzkammer Bozen

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Bolzano Cathedral Treasure House, located at the old provost of the Cathedral of the Ascension of Our Lady Bolzano in the parish square, is a museum of sacred art, founded in 2007 and one of the most extensive Baroque church collections in the Tyrol area.

Wikipedia: Domschatzkammer Bozen (DE)

12. St. Magdalena - Santa Maddalena

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St. Magdalena - Santa Maddalena Christian Rottensteiner / CC BY-SA 3.0

San Magdalena, formerly known as Prazöll, is a wine village in South Tyrol (Italy), formerly belonging to Landgemeinde Zwälfmalgreien, now located in the city of Bolzano. It is best known for St. Magdalene, a wine from Vernatschtrabe.

Wikipedia: St. Magdalena (Bozen) (DE)

13. Chiesa Sacro Cuore - Herz-Jesu-Kirche

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Sacred Heart Church is a Roman Catholic church located in Bolzano, South Tyrol. It is located in Rauschertorgasse 6, in the Boden-Rentsch district in the heart of Bolzano, and is dedicated to Jesus' most sacred heart.

Wikipedia: Herz-Jesu-Kirche (Bozen) (DE)

14. Castel Sant'Antonio - Schloss Klebenstein

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San Antonio Castle or Claibenstein Castle is a castle in Bolzano, at the entrance of the Salentino Valley, near the San Antonio Bridge (San Antonio-Bruck), on the Tarvila River, not far from the Castle of Longolo.

Wikipedia: Castel Sant'Antonio (IT)

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