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Explore interesting sights in Bitonto, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Bitonto, Italy.

Sightseeing Tours in Bitonto

1. Museo Archeologico - Fondazione De Palo-Ungaro

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The archaeological museum of the De Palo-Ungaro Foundation is an archaeological museum founded in 2000 on the initiative of Teresa De Palo-Ungaro, who in the nineties constituted a foundation to provide the city of Bitonto with a space for the exhibition of finds of the Peucetian civilization from excavations carried out in the municipal area. In addition to the finds from the Peucetia and Roman periods, the museum preserves a library, an art gallery and the municipal historical archive.

Wikipedia: Museo archeologico di Bitonto (IT), Website

2. Galleria Nazionale della Puglia Girolamo e Rosaria Devanna

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The National Gallery of Puglia "Girolamo e Rosaria Devanna" is a picture gallery located in the Sylos-Calò palace in Bitonto, a Renaissance building dating back to the first half of the sixteenth century. It preserves works of origin mainly from the south but also from the rest of Italy and abroad. In particular there are works by: Titian, Veronese, Orazio and Artemisia Gentileschi, Bernardino Mei, Giaquinto, Delacroix, De Nittis, Francesco Netti.

Wikipedia: Galleria nazionale della Puglia (IT), Website

3. Chiesa dell'Annunziata

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Chiesa dell'Annunziata

The church of the Annunziata is a rural church in Bari, Italy. Located on the border between the territories of the districts Palese - Macchie and Santo Spirito, until 1928 it was on the border between Bitonto and Modugno, when Santo Spirito and Palese passed, at the behest of the fascist hierarch and podestà of Bari Araldo di Crollalanza, from the jurisdictions of the two aforementioned municipalities to that of the capital.

Wikipedia: Chiesa rurale dell'Annunziata (IT)

4. Santa Maria del Popolo

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The church of Santa Maria del Popolo di Bitonto, also known as Santa Teresa as granted in 1702 to the Teresians who built a convent now used as a high school, is located a few tens of meters from the place where once stood Porta Pendile. Construction began in 1601 on a project by the architect Bartolomeo Amendolara. The public cistern located to the right of the church, built to deal with drought, dates back to 1612.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Maria del Popolo (Bitonto) (IT)

5. San Gaetano

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San Gaetano 92bari / CC BY-SA 4.0

The church of San Gaetano was erected in 1609 in Bitonto on the ancient palace of the Universitas, in Piazza Cavour. The work, commissioned by the Teatini, originally called San Niccolò ai Teatini, and built according to the architectural project of Dionisio Volpone di Parabita, is in Baroque style. The structure was consecrated only in 1730 by Bishop Luca Antonio della Gatta.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Gaetano (Bitonto) (IT)

6. Teatro Traetta

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The Teatro Comunale di Bitonto is the main theater of the city of Bitonto and is named after the musician Tommaso Traetta. It is located on the edge of the historic city center: it overlooks Largo Teatro Umberto and has its back to Piazza Marconi where part of the rear wall coincides with the city walls. Opened in 1838, it was reopened in 2005 after fifty years of closure.

Wikipedia: Teatro Traetta (IT), Website


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