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Explore interesting sights in Ancona, Italy. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 13 sights are available in Ancona, Italy.

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1. Palazzo degli Anziani

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The Palazzo degli Anziani in Ancona has been the ancient municipal seat of the city since the thirteenth century. It is located in Piazza Stracca, known as "Piazza del Comune" until a few decades ago, in front of the Church of the Gesù. In 2011 it returned to being the seat of the city council, after a parenthesis that lasted from 1945 to 2010, a period in which the council met at Palazzo del Popolo. Together with the latter, in which the council still meets and the mayor has his cabinet, the Palazzo degli Anziani is once again the municipal seat, returning to the role for which it was built in the Middle Ages.

Wikipedia: Palazzo degli Anziani (Ancona) (IT)

2. Ex Chiesa di Sant'Agostino

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The former church of Sant'Agostino is located in Ancona. The building, originally from the fourteenth century, was completely renovated in the seventeenth century by Luigi Vanvitelli. In the first years after the unification of Italy, it was used as a barracks and profoundly transformed. For its artistic value, the richly carved portal, a fifteenth-century work by Giorgio da Šibenik, was spared; Gothic and Renaissance art are harmoniously blended in it, as is typical of the Adriatic Renaissance.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Sant'Agostino (Ancona) (IT)

3. Pinacoteca civica Francesco Podesti

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The Pinacoteca civica "Francesco Podesti" in Ancona was founded in 1884. Its establishment is mainly due to the fervent interest of the Ancona painter Francesco Podesti, to whom the art collection was soon dedicated. It collects some paintings of universal value for the history of Italian art and others of great interest for the understanding of painting in the Marche region from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century.

Wikipedia: Pinacoteca civica Francesco Podesti (IT)

4. Piazza del Plebiscito

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Piazza del Plebiscito, commonly called Piazza del Papa, is one of the four main squares in Ancona. Of these, it is the oldest: it was opened in the fifteenth century; until the expansion of the city following the unification of Italy, it was the central square of the city, the "big square" where the borders of the three districts met: Porto, Capodimonte and San Pietro. Today it is the center of the latter district.

Wikipedia: Piazza del Plebiscito (Ancona) (IT)

5. Monumento alla Resistenza

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The monument to the Resistance of Ancona is located inside the Pincio park. The sculpture is in bronze, the work of Pericle Fazzini, and bears the phrase "The Republic born from the Resistance glories in its origin", it was inaugurated on October 17, 1965. The monument depicts a man hanging by his arms from a branch of a tree stylized in human form, with a bird perched on the branch on the opposite side.

Wikipedia: Monumento alla Resistenza (Ancona) (IT)

6. Palazzo Ferretti

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Palazzo Ferretti is one of the most important and imposing noble palaces in Ancona. It stands on the slopes of the Guasco hill, in Via Ferretti, on the corner with Piazza del Senato and is also known as Palazzo di San Pellegrino or Palazzo Ferretti agli Scalzi due to its contiguity with the adjacent Church of Saints Pellegrino and Teresa known as "degli Scalzi", built by the Discalced Carmelites.

Wikipedia: Palazzo Ferretti (IT)

7. Santa Maria di Portonovo

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The church of Santa Maria di Portonovo is a precious example of Romanesque architecture in the Marche region. Immersed in the natural scenery of the Conero Riviera, overlooking the Adriatic Sea, it is an example of balance between nature and architecture. In fact, it stands on the slopes of Mount Conero behind, on a cliff overlooking the beach of Portonovo, a town in the municipality of Ancona.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di Santa Maria di Portonovo (IT)

8. Monumento ai Caduti

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The Monument to the Fallen of the First World War in Ancona is located in Piazza IV Novembre, in the Passetto district; in Ancona it is simply called "the Monument", par excellence. It is located at the end of the long Viale della Vittoria and is connected to the Passetto beach below by a wide staircase which, at a certain point, splits into two semicircular ramps.

Wikipedia: Monumento ai caduti (Ancona) (IT)

9. Teatro delle Muse

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The Teatro delle Muse in Ancona is the largest in the Marche region and the 13th largest in Italy in terms of capacity. It is located in the center of the city, near one of the main entrances to the port. There is an opera and ballet season, a symphonic music season, a concert season and a prose season, as well as a jazz festival.

Wikipedia: Teatro delle Muse (IT)

10. Fontana dei Cavalli

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Fontana dei Cavalli

The fountain of the Sea Horses, or of the Four Horses, or even of the Horses; it was built in Baroque style to a design by Scipione Daretti in 1758, with sculptures by Gioacchino Varlè. It is located in front of the Palazzo dell'Orologio in Piazza Roma in Ancona, in the Marche region.

Wikipedia: Fontana dei Cavalli Marini (IT)

11. Chiesa del Gesù

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The Church of the Gesù is a place of Catholic worship in Ancona, located in front of the Palazzo degli Anziani, in Piazza Benvenuto Stracca, the ancient Piazza del Comune. The full title is "Church of the Most Holy Name of Jesus". It is the work of Luigi Vanvitelli.

Wikipedia: Chiesa del Gesù (Ancona) (IT)

12. Chiesa di San Domenico

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The church of San Domenico di Ancona is located in Piazza del Papa, the main square of the San Pietro district and one of the four main squares of the city. With its façade, it occupies one of the two short sides of the square, at the top of a staircase.

Wikipedia: Chiesa di San Domenico (Ancona) (IT)

13. Faro di Ancona

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Ancona Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Ancona on the Adriatic Sea. It is placed on the hill named Colle dei Cappuccini, from which takes the name, about 119.5 metres from the old lighthouse deactivated in 1965.

Wikipedia: Ancona Lighthouse (EN)


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