18 Sights in Tel Aviv, Israel (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Tel Aviv, Israel. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 18 sights are available in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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1. Tel Aviv historic mosaic

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Tel Aviv historic mosaicjoe goldberg from Seattle, WA, USA / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Mosaic of the History of Tel Aviv is a mosaic, created by the Israeli artist Nahum Gutman, which depicts the history of the city of Tel Aviv on three central plaques that stand in the heart of a fountain, surrounded by a circle with 15 additional pictures. The mosaic was placed in January 1976 in front of the Tel Aviv-Yafo City House in Bialik Square. In 2008, it was removed from the site and stored in the municipality's warehouses until 2011, when it was placed in its new location in front of the Rothschild 1 Tower, on Rothschild Boulevard.

Wikipedia: פסיפס תולדות תל אביב (HE)

2. The Sea Mosque

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The Sea Mosque Ori~ / CC BY-SA 3.0

The al-Bahr Mosque or Masjid al-Bahr (Arabic: مسجد البحر, Misgad HaYam, meaning in all languages The Sea Mosque, is the oldest extant mosque in the historical part of Jaffa, Israel. Built in 1675, It is situated on the HaAliya HaShniya Street near the harbour. Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, fishermen and sailors used the mosque, as well as nearby inhabitants of the surrounding area. Built by the 'Azza /Alazzeh family as inscribed in stone above the enterance next to Bismillah.

Wikipedia: Al-Bahr Mosque (EN)

3. LGBT Holocaust Victims Memorial

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The Memorial to the Gays and Lesbians Persecuted during the Holocaust is a monument erected in Meir Park, near the Municipal Center for the Gay Community, which commemorates gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people who were persecuted and murdered during World War II due to sexual orientation or gender identity. The monument was erected by the Tel Aviv Municipality, and at the initiative of the Association for LGBT Rights, Meretz Tel Aviv-Yafo Council member Eran Lev, and other LGBT activists.

Wikipedia: אנדרטה לזכר ההומואים והלסביות שנרדפו בשואה (תל אביב) (HE)

4. St. Nicolas Church

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Saint Nicholas Monastery is an Armenian monastery built in the first millennium AD. Located in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel, near the harbour and facing the Mediterranean, the monastery consists of a large multi-story complex that includes an Armenian church and living quarters. The monastery is under the jurisdiction of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which rents out parts of the complex for residential and commercial purposes.

Wikipedia: Saint Nicholas Monastery, Jaffa (EN)

5. Yarkon River Mouth Lighthouse

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Reading Light, also known as Tell Qudadi Light, HaYarkon Light, Auja Light and Tel Aviv Light, is an inactive lighthouse in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is located near the beach on the north side of the Yarkon River estuary, on the foot of the Tel Aviv south breakwater, next to the Tel Aviv Port and the Levant Fair buildings area. It takes its name from the Reading Power Station.

Wikipedia: Reading Light (EN)

6. The Track Park

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Railway Park is a public park in the south of Tel Aviv on the Ottoman railway line near Winnipur Strait, between Benjamin Navat Street in the east and Station Courtyard and Koopman Street in the west. The park was partially opened to the public in October 2020. A major inspiration for the park is Jerusalem Railway Park, 2013 Education.

Wikipedia: פארק המסילה (תל אביב) (HE)

7. Etzel Museum

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Etzel Museum Ori~ / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Etzel House, commonly known as Beit Gidi, is a museum located in Tel Aviv, Israel dedicated to the Zionist paramilitary organization Irgun, also known by its acronym Etzel. Beit Gidi is one of the two buildings belonging to the Etzel Museum of Tel Aviv and it is placed next to the sea shore.

Wikipedia: Etzel House (EN)

8. Beyond the realm

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Beyond the realm

One "Beyond Bounds" or "Beyond Bounds" (1989) is a statue of the Israeli sculptor Sadiq Ben David. The statue was placed on the Tyre Aviyev Promenade in 1990 as one of 12 outdoor sculptures placed in the same sculpture project, at the residence of curator Micah Levin.

Wikipedia: מעבר לתחום (HE)

9. HaGat

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Gan Hagat is an archaeological site from the Hellenistic period located in the north of Tel Aviv. The site is located in a small public park, located at the end of Haim Basuk Street, which branches off from "New Company" Street not far from "Kikar Hamedina".

Wikipedia: גן הגת (HE)

10. Jaffa Clock Tower

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The Jaffa Clock Tower stands in the middle of the north end of Yefet Street in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. The tower, built of limestone, incorporates two clocks and a plaque commemorating the Israelis killed in the battle for the town in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.

Wikipedia: Jaffa Clock Tower (EN)

11. Fire and Water Fountain

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The "Fire and Water Fountain", also commonly referred to as the "Dizengoff Square Fountain", is a Tel Aviv landmark in the center of the Dizengoff Square. Dedicated in 1986, the fountain is a kinetic sculpture, the work of the Israeli artist Yaacov Agam.

Wikipedia: Fire and Water Fountain (EN)

12. Jaffa Light

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Jaffa Light No machine-readable author provided / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Jaffa Light is a lighthouse in Jaffa, Tel Aviv, Israel. It is located on a hilltop above the old Jaffa Port, in the historical part of the city. It operated between 1865 and 1966, although now deactivated it is still used as a daylight navigation aid.

Wikipedia: Jaffa Light (EN)

13. Tel Aviv Great Synagogue

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The Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv is located on 110 Allenby Street, Tel Aviv, just east of the Shalom Tower. The building was designed by Yehuda Magidovitch in 1922 and completed in 1926. It was renovated in 1970 with a new external facade of arches.

Wikipedia: Great Synagogue (Tel Aviv) (EN)

14. היכל התרבות

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Heichal HaTarbut, also known in English as the Culture Palace, officially the Charles Bronfman Auditorium, until 2013 the Fredric R. Mann Auditorium, is the largest concert hall in Tel Aviv, Israel, and home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Wikipedia: Culture Palace (Tel Aviv) (EN), Website

15. Shuk HaPishpeshim

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Shuk HaPishpeshim

The Jaffa Flea Market is a flea market where various objects, clothes and furniture items, both new and used, are sold. The market is located in the compound of Amiad, Olei Zion, Yehuda Margoza and Beit Eshel streets in Jaffa.

Wikipedia: שוק הפשפשים (יפו) (HE)

16. הישיבה הגדולה נחלת יצחק עטרת נחמיה

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Ateret Nehemiah Yeshiva is a religious Zionist high yeshiva, located in the Nahalat Yitzhak neighborhood of Tel Aviv, headed by Rabbi Micha Halevi, the rabbi of Petah Tikva. The president of the yeshiva is Rabbi Chaim Steiner.

Wikipedia: ישיבת עטרת נחמיה (HE)

17. Hapalmach Museum

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Hapalmach MuseumOri~ / Attribution

The Palmach Museum is a museum located in Ramat Aviv, Israel dedicated to the Palmach, the strike-force of the pre-state underground Haganah defense organization, which was later integrated into the Israel Defense Forces.

Wikipedia: Palmach Museum (EN)

18. Gan Meir

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Gan Meir חן חייק / CC BY 2.5

Meir Park is a park dating back to the early 1940s in the center of Tel Aviv, Israel. It is named after the first mayor of Tel Aviv, Meir Dizengoff and is home to the Tel Aviv Municipal LGBT Community Center.

Wikipedia: Meir Park, Tel Aviv (EN)


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