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Explore interesting sights in Douglas, Isle of Man. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Douglas, Isle of Man.

Sightseeing Tours in Douglas

1. Tower of Refuge

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The Tower of Refuge from Shipwreck, referred to as the Tower of Refuge, is a stone-built castellated structure which was erected on St Mary's Isle in Douglas Bay, Isle of Man, in order to afford shelter to mariners wrecked on the rock. The tower was constructed through the endeavours of Sir William Hillary, who had been instrumental in several rescues of sailors stranded on the rock, and which culminated in the heroic rescue of the crew of the Saint George Steam Packet Company steamer RMS St George, when it foundered on the rock in the early hours of November 20, 1830. Sir William personally contributed a high proportion of the costs and secured a substantial number of public contributions for funding the structure.

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2. Grand Union Camera Obscura

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The Grand Union Camera Obscura was built during the 1890s and is located on Douglas Head near the Lighthouse. The building is a tourist attraction that offers a unique view of its surroundings. Using several lenses and mirrors, it reflects a unified, panoramic view of the surrounding area that is split into small digestible scenes and projected onto large white screens within the dark confines of the building. This optical effect is achieved by the apparatus known as camera obscura.

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3. Villa Marina

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The Villa Marina is an entertainment venue in Douglas, Isle of Man, which forms part of the wider Villa-Gaiety complex. It is located on Harris Promenade, looking out onto Douglas Bay, and comprises the Royal Hall, Broadway Cinema, Promenade Suite, Colonnade Suite, Dragon's Castle and the Villa Marina Gardens. The architect was Alban Jones, whose design was chosen in an open competition judged by Professor Stanley Adshead of Liverpool University.

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4. Tynwald

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Tynwald, or more formally, the High Court of Tynwald or Tynwald Court, is the legislature of the Isle of Man. It consists of two chambers, known as the branches of Tynwald: the directly elected House of Keys and the indirectly chosen Legislative Council. When the two chambers sit together, they become "Tynwald Court".

Wikipedia: Tynwald (EN), Website

5. Governor's Bridge

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Governor's Bridge is a hairpin bend adjacent to a road junction on the primary A18 Mountain Road in the parish of Onchan in the Isle of Man, with a sudden drop in elevation leading to Governor's Dip, followed by a left-hand bend and finally a right exiting on to the main Glencrutchery Road.

Wikipedia: Governor's Bridge (Isle of Man) (EN)

6. Villa Gaiety

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The Gaiety Theatre and Opera House is a theatre in Douglas, Isle of Man which together with the Villa Marina forms the VillaGaiety complex. The Gaiety is situated on Douglas promenade, overlooking the sea and adjacent to the Villa Gardens, Arcade and Butts.

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7. Grandstand

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The TT Grandstand including the startline, pit lane, re-fuellers, merchandising, scoreboard and paddocks for the Isle of Man TT and Manx Grand Prix races is situated on the A2 Glencrutchery Road, in the town of Douglas, Isle of Man.

Wikipedia: TT Grandstand (EN)

8. Jubilee Clock

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Jubilee Clock

Jubilee clock is a term used in reference to a number of clocks constructed and erected throughout the British Empire in commemoration of the Golden or Diamond Jubilee of various British monarchs, most commonly, Queen Victoria's.

Wikipedia: Jubilee clock (EN), Url Registered_building

9. St Ninian's Crossroads

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St Ninian's Crossroads is situated between the TT Grandstand and the 1st Milestone road-side marker on the Snaefell Mountain Course on the primary A2 Douglas to Ramsey road in the town of Douglas in the Isle of Man.

Wikipedia: St Ninian's Crossroads (EN)

10. Saint George's

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St George's Church is an Anglican church in Douglas, Isle of Man and falls within the Diocese of Sodor and Man. It was formerly one of two worship centres in association with All Saints Church, Douglas.

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