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Explore interesting sights in Wolfsburg, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 10 sights are available in Wolfsburg, Germany.

1. St. Marien

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St. Marien

St. Mary's Church is an Evangelical Lutheran church in the historic district of Alt-Wolfsburg in Wolfsburg, Germany. It was first built as a chapel by the lords of the castle of neighbouring Wolfsburg and consecrated in 1434. Its present structure dates mainly from the 16th and 17th centuries. The church served as a place of worship for the inhabitants of the outer bailey and later manor settlement of Wolfsburg Castle. The patronage of the church was initially exercised by the von Bartensleben family and later by the noble von der Schulenburg family.

Wikipedia: St.-Marien-Kirche (Wolfsburg) (DE), Heritage Website

2. Katholische Kirchengemeinde St. Raphael

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The Sankt Raphael church is the Catholic Church in Detmerode, a district of Wolfsburg in Lower Saxony. The church named after the Archangel Raphael is located in John-F.-Kennedy-Allee 7 and belongs to the parish of St. Christophorus in the diocese of Hildesheim. Today it is the youngest church in the Deanery Wolfsburg-Helmstedt and designated as a monument. The catchment area of the church comprises the district of Detmerode, where today (2013) lives around 1560 Catholics, and Westhagen.

Wikipedia: St. Raphael (Wolfsburg) (DE), Website

3. St. Christophorus

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St. Christophorus

The parish church of St. Christophorus, located in the city centre of Wolfsburg and named after the patron of motorists, is now the oldest and largest Catholic church in Wolfsburg. The monument-protected church was built in 1950/51 according to plans by Peter Koller. The church is part of the Diocese of Hildesheim and is the seat of the Dean of Wolfsburg-Helmstedt.

Wikipedia: St. Christophorus (Wolfsburg) (DE), Website, Heritage Website

4. St. Marien

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St. Marien

The Church of Mary, also known as St. Mary, is the Catholic Church in Fallersleben, a district of Wolfsburg in the east of Lower Saxony. The parish church is located on Herzogin-Clara-Straße 16 and is named after the former memorial day of Mary's motherhood; its parish belongs to the Dean of Wolfsburg-Helmstedt in the diocese of Hildesheim.

Wikipedia: Mutterschaft Mariens (Wolfsburg) (DE), Website

5. St. Bernward

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St. Bernward

The Church of St. Bernward is a Roman Catholic Church in Wolfsburg, Germany, in 1965. The church of God, named after St. Christophorus, is located in the district of Alt-Wolfsburg and is a branch church of the parish of St. Christophorus in the Dean of Wolfsburg-Helmstedt of the Diocese of Hildesheim.

Wikipedia: St. Bernward (Wolfsburg) (DE), Website

6. St. Heinrich

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St. Heinrich Bischöfliche Pressestelle Hildesheim (bph) / shifted by Rabanus Flavus / Attribution

Sankt Heinrich was the Catholic Church in the Rabenberg district of Wolfsburg, which was built from 1958. The church was in 1961 after plans by Peter Koller jun. Built, declared a monument in 1996 by the State Government Institute for the Preservation of Monuments and profaned in 2019.

Wikipedia: St. Heinrich (Wolfsburg) (DE), Website

7. St. Annen Kirche

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St. Annen Kirche

St. Anne's Church is an Evangelical Lutheran church in the Heßlingen district of Wolfsburg, Germany. It is a Romanesque hall church built around 1200. It is the oldest building in the city centre, one of the church bells is one of the oldest bells in Lower Saxony.

Wikipedia: St.-Annen-Kirche (Wolfsburg) (DE), Website, Heritage Website

8. Christuskirche

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The Evangelical Lutheran Christ Church is a building inaugurated in 1951 by Gerhard Langmaack in Wolfsburg-Schillerteich in Lower Saxony, Germany. It is the main church of the church district of Wolfsburg-Wittingen. Their address is An der Christuskirche 4.

Wikipedia: Christuskirche (Wolfsburg) (DE), Website, Heritage Website

9. Großsteingrab Nordsteimke

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The Nordsteimke megalithic tomb is a burial site of the Neolithic funnel beaker culture in the Nordsteimke district of Wolfsburg. It was discovered in 1968 by a farmer ploughing his field and excavated in 1969 by the archaeologist Franz Niquet.

Wikipedia: Großsteingrab Nordsteimke (DE)

10. Stephanuskirche

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Stephanuskirche also known as Detmerode Church is a church and parish center in Wolfsburg, Germany designed by Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in 1963. Completed in 1968, the building is a prominent example of International modernism in Germany.

Wikipedia: Stephanuskirche (Wolfsburg) (EN), Website


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