9 Sights in Wetzlar, Germany (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Wetzlar, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Wetzlar, Germany.

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1. Reichskammergerichtsmuseum

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The Reichskammergerichtsmuseum shows an exhibition on the structure, functioning and history of the Reichskammergericht during the entire period of its activity. Opened in 1987, the museum is located at Hofstatt 19 in Wetzlar, a Kameralenpalais built by Franz von Pape. It is supported by the Gesellschaft für Reichskammergerichtsforschung e. V. , supported by a scientific advisory board. Original sculptures, furniture, sculptures and contemporary printed works are shown. The research centre, which is located in the same building, deals with the working principles and history of the Reichskammergericht as well as its role in the constitutional structure of the early modern empire. Another focus is the staff of the court.

Wikipedia: Reichskammergerichtsmuseum (DE), Website

2. Reichskammergericht

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The Reichskammergericht was one of the two highest judicial institutions in the Holy Roman Empire, the other one being the Aulic Council in Vienna. It was founded in 1495 by the Imperial Diet in Worms. All legal proceedings in the Holy Roman Empire could be brought to the Imperial Chamber Court, except if the ruler of the territory had a so-called privilegium de non appellando, in which case the highest judicial institution was found by the ruler of that territory. Another exception was criminal law in which the Imperial Chamber Court could intervene only if basic procedural rules had been violated.

Wikipedia: Reichskammergericht (EN), Website, Heritage Website

3. Säuturm

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The historic old town in Wetzlar is the city center of the former imperial city created in the early Middle Ages and as a whole a registered cultural monument. It has a great variety of historical traces and urban structures, which identify the old town area as particularly worthy of protection. Even though some historical buildings were lost due to the renovation of the old town in the 1960s, the historic streets and often late medieval street cross-sections remain almost unchanged in the entire area within the medieval wall ring.

Wikipedia: Historische Altstadt Wetzlar (DE)

4. Hospitalkirche

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The Hospitalkirche in Wetzlar in the Hessian Lahn-Dill-Kreis is an Evangelical Lutheran sermon church. It was built in 1762–1764 in the Rococo style and is considered a rare and high-quality example of this architectural style among Lutheran sermon churches. The five-axle hall building with five-eighth closure and western crested roof turret is a Hessian cultural monument with rich interior decoration.

Wikipedia: Hospitalkirche (Wetzlar) (DE), Heritage Website

5. Paulskirche

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The Paulskirche was built between 1491 and 1492 in today's Wetzlar district of Hermannstein in Central Hesse. The late Gothic hall church has a three-eighth end and a west tower from the 1520s. Important furnishings from the time of construction include a triumphal cross, a sandstone relief from 1492 and a baptismal font made of red sandstone depicting the birth of Christ.

Wikipedia: Paulskirche (Hermannstein) (DE)

6. Dom

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Dom Philipp Trümper / CC BY 3.0

Wetzlar Cathedral is a large church in the town of Wetzlar, located on the Lahn river some 50 km north of Frankfurt. Construction began in 1230 and is still unfinished, since the western front is still missing its northern belfry. Because of its long period of construction, the church combines romanesque, gothic and baroque architecture.

Wikipedia: Wetzlar Cathedral (EN), Website

7. Bismarckturm Wetzlar

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In 1901, the Garbenheimer Warte, a medieval watchtower of the municipal Landwehr in Wetzlar, was completely redesigned. The tower, which was then renamed Bismarckturm, is one of 146 Bismarck towers still existing in Germany. These towers were built or rebuilt in honor of Prince Otto von Bismarck (1815–1898).

Wikipedia: Bismarckturm (Wetzlar) (DE)

8. Ev. Kirche

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The Evangelical Church is a listed church building in Blasbach, a district of Wetzlar in the Lahn-Dill-Kreis (Hesse). In the years 1712–1716, the Gothic hall church with a hipped roof was given its present form, including the Baroque furnishings and the two-storey crested turret.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Kirche Blasbach (DE), Website

9. Ev. Kirche Nauborn

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The Evangelical Church in Nauborn, a district of Wetzlar, Germany, is a Romanesque hall church. In the 17th century it was extensively rebuilt and received its present form. Due to its historical, artistic and urban significance, the building is a Hessian cultural monument.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Kirche (Nauborn) (DE), Website


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