5 Sights in Uelzen, Germany (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Uelzen, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Uelzen, Germany.

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1. St. Marien Kirche

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The Gothic St. Mary's Church belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover and is one of the oldest churches in the district of Uelzen. In the church district of Uelzen, it is the central centre for regional services and events. The parish includes about 4900 parishioners from Uelzen's city centre and the Königsberg district as well as the villages of Hambrock, Halligdorf, Niendorf, Ripdorf and Woltersburg.

Wikipedia: St. Marien (Uelzen) (DE)

2. Zum Göttlichen Erlöser

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The Catholic Church in Uelzen, a district town in Lower Saxony, is the divine Redeemer. Today it is the oldest church in the Deanery Lüneburg. Her parish of the same name, which includes all Catholic churches in the Uelzen district, belongs to the Hildesheim diocese. The church wears the Patrozinium Christ Erlöner and is located in Alewinstraße 29.

Wikipedia: Zum Göttlichen Erlöser (Uelzen) (DE)

3. St. Petri

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St. Peter's Church (German: St.-Petri-Kirche) is an Evangelical Lutheran church with a neighbouring community centre in Uelzen on Osterstraße. The area of the municipality includes the eastern part of the district located by the Ilmenau and the Niendorfer Straße, including the new development area Eschenkamp and has about 4,800 community members.

Wikipedia: St. Petri (Uelzen) (DE)

4. Heiligen-Geist-Kapelle

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The Gothic Chapel of the Holy Spirit belongs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church and is one of the oldest chapels in the district of Uelzen. It was the heart of the affiliated Holy Spirit Hospital. It originated as part of a pious and charitable foundation, the Holy Spirit Foundation.

Wikipedia: Heiligen-Geist-Kapelle (Uelzen) (DE)

5. Der Ulenköper

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The Ulenköper is a bronze statue in the Hanseatic city of Uelzen. The monument was designed by Karlheinz Goedtke and is a gift from the citizens to their city. It symbolizes the Ulenköpersage associated with the city and was ceremoniously unveiled on May 6, 1967.

Wikipedia: Der Ulenköper (DE)

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