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Explore interesting sights in Remscheid, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 11 sights are available in Remscheid, Germany.

1. St. Engelbert

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St. Engelbert

The Church of St. Engelbert is a Catholic church in the Remscheid district of Güldenwerth. With its 25-metre-high bell tower, it characterises the image of the district. The church can accommodate about 150 people. The church is the youngest in the city, the foundation stone was laid on February 19, 1989, the consecration of the church on May 27, 1990. The architect was Wilhelm Dahmen from Düsseldorf. In addition to the churches of St. Suitbertus, St. Josef and St. Marien, it has belonged to the parish of St. Suitbertus, Remscheid, since the merger in 2011. The church is under the patronage of St. Engelbert II of Berg. In the immediate vicinity is the train station Remscheid-Güldenwerth and a bus stop.

Wikipedia: St. Engelbert (Remscheid) (DE), Website

2. Heilig Kreuz

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The Holy Cross Church in Remscheid-Lüttringhausen was built between 1925 and 1927. Originally, this church was to be built on Kreuzbergstraße. In ancient times, there was a large wooden cross here, to which the faithful from the Bergisches Land made a pilgrimage. The Lennep pastor Schoenen bought this property in 1902. However, the mayor of Lüttringhausen, Richard Gertenbach, found the location more suitable for the new town hall. He therefore exchanged the property with the Catholic clergyman in 1907. For a long time, there had been no Catholics at all in the city, because after the Reformation the citizens had invariably converted to Lutheranism.

Wikipedia: Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche (Remscheid-Lüttringhausen) (DE)

3. Röntgen Denkmal

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Röntgen Denkmal

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was a German mechanical engineer and physicist, who, on 8 November 1895, produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range known as X-rays or Röntgen rays, an achievement that earned him the inaugural Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901. In honour of Röntgen's accomplishments, in 2004 the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) named element 111, roentgenium, a radioactive element with multiple unstable isotopes, after him. The unit of measurement roentgen was also named after him.

Wikipedia: Wilhelm Röntgen (EN)

4. Bismarckturm Remscheid

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The Bismarck Tower Remscheid is a 30 m high tower in the town of Remscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It was built as an observation tower in 1901 on the edge of the city park. During the Second World War, it served as an air raid control station. After the conversion of the upper floor, it now houses the Dr. Hans Schäfer Observatory Remscheid of the Volkshochschule Remscheid.

Wikipedia: Bismarckturm (Remscheid) (DE), Website

5. Deutsches Röntgen Museum

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Deutsches Röntgen Museum Frank Vincentz / CC BY-SA 3.0

The German Röntgen Museum is located only a few hundred meters away from the birthplace of the physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen at Gänsemarkt 1 in Remscheid-Lennep in an Altberg patrician house at Schwelmer Straße 41, which has been extended by several large extensions. Every year, around 13,000 guests visit the museum and another 1500 guests use the museum laboratory RöLab.

Wikipedia: Deutsches Röntgen-Museum (DE), Website

6. Evangelische Kirche Lüttringhausen

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Evangelische Kirche Lüttringhausen Fotograf: Hans Kadereit --ka / GFDL 1.3

The Evangelical Town Church is the oldest sacred building in Lüttringhausen that still exists today. From the point of view from the west, it represents the dominant building in the old town ensemble. The parish belongs to the Lennep church district of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Stadtkirche Lüttringhausen (DE), Website

7. Eschbach Dam

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Eschbach DamSK180380 at German Wikipedia (Original text: Stefan Kissing) / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Eschbach Dam was the first dam to be built in Germany for drinking water supply. It is located in Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. With its opening in 1891, this pioneer work of hydraulic engineering was a milestone in the economic development of the city of Remscheid.

Wikipedia: Eschbach Dam (EN)

8. Steinernes Kreuz

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Stone Cross is the common name for a small and rather inconspicuous memorial very close to the Way of St. James on the north bank of the Remscheid Eschbach Dam, where the old military road Cologne-Dortmund used to run and is located on the footpath to the Birgden I farmstead.

Wikipedia: Steinernes Kreuz (DE)

9. Klosterkirche

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Klosterkirche Fotograf: Hans Kadereit --ka / GFDL 1.3

The Minorite Monastery of Lennep was a monastery of the Franciscan Minorites in Lennep in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The church building is considered the oldest completely preserved sacred building in Remscheid and is currently used as a cultural center.

Wikipedia: Minoritenkloster Lennep (DE)

10. Stadtkirche Remscheid

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The Evangelische Stadtkirche is the main Protestant church of Remscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It is one of two churches in the parish of Remscheid, which belongs to the Lennep church district of the Evangelical Church in the Rhineland.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Stadtkirche (Remscheid) (DE), Website

11. Haus Cleff

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Haus Cleff Frank Vincentz / CC BY-SA 3.0

Haus Cleff in Remscheid-Hasten is a late Baroque aristocratic residence. Merchant Gebrüder Hilger built it in 1778/79. From 1811 to 1814, it was the residence of manufacturer and mayor Georg Heinrich Sontag and the town hall of Remsheid.

Wikipedia: Haus Cleff (DE)


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