5 Sights in Regenstauf, Germany (with Map and Images)


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Explore interesting sights in Regenstauf, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Regenstauf, Germany.

1. Burgruine Stockenfels

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The ruins of Stockenfels Castle are the ruins of a hilltop castle at 459 m above sea level in a strategically favourable location on a 120-metre-high granite knoll in the Regental valley near the Fischbach district of the town of Nittenau in the district of Schwandorf in Bavaria. The complex is listed under the file number D-3-76-149-37 as a listed architectural monument of Fischbach. It is also listed as a ground monument under the file number D-3-6739-0016 in the Bavaria Atlas as "archaeological findings in the area of the medieval castle ruins of Stockenfels".

Wikipedia: Burgruine Stockenfels (DE)

2. Schloss Spindlhof

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Spindlhof Castle is located in the north of the market town of Regenstauf, directly on the north bank of the Regen River. The approximately 500-year-old property has received several new buildings and additions over the centuries and is now owned by the Episcopal See of Regensburg. Today it is used as an educational and conference centre and is available to both church and non-church organisers. Spindlhof is also an official part of the municipality.

Wikipedia: Schloss Spindlhof (DE)

3. Schloss Ramspau

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Ramspau Castle is a baroque rural castle in Ramspau, in the district of Ramspau, in the Upper Palatinate market of Ramspau. It is located on the western shore of the rain. The plant is listed as a monument of Ramspau under file number D-3-75-190-53. It is also managed as a soil monument under file number D-3-6838-0119 in Bavaria natlas as “archaeological findings of the Middle Ages and early modern times in the area of the castle of Ramspau”.

Wikipedia: Schloss Ramspau (DE)

4. St. Laurentius

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Die römisch-katholische, denkmalgeschützte Pfarrkirche St. Laurentius steht in Ramspau, einem Gemeindeteil des Marktes Regenstauf im Landkreis Regensburg der Oberpfalz. Sie ist dem Bistum Regensburg zugeordnet. Das Bauwerk ist unter der Denkmalnummer D-3-75-190-52 als Baudenkmal in die Bayerische Denkmalliste eingetragen.

Wikipedia: St. Laurentius (Ramspau) (DE)

5. St. Jakobus

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The Roman Catholic, listed parish church of St. James the Elder is located in Regenstauf, a market town in the district of Regensburg in the Upper Palatinate. It is part of the Diocese of Regensburg. The building is registered as a monument in the Bavarian list of monuments under the monument number D-3-75-190-3.

Wikipedia: St. Jakobus (Regenstauf) (DE)


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