16 Sights in Passau, Germany (with Map and Images)

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1. Veste Oberhaus

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Veste Oberhaus is a fortress that was founded in 1219 and, for most of its time, served as the stronghold of the Bishop of Passau, Germany. It is currently the site of a museum, a youth hostel, and a restaurant, as well as an open-air theatre dating to 1934.

Wikipedia: Veste Oberhaus (EN)

2. Veste Niederhaus

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Veste Niederhaus Liberaler Humanist / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Niederhaus is a castle that stands in Passau on the top of the rocky headland at the confluence of the Ilz and Danube below the Veste Oberhaus. The headland, like the right bank of the Ilzufer north of it, belongs to the district Bschütt of the district Altstadt. The complex is listed as a ground monument under the file number D-2-7446-0132 in the Bavarian Atlas as "underground medieval and early modern findings and finds in the area of the Veste Niederhaus". It is also listed under the file number D-2-62-000-90 as an architectural monument of Passau.

Wikipedia: Veste Niederhaus (DE)

3. Burgruine Hals

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The castle ruin Hals is located in the Passau district of Hals. The name Hals derives from the location of the castle on the neck, i.e. the narrow loop of the Ilz. On a narrow rocky ridge above the village lie the ruins of the once mighty spur castle. The complex is listed as a ground monument under the file number D-2-7446-0197 in the Bavarian Atlas as "underground medieval and early modern findings and finds in the area of the castle ruins Hals". It is also listed under the file number D-2-62-000-679 as a monument of Hals.

Wikipedia: Burgruine Hals (DE)

4. Burg Reschenstein

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Reschenstein Castle sits on a wooded ridge surrounded by the Ilz River, not far from the Hals district of Pasho. In 1384, in a written document, this late medieval complex with square fortresses was first mentioned as the front yard of Hals Castle. The site is listed in Bayernatlas as "Underground Medieval and Early Modern Discoveries and Discoveries in Reschenstein Castle Site Area", file number D-2-7446-0018. It is also listed as a monument to Hals, with file number D-2-62-000-686.

Wikipedia: Burg Reschenstein (DE)

5. RömerMuseum Kastell Boiotro - Passau

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The Roman Museum Kastell Boiotro is a museum located in the Innstadt district of Passau. It was opened in 1982. The museum stands on the foundations of the late Roman fort Boiotro, remains of the military fortifications can be seen in the outdoor area of the museum. Saint Severin, missionary of Noricum, probably had a monastery built in the ruins of the Roman fort at the end of the 5th century, but his records have preserved the name Boiotro to the present day.

Wikipedia: Römermuseum Kastell Boiotro (DE), Website

6. Schloss Freudenhain

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Schloss Freudenhain Konrad Lackerbeck / CC BY-SA 2.5

Freudenhain Castle is located in the city area of Passau in a park of the same name on the north bank of the Danube. From 1785 to 1792, the complex was built by the Passau prince -bishop Cardinal Joseph Franz Anton Graf von Auersperg. Johann Georg von Hagenauer was the architect and master builder. The castle has been used as a school for over a hundred years. The system is recorded as a monument of Passau under the file number D-2-62-000-663.

Wikipedia: Schloss Freudenhain (DE), Url

7. Oberhausmuseum

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Oberhausmuseum Wolfgang Sauber / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Oberhaus Museum is housed in Passau in one of the largest preserved castle complexes in Europe, the Veste Oberhaus. The museum's exhibition area extends to 4000 m² in various parts of the building. The history of the city and region is presented here. A total of eight exhibition complexes and the Battery Linde viewpoint can be viewed by a circular route.

Wikipedia: Oberhausmuseum (DE)

8. Passau Glass Museum

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The Passau Glass Museum has the largest collections in the world of European art glass, Bohemian glass, and glass made by Johann Loetz. The museum is listed as a "Nationally Valuable Cultural Property". It is located at Schrottgasse 2, D-94032 on the Rathaus or town hall square in the old town of Passau. It is connected to the Hotel Wilder Mann.

Wikipedia: Passau Glass Museum (EN)

9. Museum Moderner Kunst

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Museum Moderner Kunst

The Museum of Modern Art Wörlen is an art museum in the old town of Passau, which was founded in 1990 by the architect and patron of the arts Hanns Egon Wörlen. It sees itself as a forum for modern and contemporary art at the gateway to its eastern neighbours and has set itself the goal of bringing East and West closer together.

Wikipedia: Museum Moderner Kunst (Passau) (DE), Website

10. Neue Residenz

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Neue Residenz Die Autorenschaft wurde nicht in einer maschinell lesbaren Form angegeben / CC BY-SA 2.5

The New Episcopal Residence of the Prince-Bishops of Passau was built from 1712 to 1730 in the style of the Viennese late Baroque. The architects were probably the Italian Domenico d'Angeli and the Viennese Antonio Beduzzi. The complex is registered under the file number D-2-62-000-486 as an architectural monument of Passau.

Wikipedia: Neue Residenz Passau (DE)

11. Scharfrichterhaus

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The Scharfrichterhaus in Passau, Germany, is designated as a national historical treasure and was built circa 1200. Located on "Milchgasse", it was the official residence for the Scharfrichter (executioner) of the city of Passau. It is now a jazz and cabaret stage on which political cabaret is performed.

Wikipedia: Scharfrichterhaus (EN)

12. Dackelmuseum

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The Dachshund Museum Kleine Residenz is a unique private museum in Germany about the dachshund on the Residenzplatz in Passau's old town. It was founded by the florists Josef Küblbeck and Oliver Storz, who live in a registered partnership, and opened on 2 April 2018.

Wikipedia: Dackelmuseum Kleine Residenz (DE), Website

13. Altes Rathaus

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The town hall is located in the old town of Passau on the Rathausplatz, near the banks of the Danube. The Passau Town Hall complex consists of three buildings on Rathausplatz: the Old Town Hall, the New Town Hall and the Old Main Customs Office Town Hall.

Wikipedia: Passauer Rathaus (DE), Website

14. Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Brücke

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The Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Brücke is a 186-metre-long railway bridge at kilometre 80.316 of the Wels–Passau railway, which crosses the Inn in Passau. It lies entirely on Bavarian territory and is named after the Bavarian Empress Elisabeth of Austria.

Wikipedia: Kaiserin-Elisabeth-Brücke (Passau) (DE)

15. Sankt Severin

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The church of St. Severin in the Passau district of Innstadt is surrounded by the cemetery of the Innstadt near the Inn. Today it is a branch church of the Roman Catholic parish of Passau-Innstadt with the parish church of St. Gertraud.

Wikipedia: St. Severin (Passau-Innstadt) (DE)

16. Sankt Gertraud

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St. Gertraud is a church in the Passau district of Innstadt near the Innufer. It has been the seat of the Roman Catholic parish of Passau-Innstadt since 1787, which also includes today's St. Severin branch church.

Wikipedia: St. Gertraud (Passau) (DE)


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