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Explore interesting sights in Oranienburg, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Oranienburg, Germany.

1. Tier-, Freizeit- und Saurierpark Germendorf

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The animal, leisure and dinosaur park Germendorf is an animal park with an attached dinosaur park, in which life-size replicas of dinosaurs are. There is also an area with rides that are mainly geared towards children, as well as pony rides. The park is located in the Oranienburg district of Germendorf. In addition to smaller and domestic animals, exotic animals such as zebras, elenantilopes and alpacas are also kept. There is also a petting zoo with goats that can be entered. In total, the zoo is home to 650 animals. There are also several lakes with bathing areas on the site of the park, as well as separate bathing spots for children and dogs. With a total area of 69 hectares, 14 hectares of which are eliminated on the outdoor enclosure, the Germendorf zoo is one of the largest systems of this kind in the greater Berlin area. The lake area was created as a excavation pit when building the Berlin-Rostock motorway. The structure of the zoo, which received the zoo permit in 2002, began in 1992. The dinosaur park has been on the site since 2009. The founder of the park is the former mayor Horst Eichholz. By 2014, profits from gravel mining were invested in the park. Eichholz died at the age of 84 in 2017.

Wikipedia: Tier-, Freizeit- und Saurierpark Germendorf (DE), Website

2. Silogebäude der Oranienburger Dampfmühle

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The Oranienburger Speicher is the second highest building in Oranienburg and one of the landmarks of the district, with an altitude of about 37 metres. Built in 1917 as a silo building for the Oranienburger steam mill in a central location on the Havel, the building still shapes the cityscape. Both because of its iron concrete construction and its baroque facade design, the building, which has been listed since 1995, is considered particularly valuable in architecture. The store gained greater attention since 2016, when an investor wanted to renovate the building first, but later requested the demolition of the building.

Wikipedia: Oranienburger Speicher (DE)

3. Reste des Senders Zehlendorf

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Reste des Senders Zehlendorf

The Zehlendorf radio station was a radio station in Zehlendorf, a district of Oranienburg, located just under 35 km from the north of Berlin. The facility was built in the preparation of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Germany and was first called the Rehmate Broadcasting Station. In the late 1990s, the various channels were gradually put out of operation. The remains of the building complex, the transmitting devices and the access road were then declared a monument.

Wikipedia: Sender Zehlendorf (DE)

4. KZ Oranienburg

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KZ Oranienburg Unknown authorUnknown author / CC BY-SA 3.0 de

Oranienburg was an early Nazi concentration camp, one of the first detention facilities established by the Nazis in the state of Prussia when they gained power in 1933. It held the political opponents of the Nazi Party from the Berlin region, mostly members of the Communist Party and the Social Democratic Party, as well as a number of homosexual men and scores of the so-called undesirables.

Wikipedia: Oranienburg concentration camp (EN)

5. Museum Sowjetisches Speziallager

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Museum Sowjetisches Speziallagerde:User:K.schaetze (Original-Upload) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Sachsenhausen Special Camp was a Soviet special camp in Germany from 1945 to 1950. It was partly located on the site of the former Sachsenhausen concentration camp in the Sandhausen district of the city of Oranienburg.

Wikipedia: Speziallager Nr. 7 Sachsenhausen (DE)


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