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Explore interesting sights in Offenbach am Main, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 13 sights are available in Offenbach am Main, Germany.

Sightseeing Tours in Offenbach am Main

1. Isenburger Schloss

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Isenburger Schloss

Isenburg Castle is a Renaissance castle in Offenbach am Main, Germany. The medieval Counts of Isenburg had it built in the 16th century. Among art historians, Isenburg Castle is considered a remarkable Renaissance object. This is evident from the differently designed facades on the north and south sides of the castle. The south side facing the city is a loose Renaissance façade with arcades between two stair towers, while the north side facing the Main shows a fortified façade made of parts of the older building fabric. The castle was once planned as a four-winged castle. However, this construction project was never carried out.

Wikipedia: Isenburger Schloss (DE)

2. Schneckenberg

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At 166 m, the Schneckenberg is the highest elevation in the Hessian city of Offenbach am Main. It represents the eastern continuation of the Bieberer mountain, but is separated from the incision of the Rodgaubahn. With the Schneckenberg a height of the Rodau-Bieberbach-Niederung begins, which forms the southern edge of the Main Valley and extends as a height level over Bieberer Berg, the Rosenhöhe, the Käsberg and Goldberg near Oberrad to the Sachshäuser Berg.

Wikipedia: Schneckenberg (Offenbach am Main) (DE)

3. Stadtkirche

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The Evangelical City Church in Offenbach am Main is a baroque church, which is located centrally in the city. It was completed in 1749 and is the oldest surviving Lutheran church in Offenbach. It is used by the Evangelical Stadtkirchengemeinde Offenbach am Main. This belongs to the Evangelical City Dean of Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach in the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Stadtkirche (Offenbach am Main) (DE)

4. Bieberer Aussichtsturm

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The Bieberer observation tower in the Hessian city of Offenbach am Main is a historic observation tower with a total height of 27 meters, which was built in 1882. The observation deck is located at a height of 24 meters. The building is registered as a cultural monument in the local list of monuments according to the Hessian Monument Protection Act.

Wikipedia: Bieberer Aussichtsturm (DE)

5. Marienkirche

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Marienkirche Autor/-in unbekanntUnknown author / Attribution

The Catholic Marienkirche in Offenbach am Main is a neo-baroque church centrally located in the city, built between 1911 and 1913. It is home to the Catholic parish of St. Marien Offenbach. This belongs to the pastoral area of Offenbach am Main and thus to the diocese of Mainz. The Italian-speaking Catholic parish of Offenbach also uses the church.

Wikipedia: Marienkirche (Offenbach am Main) (DE), Website

6. Französisch-Reformierte Kirche

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The French Reformed Church in Offenbach am Main is a Reformed church built in 1717/1718. It is used by the French Reformed congregation of Offenbach. It belongs to the Protestant City Deanery of Frankfurt and Offenbach and thus to the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau. She is also a member of the Reformed Union and the German Huguenot Society.

Wikipedia: Französisch-Reformierte Kirche (Offenbach am Main) (DE)

7. Doppelhelix

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This list of public artworks and monuments in Offenbach is intended to provide an overview of public artworks and monuments in the city of Offenbach am Main. This list is not exhaustive, but will be updated continuously. The monuments are arranged chronologically according to the date of their erection, as far as is known.

Wikipedia: Liste öffentlicher Kunstwerke und Denkmäler in Offenbach (DE)

8. Mainfischer, 1935

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The Mainfischer in Offenbach am Main is a statue and Offenbach landmark at the Carl-Ulrich Bridge. The bronze scale of the Offenbach sculptor Ernst Unger (1889–1954) was originally called "the fisherman" and was set up on July 16, 1935 on the preservation of the then Main Bridge, later moved and restored several times.

Wikipedia: Mainfischer (Offenbach am Main) (DE)

9. Christus-Kirche

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Christus-KircheRudolf Stricker / Attribution

The Christuskirche in Offenbach am Main is an Old Catholic religious building in the city center of Offenbach. The church is located between Otto-Steinwachs-Weg and Bismarckstraße. The building, which was designed by the architect Max Schröder, is a cultural monument according to the Hessian Monument Protection Act.

Wikipedia: Alt Katholische Christuskirche Offenbach (DE), Website

10. Büsing Palais

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The Büsingpalais is a neo-baroque city palace in Offenbach am Main, Germany. The property is bordered by today's Offenbach City Park, the Büsingpark, as well as the Lili Park with the Lili Temple. Today, the Büsingpalais is considered one of the most representative buildings in Offenbach am Main.

Wikipedia: Büsing-Palais (DE)

11. Deutsches Ledermuseum

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The German Leather Museum, located in Offenbach am Main, Hesse, Germany, is one of the largest leather museums in the world. It has a wide variety of leather items, including some exhibits, which are believed to be more than 3,000 years old. It was founded by Hugo Eberhardt in 1917.

Wikipedia: German Leather Museum (EN), Website

12. Offenbacher Anekdote, 1998

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Krieh die Kränk, Offebach is a bronze sculpture group by the sculptor Bonifatius Stirnberg from 1998. The artwork stands in front of the Apotheke zum Löwen in Frankfurter Straße at Offenbach's Stadthof. The Apotheke zum Löwen is the donor of the sculpture group.

Wikipedia: Krieh die Kränk, Offebach (DE)

13. Streichholzkarlche

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Offenbach am Main is a city in Hesse, Germany, on the left bank of the river Main. It borders Frankfurt and is part of the Frankfurt urban area and the larger Frankfurt Rhein-Main urban area. It has a population of 138,335.

Wikipedia: Offenbach am Main (EN)


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