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Explore interesting sights in Miltenberg, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 7 sights are available in Miltenberg, Germany.

Sightseeing Tours in Miltenberg

1. Kastell Miltenberg-Altstadt

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The Miltenberg-Altstadt fort was a Roman cohort fort of the Principate, whose occupation took over for security and surveillance tasks at the southern end of the Main Limes and at the northern beginning of the "Front Limes", a section of the UNESCO World Heritage "Upper Germanic-Raetian Limes" (ORL). The garrison, located in the Roman province of Germania superior, is now located on the territory of the district town of Miltenberg in Bavaria.

Wikipedia: Kastell Miltenberg-Altstadt (DE)

2. Stadtpfarrkirche Sankt Jakobus der Ältere

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St. James' Church is the Catholic parish church of the Bavarian town of Miltenberg am Main. It is dedicated to the Apostle James the Elder. The parish includes St. Josef in the Breitendiel district, St. Katharina in Mainbullau and St. Vitus in Wenschdorf. The parish of St. James is part of the parish community of St. Martin. The parish belongs to the deanery of Miltenberg in the diocese of Würzburg.

Wikipedia: St. Jakobus (Miltenberg) (DE)

3. Mainzer Tor

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Mainzer Tor

The Mainzer Tor (Spitzer Tower) is a late medieval tower, first mentioned in 1379, on the western edge of the Old City of Miltenberg. Above the gate is the coat of arms of Adolf I, Archbishop of Nassau. This magnificent tower was built during his reign (1371-1390). In the year it was built, the city of Miltenberg stretched 2.5 kilometers between the West Gate Tower and the East Gate Tower.

Wikipedia: Mainzer Tor (Miltenberg) (DE)

4. Würzburger Tor

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The Würzburg Gate is a late medieval gate tower first mentioned in 1379 on the eastern edge of the old town of Miltenberg. Originally, it carried a gun platform with a crenellated wreath, as this side of the city was most endangered. However, the tower was already roofed at the beginning of the 15th century. In the hook stones outside and inside, the portcullis ran up and down.

Wikipedia: Würzburger Tor (DE)

5. Greinbergschanze

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Ringwall Greinberg, formerly known as Ringwall Monbrunn or Römerschanze, is a relic of the prehistoric Celtic Ringwall complex, located about 430 metres around the top of Greinberg, 452 metres above Main, and 1,200 metres east of Breitendiel Church, which is now a district of Miltenberg in the district of Miltenberg in the Bavarian state of Miltenberg.

Wikipedia: Ringwall Greinberg (DE)

6. Alter Bahnhof

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Miltenberg Hbf was the first railway station in the Bavarian town of Miltenberg from 1876. Since it was a constant operational obstacle as a terminus, it was replaced in passenger traffic in 1977 by Miltenberg Nord station on the right bank of the Main and served as a freight yard from then until 2001.

Wikipedia: Miltenberg Hauptbahnhof (DE)

7. Museum Stadt Miltenberg

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The Museum Stadt Miltenberg is located in the "Haus Miltenberg", a building with richly decorated Renaissance oriels on the Schnatterloch in Miltenberg. In 1999, the museum was awarded the Bavarian Museum Prize for its conception and presentation.

Wikipedia: Museum Stadt Miltenberg (DE)


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