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Explore interesting sights in Marburg, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 12 sights are available in Marburg, Germany.

Sightseeing Tours in Marburg

1. Grüner Mühle

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The Grüner Mühle is a water mill on the Wehr below the Weidenhäuser Bridge in Marburg an der Lahn on the edge of the present-day Südviertel. In addition to the “Green Gate” at the southern end of the “Am Grün”, the historic waterfront of Marburg with small-part houses directly on the edge of the Lahn, this was before the expansion of the city with the southern outskirts of the city, which was built from around 1880.

Wikipedia: Grüner Mühle (DE)

2. Kilianskapelle

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The former St. Kilian's Chapel was built between 1180 and 1200 in Romanesque style as the market chapel of the parish of St. Martin in Oberweimar. The chapel with the patronage of St. Kilian is thus the oldest surviving building in Marburg's city centre, located on the Schuhmarkt on Reitgasse in Marburg's upper town, not far from the Old University.

Wikipedia: Kilianskapelle (Marburg) (DE)

3. Lutherische Pfarrkirche St. Marien

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The Lutheran Parish Church, also known as St. Mary's Church or City Parish Church, is a Protestant church in the center of the city of Marburg. It serves the Lutheran parish of St. Marien Marburg/Lahn with its catchment area in the southern upper town and the adjacent areas. It is also the deanery church of the Protestant church district of Marburg.

Wikipedia: Lutherische Pfarrkirche St. Marien (Marburg) (DE), Website

4. Schloss Elnhausen

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Elnhausen Castle is a baroque castle complex in the district of Elnhausen in Marburg, Hesse, and is one of the few representative buildings of the Baroque district in the district of Marburg. It is located at 225 m above sea level. Altitude at the northwest outskirts of a manor area on the outskirts of Stöckelsberg/Stackelberg (366 m).

Wikipedia: Schloss Elnhausen (DE)

5. St. Michael und St. Elisabeth

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The Roman Catholic branch church of St. Michael and St. Elisabeth in the parish of St. Bonifatius Amöneburger Land in the deanery of Marburg-Amöneburg of the Diocese of Fulda, is a listed church building in Schröck, a district of Marburg in the district of Marburg-Biedenkopf in Hesse, Germany.

Wikipedia: St. Michael und St. Elisabeth (Schröck) (DE)

6. Wilhelmsbau

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The Marburger Schloss, also known as Landgrafenschloss Marburg, is a castle in Marburg, Hesse, Germany, located on top of Schlossberg. Built in the 11th century as a fort, it became the first residence of Landgraviate of Hesse (HRE). The Marburg Colloquy was held here in 1529.

Wikipedia: Marburger Schloss (EN)

7. Botanischer Garten

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Botanischer Garten Willow / CC BY 2.5

The Botanischer Garten Marburg, also known as the Neuer Botanischer Garten Marburg, is a botanical garden maintained by the University of Marburg, located on Karl-von-Frisch-Straße, Marburg, Hesse, Germany, and open daily. An admission fee is charged.

Wikipedia: Botanischer Garten Marburg (EN), Website

8. elisabeth church

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St. Elizabeth's Church in Marburg, Germany, was built by the Order of the Teutonic Knights in honour of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Her tomb made the church an important pilgrimage destination during the late Middle Ages.

Wikipedia: St. Elizabeth's Church, Marburg (EN), Website

9. Martinskirche

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The Evangelical Martinskirche is a baroque hall church with a Gothic weir tower in the center of the old town center of Wehrda. The Hessian cultural monument is the landmark of the place incorporated into Marburg.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Martinskirche (Wehrda) (DE)

10. Kaiser-Wilhelm-Turm

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The Kaiser-Wilhelm tower is a lookout tower on the Lahnbergen, which is located near Marburg in the Hessian district of Marburg-Biedenkopf. It was built from 1887 to 1890, is 36 m high and has 167 steps inside.

Wikipedia: Spiegelslustturm (DE), Website

11. Martinskirche

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Martinskirche Teresa Traupe, OOAd fontesOo at de.wikipedia. Later version(s) were uploaded by Hydro at de.wikipedia. / CC BY-SA 3.0

St. Martin's Church is a Protestant church in the village center of Michelbach, a district of Marburg in Hesse, Germany. It belongs to the Marburg church district of the Evangelical Church of Kurhessen-Waldeck.

Wikipedia: Martinskirche (Michelbach) (DE)

12. Evangelisch-Lutherische Pfarrkirche Elnhausen

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Evangelisch-Lutherische Pfarrkirche ElnhausenGerold Rosenberg (Diskussion) 18:46, 16 March 2017 (UTC) / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Evangelical Church in Elnhausen, a district of Marburg in central Hesse, is a listed church dating back to 1746. The baroque hall church with hipped roof has a three-storey dome turret in the west.

Wikipedia: Evangelische Kirche (Elnhausen) (DE), Website


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