9 Sights in Celle, Germany (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Celle, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Celle, Germany.

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1. Sprechende Laternen

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The Talking Lanterns are a group of light figures in the historic old town of Celle. Five lanterns, which are modeled in their silhouette of different human character types, form a family of lanterns on a base of 4 m × 8 m. This consists of the slightly bent "Grandma Lilo", her little "grandson Jonas" and his three uncles, the accurately appearing "Perfect Lantern Mr. Westphal", the lanky "Long Lulatsch Olli" and the corpulent "Dicken Laterne Gerlach". Triggered by motion sensors, the lanterns begin to speak – either alone or in interaction with each other. Stored audio sequences are called, for example facts or anecdotes about Celle's old town or short, funny sayings and dialogues.

Wikipedia: Sprechende Laternen (DE)

2. Schlosstheater Celle

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The Castle Theatre in Celle is the court theatre which was established between 1670 and 1674/75 on the initiative of the opera lover, George William (1624-1705), Prince of Lüneburg from the House of Brunswick and Lüneburg, as part of the refurbishment and baroque restyling of Celle Castle. This baroque theatre, which fell into disuse and neglect for a while, was comprehensively renovated in 1935 with a horseshoe-shaped auditorium in the Italian style and is one of the oldest theatre buildings in Europe.

Wikipedia: Schlosstheater Celle (EN)

3. Sankt Ludwig

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St. Ludwig is the main Catholic church in the town of Celle in the German state of Lower Saxony. It was consecrated in 1838 and was the third catholic parish church of the new diocese of Hildesheim which was authorised by papal bull and was outside of the former bishopric of Hildesheim and Archbishopric of Mainz. It followed in the footsteps of the first two churches: St Clemens in Hanover and St Michael in Göttingen. Its jurisdiction extends as far as the North Sea coast.

Wikipedia: St. Ludwig's Church, Celle (EN)

4. Residenzmuseum im Celler Schloss

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Residenzmuseum im Celler Schloss Hajotthu 09:29, 20. Apr. 2010 (CEST) / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Residenzmuseum is the name given to the historic rooms in Celle Castle, which have been converted into a museum. It shows, among other things, the history of the Guelphs, the oldest surviving princely house in Europe, and the history of the Guelph residence from the Middle Ages to the present day. The management of the museum is the responsibility of the Celle Bomann Museum.

Wikipedia: Residenzmuseum im Celler Schloss (DE)

5. Reformierte Kirche

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The Reformed Church, the church building of the Evangelical Reformed congregation in Celle, Lower Saxony, belongs to the Evangelical Reformed Church. It was built in 1700 for the Huguenot community of the residence city and is the only surviving Huguenot church building in northwest Germany.

Wikipedia: Reformierte Kirche (Celle) (DE)

6. St. Georg

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St. George's Church is an Evangelical Lutheran church in Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany. It owes its name to Saint George, the dragon slayer. St. Georg is one of the 14 emergency helpers, he is the patron saint of various countries, noble families, cities and knightly orders.

Wikipedia: St.-Georg-Kirche (Celle) (DE)

7. Französischer Garten

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The French Garden in Celle, in the German state of Lower Saxony, is a public park in the south of the historic old town or Altstadt. On both sides of a straight avenue of lime trees forming its east–west axis are flowerbeds, lawns, copses and a pond with a fountain.

Wikipedia: French Garden, Celle (EN)

8. Bomann-Museum

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The Bomann Museum is a museum for Lower Saxon folklore, regional and city history in Celle and one of the largest city museums in Lower Saxony. It was named after its founder and first museum director Wilhelm Bomann.

Wikipedia: Bomann-Museum (DE)

9. Stadtkirche Sankt Marien

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St. Marien Stadtkirche is a Protestant Lutheran church in the city of Cele, Germany. It is the main preaching church of the Lutheran Church. Celle church district and the pastoral site of the supervisor.

Wikipedia: Stadtkirche St. Marien (Celle) (DE)

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