8 Sights in Brackenheim, Germany (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Brackenheim, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 8 sights are available in Brackenheim, Germany.

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1. Schloss Brackenheim

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Schloss Brackenheim p.schmelzle / CC BY-SA 2.5

Brackenheim Castle is a castle in Brackenheim in the Heilbronn district in northern Baden-Württemberg. The facility was probably built in the high Middle Ages by the gentlemen of Magenheim in connection with the expansion of the place to the city and came to the Württemberg house in the 14th century. The castle mainly received its current shape through construction work of the 16th and late 17th century. Württemberg used the castle as a widow's seat, without ever lived in the facility in the 17th and 18th centuries one of the widows favored with the possession. Later the facility of the Brackenheim Senior Office or the district of Brackenheim became a theater until its dissolution in 1938. The Brackenheim Castle now houses a theater today, and parts of the facility also serve for residential purposes. The district court of Brackenheim was also in the castle until 2019.

Wikipedia: Schloss Brackenheim (DE)

2. Johanniskirche

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The Johanniskirche in Brackenheim in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg was first mentioned in a document in the 13th century and was the original parish church of the city and burial church of the Lords of Magenheim. Since the town church of St. James was expanded within the city in the 16th century and elevated to parish church, the Johanniskirche on the outside has been used primarily as a cemetery church.

Wikipedia: Johanniskirche (Brackenheim) (DE)

3. Stadtkirche St. Jakobus

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The Stadtkirche St. Jakobus is a Protestant parish church in Brackenheim in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg. The church is of medieval origin and received until the year 1500 through several extensions essentially its present form. With its three historic tower bells, the church has one of the oldest chimes in Baden-Württemberg.

Wikipedia: Stadtkirche St. Jakobus (Brackenheim) (DE)

4. Christus-König-Kirche

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The Christ the King Church in Brackenheim in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg is a Catholic parish church built in 1954. It belongs to the pastoral care unit St. Michael, guardian of the Zabergäus, in the deanery Heilbronn-Neckarsulm of the diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart.

Wikipedia: Christus-König-Kirche (Brackenheim) (DE)

5. Jakobuskirche

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The Evangelical Jakobuskirche in Haberschlacht, a district of Brackenheim in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg, has been documented since the Middle Ages and received its present form in 1795 through reconstruction and expansion.

Wikipedia: Jakobuskirche (Haberschlacht) (DE)

6. St.-Ulrichs-Kirche

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St.-Ulrichs-Kirche Stockeimer / CC BY-SA 3.0

The Church of St. Ulrich in Stockheim, an incorporated district of Brackenheim in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg, is a Catholic parish church attested since 1296, which goes back in its present form to a new building of 1513/14.

Wikipedia: St. Ulrich (Stockheim) (DE)

7. Martinskirche

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Martinskirche p.schmelzle / CC BY-SA 2.5

The Martinskirche is a Protestant church in Meimsheim, a district of Brackenheim in northern Baden-Württemberg. The church, built on the foundations of a Roman estate, is one of the oldest church buildings in the district of Heilbronn.

Wikipedia: Martinskirche (Meimsheim) (DE)

8. Marienkirche

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Marienkirche p.schmelzle / CC BY-SA 2.5

St. Mary's Church in Botenheim, a district of Brackenheim in the district of Heilbronn in northern Baden-Württemberg, has been attested since 1351. Around the church was once the medieval cemetery of the village.

Wikipedia: Marienkirche (Botenheim) (DE)


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