6 Sights in Bautzen - Budyšin, Germany (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Bautzen - Budyšin, Germany. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Bautzen - Budyšin, Germany.

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1. Matthiasturm

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The Matthias Tower, Upper Sorbian Maćijowa wěža, is a gate tower from the late 15th century on the northeast side of the Ortenburg in Bautzen. After the Treaty of Olomouc (1479), by which Lusatia was awarded to the Hungarian King Matthias Corvinus, the Ortenburg was rebuilt on his behalf by the bailiff between 1483 and 1486 in the late Gothic style. The Matthias Tower with the relief, named after the king, also dates from this period.

Wikipedia: Matthiasturm (DE)

2. Gerberbastei

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The Gerberbastei, Sorbian, is part of the historic fortifications in the old town of Bautzen. It secured the section between the Nicolai and Schülerturm on the north side of the city and protected the crossing of the Via Regia over the Spree and the paths into the city as well as the Zwinger behind the inner city wall.

Wikipedia: Gerberbastei (DE)

3. Wendischer Turm

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Vendishta, Sorbian, was part of the medieval fortifications of Bautzen. It is located on the northeast edge of the Old City and is today connected to the old barracks of Gottfried Semper. For centuries, VIA REGIA has been passing through the neighboring Wendische Gate, and now it no longer exists.

Wikipedia: Wendischer Turm (DE)

4. Domstift Bautzen

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Domstiff, Sorbian Tachantstwo, is a horseshoe-shaped baroque building with a courtyard in the Bauzen district of Saxony, Germany. It was the bishop's office and residence of the diocese of Meisen until 1980, and was used as the archive, library and vault of St. Peter's Basilica in Bautzen.

Wikipedia: Domstift Bautzen (DE)

5. Dom St. Petri

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St. Peter's Cathedral is an interdenominational church in Bautzen, Germany. It is among the oldest and largest simultaneum churches in Germany. Located in the heart of the city's "Old Town", the church and the square it is situated within is a major tourist attraction.

Wikipedia: Cathedral of St Peter, Bautzen (EN)

6. Mühlbastei

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The Mühlbastei, Sorbian, is one of the seven bastion towers of the city fortifications of Bautzen. The four-storey round tower was built around 1468 and got its name from the Ratsmühle, which was later built below the tower on the Spree.

Wikipedia: Mühlbastei (DE)

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