9 Sights in Batumi, Georgia (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Batumi, Georgia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Batumi, Georgia.

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1. Nino & Ali Statue

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"Ali and Nino" is a sculpture in Batumi (Georgia), located along the coast of Batumi Bay. The architect was Georgian sculptor Tamara Kvesitadze. Every night from 7:00, the 8-meter-long figure slowly moves around a circle, sometimes approaching and merging into a whole, and sometimes pulling away from each other. A complete cycle lasts 10 minutes. The monument was effectively lit. After the sculpture was installed, the original name "Men and Women" was changed to "Ali and Nino".

Wikipedia: Статуя Али и Нино в Батуми (RU)

2. Batumi Cental Mosque Orta Djame

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The Batumi Mosque is a mosque in Batumi, Adjara, Georgia, which is a home to a sizable Muslim community. It was commissioned by the family of Aslan Beg Khimshiashvili, a Muslim Georgian nobleman in 1866. The walls of the mosque were painted by the Laz brothers. The mosque is popularly known as the "Jamia in the middle" for it once stood in between two other mosques which have not survived.

Wikipedia: Batumi Mosque (EN)

3. Chacha Tower

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Chacha Tower is a clock tower located in Batumi, Georgia. It was built in 2012 by the city council with a cost of one million Georgian laris. The tower is 25 m (82 ft) high and has four fountains. It is a replica of the Clock Tower in İzmir, Turkey. Georgian chacha comes out of the fountains of the tower instead of water. The tower hosts a tourism information center.

Wikipedia: Chacha Tower (EN)

4. Alphabetic Tower

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The Alphabetic Tower is a 130-meter-high structure in Batumi, Georgia. The tower symbolizes the uniqueness of the Georgian alphabet and people. The structure combines the design of DNA, in its familiar double helix pattern. Two helix bands rise up the tower holding 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet, each 4 meters tall and made of aluminium.

Wikipedia: Alphabetic Tower (EN)

5. Batumi Professional State Theater of Puppets and Young Spectators

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Puppet Theater in Batumi has been dating back to the 30s of the 20th century. This type of theater was opened in Adjara in 1936 under the name of the Tikin Theater, before there was a self -acting theater for puppet lovers in Batumi, based on the Batumi Puppet Theater.

Wikipedia: ბათუმის თოჯინებისა და მოზარდ მაყურებელთა სახელმწიფო თეატრი (KA), Facebook

6. The Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit

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The Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit chiaracomeluna / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Church of the Holy Spirit is a Roman Catholic church in the Black Sea city of Batumi, Georgia’s autonomous republic of Adjara. It was constructed in the late 1990s by the Georgian architects Oleg Pataridze and Giorgi Baghoshvili and consecrated in 2000.

Wikipedia: Church of the Holy Spirit (Batumi) (EN)

7. Batumi Cathedral of the Mother of God

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The Church of the Mother of God in Batumi is a Georgian Orthodox cathedral, originally built as a Catholic church between 1898 and 1903. A Gothic Revival design, the church is located in the Black Sea city of Batumi in Georgia's autonomous republic of Adjara.

Wikipedia: Batumi Cathedral of the Mother of God (EN)

8. Batumi State Music Center

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The State Music Center in Batumi unites several groups under its roof: the Opera Company, the Symphony Orchestra, the Capella, the Youth Musical Theater, as well as the Nota Quartet. Creative teams perform not only in Batumi, but also go on tour to Europe.

Wikipedia: Государственный музыкальный центр в Батуми (RU)

9. Batumi Piazza

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Batumi PiazzaRoberto Strauss from Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland / CC BY 2.0

Mosaic in Batumi (Georgia) on Piazza Square with a diameter of 106 sq.m. This mosaic is considered the largest marble figurative mosaic in Europe. The author of the mosaic is the Georgian-Swiss designer Natalie (Natalia) de Pita Amirejibi.

Wikipedia: Пиацца Батуми (RU)


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