9 Sights in Valence, France (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Valence, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 9 sights are available in Valence, France.

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1. Villa des Cigales

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The Clos Genest is a set of houses and a garden built in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century by the architect Casimir Genest (1846-1918) in Valence (Drôme) to make it his personal home and that of his family. The Clos Genest originally consisted of four "villas", including the Villa des Cigales and the Villa Margot. Two other buildings, the Castelet and the Villa des Violettes, which became the Saint-Joseph Clinic in the 1920s, were destroyed. Le Clos Genest is located rue des Moulins, near the Cité scolaire Camille Vernet in the Châteauvert district, a short distance from another Casimir Genest project, the Cité des Officiers.

Wikipedia: Clos Genest (FR)

2. Parc Jouvet

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The Jouvet Park is a public botanical garden of 7 hectares located in the town of Valence, on the banks of the Rhône, under the esplanade of the Champ de Mars, overlooking the castle of Crussol and the mountains of Vivarais. A veritable green lung of the city centre, the park is named after Théodore Jouvet (1837-1905), the generous donor who offered the city of Valence the necessary sum to purchase the land.

Wikipedia: Parc Jouvet (FR)

3. Kiosque Peynet

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Kiosque Peynet Jacques FORÊT :Sequajectrof / CC BY-SA 2.5

The Peynet kiosk is a music kiosk dating from 1862 located in the center of the city of Valence, in the Drôme department. He inspired Raymond Peynet to his famous lovers in 1942. Work of the architect Eugène Poitoux, the kiosk has been classified as a historic monument since 1982.

Wikipedia: Kiosque Peynet (FR)

4. Maison Dupré-Latour

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The Dupré-Latour Maison, or Hôtel Dupré La Tour, is an old mansion located 7 rue Pérollerie, in Valencia (Drôme), built from 1522. It was classified on the list of French Historic Monuments in 1927. The spelling " Dupré-Latour ”was imposed by use.

Wikipedia: Maison Dupré-Latour (FR)

5. Lanterne des Morts

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The lantern of the dead of Cellefrouin is a lantern of the dead, that is to say a tower surmounted by an openwork pavilion in which was hoisted, at dusk, a lit lamp, supposed to serve as a guide to the deceased, and it is located in Cellefrouin, in France

Wikipedia: Lanterne des morts de Cellefrouin (FR)

6. Ancienne Abbaye Notre-Dame de Soyons

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The Notre Dame Abbey of Soyons is a former Benedictine convent in Valence (Dr ô me) in northern France. It was founded in 1632 due to the transfer of St. John's Evangelical Monastery from Soyons (Ardßche) after the religious war.

Wikipedia: Abbaye Notre-Dame de Soyons (FR)

7. Cathédrale Saint-Apollinaire

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Cathédrale Saint-Apollinaire Philippe Ravit / CC BY-SA 4.0

Valence Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in Valence, Drôme, France. The cathedral is in the Romanesque architectural tradition. It is dedicated to Saint Apollinaris of Valence. It is the seat of the Bishop of Valence.

Wikipedia: Valence Cathedral (EN)

8. Valence-Ville

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Valence-Ville station is a railway station serving the town Valence, Drôme department, southeastern France. It is situated on the Paris–Marseille railway, and is the southern terminus of a branch line to Grenoble.

Wikipedia: Valence-Ville station (EN)

9. Le Pendentif

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The Valence pendant is a funerary monument of Renaissance style built in 1548 in Valence, in memory of Canon Mistral. The pendant is the subject of a classification as a historic monuments by the 1840 list.

Wikipedia: Pendentif de Valence (FR)


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