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1. Église Notre-Dame

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The Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Rieul church is a parish Catholic church located in Rully, in the French department of Oise and the Hauts-de-France region. It is one of the very rare churches placed under the patronage of Saint Rieul, evangelizer of the country of France and the first bishop of Senlis, died at the end of the 4th or at the beginning of the 5th century: the parish has undoubtedly existed , and can be considered one of the oldest in the region. No part of the church, however, predates the 12th century. At the beginning of the 12th century, the previous church received a new bell tower and undoubtedly a new choir, and the first floor of the bell tower remains to date. Shortly before the middle of the 12th century, the bell tower is provided with a second floor, which surprises by the richness of its ornamentation, and the ancient inspiration of its capitals and its frieze, of a type more specific to the south from France. The nave, not vaulted but quite spacious, and its western portal date from the same time. They are always in a novel style. The rest of the church is Gothic. Around 1240, in fact, we want to give the church a more representative transept and choir, while wanting to keep the bell tower for sentimental reasons. The Gothic transformation of the ensuing church includes a daring resumption of the base of the bell tower, of which any novel character disappears inside. In order to create a harmonious transition between the nave and the new transept, the prime contractor has the idea of adding chapels to the angle of the crossbrokes and the nave, which communicate with the latter by oblique arcades. They prevent the gaze with the falling against walls at the end of the nave, as is regularly the case in the Romanesque churches of the region, and create visual continuity between the nave and the crossbrokes. This original arrangement explains the archaeological importance of the church, as well as the quality of the architecture of the oriental parts with their beautiful radiant windows, and the particular character of the upper floor of the bell tower. As a result, the church is listed fairly early by list of 1862. It is at the center of the community of Rully - Raray - Montépilloy of the Saint -Rieul parish of Senlis, and welcomes Eucharistic celebrations the second and fourth Sunday From the month, at 10:30 a.m.

Wikipedia: Église Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Rieul de Rully (FR)

2. Prieuré de Bray

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The Monastery of St. Victor in Bray-sur-Aunette is a former canon monastery of St. Augustine in the French city of Rully (Oise), affiliated with the Monastery of St. Victor in Paris. It was founded in 1249 by the will of Lord Guillaume Le Butelle of Senlis. A priest and five monks settled in 1263, about the date the chapel was completed. Around 1650, the monastery was destroyed by Marshal Toulon's army and then restored. The last dean died in 1773. The financial situation of the Monastery of St. Victor was too precarious to replace it, and the estate was leased to a bourgeoisie in Paris, obliged to maintain the chapel. Sold as state property in 1791, the monastery eventually became a farm. The monastery's buildings were demolished between 1827 and 1836. From then on, only the glittering Gothic chapel remained, which was architecturally attractive; Cellar; Medieval dovecote; Wall elements with gates; And modern buildings with two low courtyards. They underwent many renovations, and in 1900 they built two more farm buildings. In 1926, the cellar and archaeological remains to the north of the chapel were listed as historical sites; At the end of 1943, new owners Christian and Charles de la Bedouyer took over the site, and the chapel and dovecote were also added to the list. In 1963, they installed steel tie rods to avoid the collapse of the vault of the chapel. In 1996, the Drachaleri family, which has owned the chapel since 1981, took the necessary measures to cut the chapel off from water. The frame and lid have been redone. This is the first restoration work after religious people left. The Sirot Saunier family acquired the land in 1998. With the support of an association formed in 2004, she carried out a comprehensive restoration of the chapel between 2005 and 2012. Concerts are held here every year.

Wikipedia: Prieuré Saint-Victor de Bray (FR), Website

3. Église Saint-Georges

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The Saint-Georges church is a parish Catholic church located in the hamlet of Bray in the commune of Rully, in the French department of Oise. This small church of the cruciform plan was originally with a single vessel. Only the rectangular choir vaulted as a cradle remains of the Romanesque church built around 1100. It was enlarged by a vaulted span of warheads, to the detriment of the nave, around 1170/1180. From this period, only the two columns with capitals of the triumphal arch are worthy of interest. During the 1260s, the church finally found its current configuration with the addition of two braces, which were not vaulted, but equipped with windows with elegant radiant replacements. Quite curious is the double connection with the nave, with arcades and narrow passages between two columns, including those of 1170/1180 and those added with the crossbar, and with the vaulted span of warheads at the same time. The bell tower was added to modern times in the corner between the sanctuary and the northern cross, and the nave was rebuilt without any particular style. Also remarkable for its picturesque situation on a rocky mound in the Aunette valley, the Saint -Georges church was registered in the historic monuments by decree of February 23, 1951. It is affiliated with the community of Rully - Raray - Montépilloy The Saint-Rieul de Senlis parish, and welcomes a single Eucharistic celebration per year, the day of the ascent.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Georges de Bray (FR)

4. Château médiéval de Rully

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Château médiéval de Rully

The Château de Rully is a castle in the commune of Rully in the Saône-et-Loire département of France. Located on the side of a hill, the castle dominates the whole region, facing the plain leading to the Saône. To the west, it commands the valley towards Nantoux and Chassey-le-Camp.

Wikipedia: Château de Rully (EN)

5. Croix

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A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two intersecting lines or bars, usually perpendicular to each other. The lines usually run vertically and horizontally. A cross of oblique lines, in the shape of the Latin letter X, is termed a saltire in heraldic terminology.

Wikipedia: Cross (EN)


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