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Explore interesting sights in Metz, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 21 sights are available in Metz, France.

Sightseeing Tours in Metz

1. Cathédrale Saint-Étienne

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Cathédrale Saint-ÉtiennePatrick from Compiègne, France / CC BY-SA 2.0

Metz Cathedral is the cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Metz, the seat of the bishops of Metz. It is dedicated to Saint Stephen. The diocese dates back at least to the 4th century and the present cathedral building was begun in the early 14th century. In the mid-14th century, it was joined to the collegiate church of Notre-Dame, and given a new transept and late Gothic chevet, finished between 1486 and 1520. The cathedral treasury displays a rich collection assembled over the long centuries of the history of the Metz diocese and include sacred vestments and items used for the Eucharist.

Wikipedia: Metz Cathedral (EN), Website

2. Musée de la Cour d'Or

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Musée de la Cour d'Or Aucun auteur / marque déposée

The Musée de La Cour d'Or is an art and history museum located in the centre of Metz, Lorraine. Founded in 1839, it was named the Golden Court Museum in 1988, in reference to the palace of the kings of Austrasia, whose museum occupies the presumed historical site. The museum is currently managed by the metropolis of Metz. The institution brings together an archaeological museum with rich collections of Gallo-Roman and medieval art, a museum of medieval and Renaissance architecture, and a museum of fine arts.

Wikipedia: Musées de Metz (FR), Website

3. Hospice Saint-Nicolas

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Hospice Saint-Nicolas François BERNARDIN / CC BY 3.0

The Hospice Saint-Nicolas is the oldest hospital in Metz. Attested as early as the eleventh century, the current buildings date from the thirteenth century to the nineteenth century. At the beginning of the twentieth century, part of the building was used as an apprenticeship examination centre. It closed in 1986. Part of its old buildings housed an agency of the Pôle emploi (ANPE) until 2009.

Wikipedia: Hospice Saint-Nicolas (FR)

4. Opéra-théâtre

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Opéra-théâtre Photo: Andreas Praefcke / CC BY 3.0

The Opéra-Théâtre de Metz Métropole, also known as the Metz Opera, is a 750-seat opera house and theatre located on the Petit-Saulcy island in Metz, capital of the Lorraine region, France. It is the oldest opera house working in France and one of the oldest in Europe. It is also one of the last possessing its own costume ateliers in France.

Wikipedia: Opéra-Théâtre de Metz Métropole (EN), Website

5. Chapelle Saint-Charles-Borromée

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The Chapel of Saint-Charles-Borromeo, better known as the Chapel of the Major Seminary, is a Catholic chapel included in the complex of the Major Seminary of Saint-Augustin-Schoeffler in Metz. Built in 1907, during the German annexation, it is the only building in the city of Metz to have a dome and a dome.

Wikipedia: Chapelle Saint-Charles-Borromée (FR)

6. Église Saint-Simon-et-Saint-Jude

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The Church of Saint-Simon-et-Saint-Jude is a Roman Catholic church in Metz, France. Built in 1735 in neoclassical style, the church enjoys the patronage of two saints: the apostles Simon and Jude, who are always mentioned together and liturgically celebrated on the same day: 28 October.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Simon-et-Saint-Jude de Metz (FR)

7. Église Saint-Clément

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The Church of Saint-Clément is the former Benedictine abbey church of the Abbey of Saint-Clément in Metz, in the Pontiffroy district. This hall church dedicated to St. Clement, the first bishop of the city in the third century, presents a rare synthesis of Baroque and Gothic styles.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Clément de Metz (FR)

8. Jardin Botanique

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The Jardin botanique de Metz, also known as the Jardin botanique de la Ville de Metz, is a 4.4-hectare (11-acre) botanical garden located at 27 ter, rue du Pont-à-Mousson, Montigny-lès-Metz, Moselle, Grand Est, France. It is open daily; admission is free.

Wikipedia: Jardin botanique de Metz (EN)

9. Hôtel de Heu

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The Hôtel de Heu is a private mansion in the city of Metz. Located at 19 rue de la Fontaine, it was built at the end of the fifteenth century by and for La Maison de Heu, a patrician family, part of the paraiges. It is classified as a historical monument.

Wikipedia: Hôtel de Heu (FR)

10. École Chanteclair-Debussy

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The former Volksschule, now the Chanteclair-Debussy school, is located at 29-31 boulevard Paixhans in Metz. Built between 1904 and 1907 by the architect of the city of Metz, Conrad Wahn, it was listed as a historical monument by decree of 15 May 2012.

Wikipedia: École Chanteclair-Debussy (FR)

11. Porte des Allemands

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Porte des Allemands Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) / CC BY 3.0

The Germans' Gate is a medieval bridge castle and city gate in Metz, France. It is "a relic of the medieval fortifications, with two 13th century round towers and two gun bastions of the 15th century." It is a monument historique of France.

Wikipedia: Germans' Gate (EN)

12. Hôtel de Gournay-Burtaigne

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The Hôtel de Burtaigne is a patrician residence in Metz, dating from the Renaissance, built in the last years of the Metz Republic by a family member of the paraiges, the Gournays. It has been classified as a Historic Monument since 2006.

Wikipedia: Hôtel de Burtaigne (FR)

13. Basilique Saint-Vincent

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The Basilica of Saint-Vincent is a building built in Metz from 1248 by Abbot Warin for Catholic worship. It was consecrated in 1376 by Bishop Thierry de Boppard. Classified as a historical monument in 1930, it was deconsecrated in 2012.

Wikipedia: Basilique Saint-Vincent de Metz (FR)

14. Temple neuf

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Temple neuf Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) / CC BY 3.0

The New Temple, or New Protestant Temple, is a Reformed building of worship built in Metz between 1901 and 1905, during the Wilhelminian period. The parish is now a member of the Union of Protestant Churches of Alsace and Lorraine.

Wikipedia: Temple Neuf de Metz (FR)

15. Chapelle Saint-Genest

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The former chapel Saint-Genest, which was disused, was a Catholic church building located on the slopes of the hill Sainte-Croix at the rear of the Fournirue in Metz. It was dedicated to the actor Saint Genest martyred in Rome.

Wikipedia: Chapelle Saint-Genest de Metz (FR)

16. Hôtel de Malte

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The Hôtel de Malte is a medieval residence, located on Rue des Murs, on the Sainte-Croix hill, in Metz, owned by the Order of Saint John of Jerusalem from 1565 to the Revolution, as is the neighbouring Saint-Genest chapel.

Wikipedia: Hôtel de Malte (FR)

17. Église des Grands Carmes (ruines de l'ancienne)

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The Grands-Carmes church is an old Catholic religious building located in the French commune of Metz and the department of Moselle (France). From the church built at the end of the 14th century there are only ruins today.

Wikipedia: Église des Grands-Carmes de Metz (FR)

18. Tour du Temple de Garnison

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The Garrison Temple is a building of worship located in the Square du Luxembourg, rue Belle-Isle in Metz, Moselle. It is one of the tallest monuments in the city, with a bell tower measuring almost a hundred metres.

Wikipedia: Temple de Garnison (FR)

19. Synagogue

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The Consistorial Synagogue of Metz is a Jewish place of worship located on Rue du Rabbin Élie Bloch, in the downtown district of Metz. The building has been listed as a historical monument since December 6, 1984.

Wikipedia: Synagogue de Metz (FR)

20. Église Notre-Dame

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Notre-Dame de l'Assomption is a church situated on the Rue de la Chevre, formerly the Rue de la Cheuve, in the city of Metz in Lorraine, France. Administratively it is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metz.

Wikipedia: Église Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, Metz (EN)

21. Cloître des Récollets

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The Cloister of the Recollets is a former medieval convent in the Old City district of Metz in Moselle. The current buildings house Jean-Marie Pelt's European Institute of Ecology and the municipal archives.

Wikipedia: Cloître des Récollets de Metz (FR)


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