5 Sights in Dole, France (with Map and Images)

Here you can find interesting sights in Dole, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 5 sights are available in Dole, France.

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1. Collégiale Notre-Dame

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Notre Dame de Dole is the main church in the city of Dole in eastern France. It belongs to St. Cloud Parish and serves Notre Dame Parish in Dolville Parish. Built in the 16th century in a mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles, it sits on the original site of the former Notre Dame College Church, and its name and status remain until 1790. Today, it is still known as the "University Church," although it was built as a chapel in 1951 and has been listed as a historic monument since 1910.

Wikipedia: Collégiale Notre-Dame de Dole (FR)

2. Théâtre municipal de Dole

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Dole Theatre is a neoclassical Italian municipal theatre, built between 1840 and 1843, located in the upper part of Ru Rador town. The concert hall, which is owned by the city and has been managed by Les Scßnes du Jura since 1997, regularly hosts dance performances, concerts and theatrical performances. The building was closed in 2015 for full and essential renovations and is expected to reopen in 2021.

Wikipedia: Théâtre municipal de Dole (FR)

3. Monument Pasteur

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The monument to Louis Pasteur is a bronze carved group erected in honor of Louis Pasteur in Dole in the Jura in France, where his birthplace is located. The monument was inaugurated in 1902 on the Cours Saint-Mauris and saw its construction financed by an international subscription. Its sculptor is Antonin Carlès and its architect Léon Chifflot.

Wikipedia: Monument à Louis Pasteur (Dole) (FR)

4. Couvent des Cordeliers de Dole

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Couvent des Cordeliers de Dole Lithographie d'Engelmann d'après un dessin de Fragonard - Taylor, Nodier, De Cailleux / Public domain

Dole Cordeliers Monastery is a former Franciscan monastery built in 1392, rebuilt in 1572 and restored around 1720, in what is now the province of Jura and Dole in the Franche-Comt é region. It was the seat of Dole Court until 2017. Since 1913, the building has been listed as a historical site for many times.

Wikipedia: Couvent des Cordeliers de Dole (FR)

5. Musée des Beaux-Arts

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The museum of fine arts and archeology of Dole was founded in 1821. Since 1980, the museum is installed in the House of the Officers, an example of military architecture of Franche-Comté at the 18th century.

Wikipedia: Museum of Fine Arts, Dole (EN)

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