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Explore interesting sights in Caen, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 14 sights are available in Caen, France.

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1. Université de Caen Normandie

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Campus 1 in Caen is one of the campuses of the University of Caen-Normandy. This is the historic campus, built by Henry Bernard as part of the Reconstruction of Caen, after the destruction of the Palais des Facultés located in the city centre during the Battle of Caen. Today, it brings together courses in human and life sciences. There were 12,470 students in 2018–2019, i.e. 49% of the student body on Caen campuses.

Wikipedia: Campus 1 de Caen (FR)

2. Abbaye d'Ardenne

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Ardenne Abbey, the Abbey of Our Lady of Ardenne, is a former Premonstratensian abbey founded in the 11th century and located near Saint-Germain-la-Blanche-Herbe in Calvados, near Caen, France. It is now occupied by the Institute of Contemporary Publishing Archives. Several buildings of the abbey have been preserved, including the church. These are protected as historic monuments.

Wikipedia: Ardenne Abbey (EN)

3. Cité-jardin des Rosiers

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The garden city of Les Rosiers is a low-cost residential district located in Caen (Calvados) in the Hastings district. Built at the beginning of the twentieth century and gradually — but not completely abandoned — from the early 1990s, its future seems less uncertain since the historic monument of the facades and a project to remake it into a residential space.

Wikipedia: Cité-jardin des Rosiers (FR)

4. Chapelle du Bon Sauveur

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The public mental health establishment of Caen, previously named Le Bon Sauveur, then Centre hospitalier spécialisée de Caen, is a former convent transformed into a psychiatric hospital from the nineteenth century by the Congregation of the Daughters of the Good Saviour founded in the first part of the eighteenth century.

Wikipedia: Centre hospitalier spécialisé du Bon Sauveur (FR)

5. Hôtel de Mondrainville

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The Hôtel de Mondrainville, also known as the Hôtel de la Monnaie, is a private mansion built between 1531 and 1562 in the old city centre of Caen by Étienne Duval de Mondrainville. It was located at 12 rue de la Monnaie, partly destroyed in 1944, and is now located at 7 rue Gémare.

Wikipedia: Hôtel de Mondrainville (FR)

6. Centre pénitentiaire de Caen

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The Caen Penitentiary Centre, also known as Beaulieu Prison, is a penitentiary centre located in the Maladrerie district of Caen. It has been home to long-term inmates since 1975. The 19th-century building has been listed as a historical monument since 29 October 1975.

Wikipedia: Centre pénitentiaire de Caen (FR)

7. Maison natale de Malherbe

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The house known as Malherbe's birthplace is a building located in Caen, in the French department of Calvados, Normandy. Rebuilt on the site of the birthplace of François de Malherbe, it dates from the end of the 16th century and is listed as a Historic Monument.

Wikipedia: Maison natale de Malherbe (FR)

8. Tour Guillaume-Le-Roy

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The Leroy Tower, sometimes called the Guillaume-le-Roy Tower, built in the 14th century, is one of the main remains of urban fortifications, which stands on the territory of the French commune of Caen, in the Calvados department, in the Normandy region.

Wikipedia: Tour Leroy (FR)

9. Hôtel Daumesnil

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The Hôtel Daumesnil is a private mansion located in Caen. It was built in the seventeenth century on the new Royal Square. It was listed as a historical monument for the first time on 1 June 1927 and a second time on 29 November 2021.

Wikipedia: Hôtel Daumesnil (FR)

10. Manoir des Gens d'Armes

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Manoir des Gens d'Armes

The Manoir des Gens d'armes, also known as the Manoir de Nollent or the Manoir de la Talbotière, is a 15th-century manor house located in Caen, Normandy, France. It has been listed as a historical monument since 1862.

Wikipedia: Manoir des Gens d'armes (FR)

11. Chapelle Sainte-Paix

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The Sainte-Paix chapel is a place of worship built in the eleventh century on the territory of Mondeville incorporated into Caen in the eighteenth century. It has been listed as a historical monument since 3 June 1975.

Wikipedia: Chapelle Sainte-Paix (FR)

12. Réservoir ou château d'eau de la Guérinière

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Réservoir ou château d'eau de la GuérinièreKarldupart / Image non libre

The Château d'eau de la Guérinière is a water tower located in the Guérinière district of Caen. Thanks to its 3,000 m3, it supplies water to the districts of La Guérinière, Vaucelles and La Grâce de Dieu.

Wikipedia: Château d'eau de la Guérinière (FR)

13. Pavillon des Sociétés savantes

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The Pavilion of Learned Societies, also known in the past as the "Pavillon de la Faire" or "Musée Langlois", is a building built in Caen in the 18th century, originally to house the city's aldermen during fairs.

Wikipedia: Pavillon des sociétés savantes (FR)

14. Manoir du Pont-Créon

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The Manoir du Pont-Créon is an old manor house located to the west of the current city centre of Caen, in the Saint-Ouen district. The building has been listed as a historical monument since 1 June 1927.

Wikipedia: Manoir du Pont-Créon (FR)


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