17 Sights in Bordeaux, France (with Map and Images)

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Here you can find interesting sights in Bordeaux, France. Click on a marker on the map to view details about the sight. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 17 sights are available in Bordeaux, France.

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1. Monument aux Girondins

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The Girondins Monument, located in Quinconces Square in Bordeaux, was built between 1894 and 1902 to commemorate the Girondins MP who suffered terrorist attacks. Bordeaux people usually call it "Girondin Pillar" or "Girondin Monument".

Wikipedia: Monument aux Girondins (FR)

2. Miroir d'Eau

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Miroir d'Eau Olivier Aumage / CC BY-SA 2.5

The Miroir d'eau in Bordeaux is the world's largest reflecting pool, covering 3,450 square metres (37,100 sq ft). Located on the quay of the Garonne in front of the Place de la Bourse, it was built in 2006.

Wikipedia: Miroir d'eau (EN)

3. Musée de l'Histoire Maritime de Bordeaux

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Musée de l'Histoire Maritime de Bordeaux Musée de l'Histoire Maritime de Bordeaux / marque déposée

The Museum of Maritime History of Bordeaux is a private museum located in Bordeaux, in the department of Gironde, in France. Opened in 2017, in association with the Bordeaux Wine and Trade Museum, its objective is to discover the history of the port of the moon through personalities and family lines who have contributed to its development. Thanks to a permanent exhibition made up of pieces from the collections of Bordeaux families and a thematic tour, the museum pays tribute to twenty centuries of Bordeaux maritime history.

Wikipedia: Musée de l'Histoire Maritime de Bordeaux (FR)

4. CAPC - Musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux

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The Entrepôt Lainé is a building in Bordeaux, built in 1824 by the architect Claude Deschamps. It was originally intended for the bonded storage of goods from the colonies, before they were shipped across Europe. Until the abolition of slavery in 1848, these commodities were partly the result of slave labor. The building now houses the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art of Bordeaux and Arc en rêve / architecture center.

Wikipedia: Entrepôt Lainé (FR)

5. Centre Jean-Moulin

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The Jean-Moulin National Centre is a museum and documentation centre in Bordeaux dedicated to the history of the Second World War, particularly the French Resistance, the Expulsion and the Free French Forces. It was created in 1967 at the initiative of Jacques Chaban-Delmas. Since April 2006, it has been affiliated with the Aquitaine Museum, publishing reference books on the period of the Second World War.

Wikipedia: Centre national Jean-Moulin de Bordeaux (FR)

6. Gare de Bordeaux-Ségur

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The Gare de Bordeaux-Ségur was the first railway station in the commune of Bordeaux (Gironde). Opened in 1841 at the eastern end of the line from Bordeaux to La Teste, granted in 1837 to the Compagnie du chemin de fer de Bordeaux à La Teste, it was closed in 1855 following the creation of a connection between this line and the new Bordeaux-Saint-Jean station.

Wikipedia: Gare de Bordeaux-Ségur (FR)

7. Cap Sciences

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Cap Sciences is a center of science, technology and industrial culture (CCSTI) located on the banks of the Garonne River in Bordeaux at the foot of the Jacques-Chaban-Delmas Bridge. It is an event and exhibition centre open to the public to discover and understand scientific phenomena, technical principles, industrial applications and know-how.

Wikipedia: Cap Sciences (FR)

8. Galerie Bordelaise

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Galerie Bordelaise is a shopping mall located in Bordeaux, France. Together with Sagit Pass, it is one of the two covered mountain passes in the city. This provincial gallery was very popular in the first half of the 19th century, and is comparable in elegance to the passages of Paris.

Wikipedia: Galerie Bordelaise (FR)

9. Bordeaux, Port de la Lune

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The Port de la Lune is the name given to the harbour of Bordeaux, dating to the Middle Ages, because of the shape of the river crossing the city. It is represented by a crescent on the coat of arms of Bordeaux, and by three interlaced crescents in the logotype of the municipality.

Wikipedia: Port de la Lune (EN)

10. Maison cantonale

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Bastide Town Council, located in the Bastide district of Bordeaux, is now the affiliated town hall of the district. Built between 1924 and 1926; It is the work of architect Cyprien Alfred-Duprat, sculptor Edmond Tuffet and Gentil & Bourdet Ceramics of Boulogne-Billancourt.

Wikipedia: Maison cantonale de La Bastide (FR)

11. Église Saint-Éloi

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St Eloy's Church, a historic church in the Gironde area of Bordeaux, sits at the gate of Gros Bell. That's Jura Church in Bordeaux. In 2007, the Archbishop of Bordeaux established it as a personal parish and entrusted it to the College of Good Shepherds.

Wikipedia: Église Saint-Éloi de Bordeaux (FR)

12. Maison Frugès

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H ô tel Fruges, formerly known as Maison Daverne, is a mansion acquired by Henry Baronnet-Frugßs in 1912, located in San Seurin, Bordeaux. Soon, the new owner began to renovate the house, making it a house that "broke the tradition of Bordeaux taste".

Wikipedia: Maison Frugès (FR)

13. Centre d'incendie et de secours de la Benauge

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The Benauge fire station is located at 1, rue de la Benauge, in the Bastide district of Bordeaux. In 2008, the building was labeled "Heritage of the 20th century. The barracks are now listed as historical monuments by decree of 22 September 2014.

Wikipedia: Caserne des pompiers de la Benauge (FR)

14. Jardin Public

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Bordeaux Public Garden is an urban park located in the center of Bordeaux. By extension, the surrounding area of the park is called "public garden area". Officially, the park is part of the Chartrons-Grand Parc-Jardin Public subdivision.

Wikipedia: Jardin public de Bordeaux (FR)

15. Cathédrale Saint-André

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Bordeaux Cathedral, officially known as the Primatial Cathedral of St Andrew of Bordeaux, is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Saint Andrew and located in Bordeaux, France. It is the seat of the Archbishop of Bordeaux.

Wikipedia: Bordeaux Cathedral (EN)

16. Ancien centre de tri Saint-Jean

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The former Bordeaux Saint-Jean Post Sorting Centre is located on Charles-Domercq Street in Saint-Jean District, near Saint-Jean Railway Station. In 2008, the building was awarded the title of "20th Century Heritage".

Wikipedia: Ancien centre de tri Saint-Jean (FR)

17. Maison Hollandaise

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The twin houses, named "Dutch House", are located at No.28 and No.29 Chatron Pier in Bordeaux. They were built around 1680 and were built by Hilaire Renu, a bourgeois businessman of non-Dutch descent.

Wikipedia: Maison hollandaise (FR)

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