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Explore interesting sights in Kuopio, Finland. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 11 sights are available in Kuopio, Finland.

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1. Kuopio City Hall

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Kuopio City Hall is a town hall in center of the Kuopio, Finland, near the Kuopio Market Square. It was designed by Finnish architects F. A. Sjöström and Josef Stenbäck, and was completed in 1886. Stylistically, the city hall is of the Neo-Renaissance of the second half of the 19th century. The current exterior coloring of the house dates back to 1974. In the most beautiful municipal buildings poll, in 2009 Kuopio City Hall was chosen among the three most beautiful municipal buildings. When completed, it sovereignly controlled the northern edge of the market square, the area around the square was still completely wooden at that time. Spatial changes were common in the first decades of the house. The first floor of the house had a restaurant and a public library.

Wikipedia: Kuopio City Hall (EN), Website

2. Kantti

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The Kuopio Museum is an Art Nouveau-style museum building completed in 1907 on the edge of Snellman Park in Vahtivuori, Kuopio, Finland. The Kuopio Museum is the third oldest specially built museum building in Finland after the Helsinki's Ateneum (1887) and the Turku's Art Museum (1904). It has national romantic features and was inspired by Finnish castles, such as St. Olaf's Castle and Vyborg Castle. The building's architect was J. V. Strömberg, who designed a significant number of Kuopio's public buildings at the turn of the 20th century. The Kuopio Museum houses the exhibition facilities of the Kuopio Museum of Natural History and the Kuopio Museum of Cultural History. The museum is visited by an average of about 30,000 visitors a year.

Wikipedia: Kuopio Museum (EN), Website

3. St. Nicholas' Cathedral

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St. Nicholas Cathedral is the main church of the Kuopio Orthodox Parish in Väinölänniemi, Kuopio, Finland, and also the seat of the Orthodox Diocese of Karelia. The church was completed in 1903 and is dedicated to the memory of Saint Nicholas. The church, built between 1902 and 1903, was designed by the master builder Aleksander Isakson from Vyborg. The facade is plastered and painted to look like red brick, but there is also genuine brick under the plaster. In appearance, it resembles red-brick simultaneous garrison churches. The iconostasis was made at the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in Saint Petersburg and was donated by Nikolay Bobrikov, the Governor-General of Finland. There are eight bells in the cathedral.

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4. Snellmaninpuisto

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The Snellman Park is the oldest park in the city of Kuopio, Finland, located at the Vahtivuori district in the city center between the Kauppakatu and Minna Canthin katu streets, in the adjacent block of Kuopio Cathedral. The park covers an area of 1.4 hectares. Today, the park and its surroundings are part of the larger Kuopio National City Park, established in late 2017. The park is named after J. V. Snellman (1806–1881), the senator and the Fennoman, who influenced the affairs of the Grand Duchy from Kuopio, among other places.

Wikipedia: Snellman Park (EN)

5. Puijo tower

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The Puijo tower is an observation tower at the top of Puijo hill in Kuopio, Eastern Finland. Opened in 1963, the tower is 75 metres (246 ft) tall and has a revolving restaurant with 100 seats. It was the first tower with a revolving restaurant in the Nordic countries. The restaurant was an inspiration to Erkki Lindfors, the mayor of Tampere, who got the idea to build a similar one in his home town, resulting in the Näsinneula tower, which opened in 1971. The current Puijo tower has been visited by over 5.5 million tourists.

Wikipedia: Puijo tower (EN), Website

6. Heroes' Park

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Kuopion Sankaripuisto is a former cemetery located in the Multimäki district of Kuopio city centre. Located just one block from Kuopio City Hall, Sankaripuisto is located in the area of Kuopio Cathedral Parish. Hatsala Cemetery was founded in 1811 and was originally in use until the 1860s. Since then, hero-killers who fell in the wars of 1939-45 were buried in the cemetery, hence the current name of the cemetery.

Wikipedia: Kuopion Sankaripuisto (FI), Website

7. Valapaton viiva

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The Varapato Flood, or Varapato Flood, was a major flood in Finland in the spring of 1899. The name for the flooding is because in February 1899, the Russian emperor and Grand Duke Nicholas II of Finland issued the February Declaration, narrowing Finland's autonomous status, thus betraying the monarchical oath he gave Finland under the Finns' understanding, that is, the oath he gave.

Wikipedia: Valapaton tulva (FI)

8. Siskotyttö

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Siskotyttö Reijo Valta / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Siskotyttö is a statue donated to the City of Kuopio by commercial and industrial institutions. The invitational competition sought a "portrait" of a market seller from Savo. Taru Mäntynen, a sculptor from Varkaute, won the competition and created a bronze sculpture in 1984. The pedestal of the statue was made by Veli Turunen, who was working at Puijon Kivi at the time.

Wikipedia: Siskotyttö (FI), Artist Wikipedia, Website

9. J.V. Snellmanin kotimuseo

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J. V. Snellman's Home Museum is a home museum located in the Väinölänniemi district in the central area of Kuopio. The museum exhibits the family home of J. V. Snellman (1806-81) with its furnishings and artifacts. During his years in Kuopio (1845-49), Snellman lived mainly in this house.

Wikipedia: J. V. Snellmanin kotimuseo (FI), Website

10. Alavan kirkko

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Alava Church is a church building in Kuopio, Finland. It was designed by Swiss-born André Schütz. Schütz's proposal was selected on the basis of an architectural competition. The church was completed in 1968 and represents the modernism of the 1960s.

Wikipedia: Alavan kirkko (FI), Website

11. Kuopion sotaveteraanimuseo

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The Kuopio War Veterans Museum is a military history museum operating in the Hatsala district of the city of Kuopio, in the old barracks area of Kuopio. The museum presents and preserves the war veteran tradition of Kuopio.

Wikipedia: Kuopion sotaveteraanimuseo (FI), Website


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