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Explore interesting sights in Tartu, Estonia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 22 sights are available in Tartu, Estonia.

Sightseeing Tours in Tartu

1. Memorial to the friendship of Estonian and Armenian peoples

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The monument to the friendship between Armenia and the Estonian people is a monument in Tartu in the Freedom Boulevard. The author of the monument is the sculptor Hakop Dživanjan or, in another spelling, Akop Dživanjan. The monument was inaugurated on October 23, 1978, for the 130th anniversary of the death of Hatšhatur Abovyan, the founder of the Armenian written language, humanist and folk luminary. Abovjan also studied at the University of Tartu. The monument is made of Armenian tuff. A tuff is a rock that is formed during a volcanic eruption. The monument is in the style of Armenian monuments, which are characterized by the creation of a monument with a watershed in honor of famous people or historical events.

Wikipedia: Armeenia ja Eesti rahva sõpruse monument (ET)

2. Eduard Tubin

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Eduard Tubin's monument is a memorial created in memory of Estonian composer Eduard Tubin. The monument was opened on June 19, 2005. The monument is located in front of the new house of the Vanemuine Theater in Tartu. The authors of the monument are sculptor Aili Vahtrapuu, architect Veronika Valk and Louis Dandrel, the creator of the sound installation. The monument was poured by the bronze ARS monumental and the construction work on the square was done by OÜ Tavt. The monument is equipped with music by Eduard Tubin.

Wikipedia: Eduard Tubina monument (ET)

3. Karl Ernst von Baeri muuseum

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The Baer Museum is an open museum at Veski 4 in Tartu in 1976, featuring materials related to the life and research of Karl Ernst von Baer. Baer lived in this house in the last years of his life. The Baer Museum is owned by the Estonian University of Life Sciences, to whom it moved to the university when it joined the Institute of Zoology and Botany.

Wikipedia: Baeri muuseum (ET)

4. EAÕK Tartu Püha Aleksandri kirik

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The Church of Tartu Holidays, formerly Alexander Nevsky Church, is the Orthodox Church in Tartu in Karlova district at Sõbra Street 19a. The church is used by the EAOC Tartu Holy Alexander congregation, the successor of the Tartu Alexander Nevsky congregation. The priests are priest Vadim Rebane and Deacon Timotheus Vassel.

Wikipedia: Tartu Püha Aleksandri kirik (ET), Website

5. Alexander Schmidt 1831-1894

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The Alexander Schmidt monument is located opposite the new anatomy in Kassitoome in Tartu and has been established in memory of the Estonian physiologist, medical doctor, professor Alexander Schmidt, a Baltic German origin. The authors of the monument are Ülo Õun and Ike Volkov. The monument was completed in 1982.

Wikipedia: Alexander Schmidti monument (ET)

6. Statue of Gustav II Adolf

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The monument to Gustav II Adolf is a copy of the monument to Gustav II Adolf, opened on 27 June 1928 by the State Elder of the Republic of Estonia Jaan Tõnisson and destroyed on 15 May 1950 by the Soviet occupying power. It is located behind the main building of the University of Tartu in Kuningaplats.

Wikipedia: Gustav II Adolfi monument (ET)

7. Tartu Pühima Neitsi Maarja Pärispatuta Saamise kirik

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The Immaculate Conception Church also known as the Catholic church in Tartu and more formally "Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary" is the name given to a religious building belonging to the Catholic Church, located in the city of Tartu, the second largest in Estonia.

Wikipedia: Immaculate Conception Church, Tartu (EN)

8. Ernst Bergmann

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The Ernst Bergmann Monument is a memorial pillar created for the memory of a medical scientist, a educator and lecturer at the University of Tartu, Ernst Bergmann, located in Tartu on Toomemäe. It was completed in 1913. The monument is the German figure Adolf von Hildebrand.

Wikipedia: Ernst Bergmanni monument (ET)

9. Jaan Tõnisson

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Jaan Tõnisson Martijn Munneke / CC BY 2.0

Jaan Tõnisson's monument has been erected in memory of Jaan Tõnisson, the publisher and editor of the former Estonian Head of State, Prime Minister and Postimees. The monument is located in the center of Tartu, opposite the former editor of Postimees on Tõnisson Square.

Wikipedia: Jaan Tõnissoni monument (ET)

10. Meelis ja Vjatško Tartu kaitsel

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The sculpture of Vyashko and Meelis Tartu is a memorial set up in Tartu in 1980 for the young manifestation of Enn Kippel, Meelis, the son of Sakala Lembitu, Meelis and the former Prince of Koknes, who died in the battle of Tartu in 1224 in the fight against the Germans.

Wikipedia: Vjatško ja Meelis Tartu kaitsel (ET)

11. Hugo Treffner

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The Hugo Treffner Monument is located in Ülejõe Park in Tartu, located at Hugo Treffner Private School, founded by Hugo Treffner. The authors of the monument are sculptor Mati Karmin and architect Tiit Trummal. The monument was opened on May 25, 1997.

Wikipedia: Hugo Treffneri monument (ET)

12. Friedrich Robert Faehlmann

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Friedrich Robert Faehlmann's monument was opened in Tartu, in front of the Old Anatomic on 18 May 1930. The monument is dedicated to the founder and doctor of Estonian national literature - Friedrich Robert Faehlmann. The monument is Voldemar Mellik.

Wikipedia: Friedrich Robert Faehlmanni monument (ET)

13. Old Observatory

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University of Tartu Old Observatory or Tartu Old Observatory is an observatory in Tartu, Estonia. Tartu Observatory was an active observatory from 1810 to 1964. The building now serves as a museum and belongs to the University of Tartu Museum.

Wikipedia: University of Tartu Old Observatory (EN), Website

14. F. G. W. von Struve

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Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve Monument is a monument created for the memory of Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve and opened in 1969 in front of the Tartu Starhetower. The authors of the monument are sculptor Olav Pänn and architect Udo Ivask.

Wikipedia: Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve monument (ET)

15. Broken Cornflower

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The broken cornflower is a memorial to the victims of communism at 15 of Tartu next to the county government building. The memorial was opened in 1990 and at first it was located on the corner of Pepler and Riga streets, but was later moved.

Wikipedia: Murtud Rukkilill (ET)

16. Johan Skytte

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The Johan Skytte Monument is a monument created in honor of Johan Skytte, the founder of the University of Tartu, located in front of the Supreme Court building in Tartu. The author of the seal-shaped monument is the sculptor Tiiu Kirsipuu.

Wikipedia: Johan Skytte monument (ET)

17. Gottfried Albrecht Germann

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The Gottfried Albert Germann monument is a monument to the Tartu Botanical Garden, erected in memory of Gottfried Albert Germann, the first director of the Botanical Garden. The author of the monument is 2009 sculptor Mati Karmin.

Wikipedia: Gottfried Albert Germanni monument (ET)

18. Barclay de Tolly

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Barclay de Tolly Monument is a monument in Tartu, Estonia. The monument is erected in the honor of Baltic-German field marshal Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly. The monument is listed as cultural heritage monument of Estonia.

Wikipedia: Barclay de Tolly Monument (EN)

19. Oskar Luts

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Oskar Luts / GFDL

The statue of Oskar Luts is the statue of writer Oskar Luts in 1987 in the statue of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the writer Oskar Luts. The authors of the statue are sculptor Aulin Rimm and architect Allan Murdmaa.

Wikipedia: Oskar Lutsu ausammas (ET)

20. Oskar Luts Home Museum

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Oskar Luts House Museum is located in Tartu at Riia 38. This house was built by Oskar Luts for his family in 1936 and lived there for the last 17 years of his life. In 1964, a house museum was opened there.

Wikipedia: Oskar Lutsu majamuuseum (ET), Url

21. Julius Kuperjanovi mälestussammas

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Julius Kuperjanov's monument to the War of Independence is a memorial erected to Julius Kuperjanov, a commander of the Estonian military in Tartu County, in Tartu County. There is also Kuperjanov's tomb.

Wikipedia: Julius Kuperjanovi mälestussammas (ET)

22. EVKL Tartu vanausuliste palvemaja

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The Old Believers of Tartu is a prayer house for the Old Believers located in Tartu on Pärärärärärärärärärärärärärärärär\22 The Palvela is used by the Tartu Old Believers' congregation.

Wikipedia: Tartu vanausuliste palvemaja (ET), Website


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