6 Sights in Vordingborg Municipality, Denmark (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Vordingborg Municipality, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 6 sights are available in Vordingborg Municipality, Denmark.

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1. Nyord Kirke

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The neologism church on the island is located in the center of the city on furniture, and most roads lead to and around the center of the church. Therefore, we must provide more information to our citizens in the next few years. We must provide them with more information in the next few years. This may be the practical reason for its basic plan. In 1846, there was a "continued" unused land, the villages around and between the farms. Where possible, the model of the church includes the Great, the emperor of the Flemish Empire, and the church from the eight fringe castles of the church.

Wikipedia: Nyord Kirke (DA)

2. Svinø Kirke

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Pig Island Church is the parish church of Pig Island Parish, the city of vordingborg, and is relatively new because it was built in 1900 in red brick walls, with chorus, church boats, and a low bell tower. Construction was carried out at the initiative of women on Pig Island. Although there is a population of 250, the data collected is about 250 people. Half of the construction cost.

Wikipedia: Svinø Kirke (DA)

3. Elmelunde Church

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Elmelunde Church, famous for its frescos, is located in the village of Elmelunde, Møn, in southeastern Denmark. It stands high above the surroundings just south of the main road from Stege to the white cliffs of Møn. The impressive whitewashed building can be seen from miles around and has been used as a landmark by sailors in the Baltic Sea.

Wikipedia: Elmelunde Church (EN)

4. GeoCenter Møns Klint

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GeoCenter Møns Klint is a geological museum on the island of Møn in southeastern Denmark. Located close to the top of the chalk cliffs known as Møns Klint, it was opened on 29 May 2007 by Queen Margrethe. The building was designed by PLH Architects, the winners of an international design competition.

Wikipedia: GeoCenter Møns Klint (EN), Website

5. Timmesøbjerg-borgen

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Stalactite Hill-Keel is a Bronze Age plant, located on Stalactite Hill in the Great Cylinder, by coinage cliffs on the nuts. The hill has steep craters in three directions: east, south and west. From north to northeast, double ditches were dug. In this area, there are many tombs.

Wikipedia: Timmesøbjerg-borgen (DA)

6. Damsholte Church

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Damsholte Church, located in the village of Damsholte on the island of Møn in southeastern Denmark, is the only village church in the country built in the Rococo style. It is considered to be one of Denmark's finest Rococo buildings.

Wikipedia: Damsholte Church (EN), Website


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