12 Sights in Aalborg, Denmark (with Map and Images)

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Explore interesting sights in Aalborg, Denmark. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 12 sights are available in Aalborg, Denmark.

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1. Aalborg Teater

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Aalborg Teater

Aalborg Teater is the main theatre in Aalborg, Denmark. Built in 1878, it was subsequently modified by Julius Petersen and was remodeled in 2000. Its address is still Jernbanegade, although the station and the theatre have both moved. The theatre has three stages and seats 870 in the main auditorium. There are 10-12 annual productions with a total of 250-400 performances, covering a wide selection of drama and musicals. Originally privately owned, it is now controlled and owned by the Danish Ministry of Culture. While most productions are housed in the main hall, the building can accommodate up to four shows in its other halls.

Wikipedia: Aalborg Teater (EN)

2. Apostolsk kirke

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The Apostolic Church is a Christian denomination and Pentecostal movement that emerged from the Welsh Revival of 1904–1905. Although the movement began in the United Kingdom, the largest national Apostolic Church is now the Apostolic Church Nigeria. The term "Apostolic" refers to the role of apostles in the denomination's church government, as well as a desire to emulate 1st century Christianity in its faith, practices, and government.

Wikipedia: Apostolic Church (1916 denomination) (EN)

3. Hasseris Kirke

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Hasseris Kirke

Hasseris Church is located in Aalborg right next to Hasserisvej. It is built according to drawings by Aalborg architect Einar Packness. Construction started on September 28, 1954, the three foundation stones were laid on March 6, 1955 and the church was consecrated on Sunday, December 2, 1956 by Bishop Erik Jensen. The church tower was not included in the original building, but was built in 1986.

Wikipedia: Hasseris Kirke (DA)

4. Aalborg Tower

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Aalborgtårnet is a 54.9 metre tall observation tower built of lattice steel in Aalborg, Denmark. The tower is built on a hill, providing a total height of 105 metres above sea level. The tower has a restaurant on the top. The tower was completed in 1933, and underwent a major reconstruction from February 2005 to March 2005, in which the whole tower was pulled down and later reerected.

Wikipedia: Aalborgtårnet (EN)

5. Vejgård Kirke

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Vejgård Kirke

Vejgaard Church is located on Vejgaard Kirkevej in Aalborg close to Nørre Trandersvej. It is built according to drawings by the Copenhagen architect Kristoffer Varming. Construction started in early May 1904, the foundation stone was laid on June 3, 1904, and the church was consecrated on Sunday, December 18, 1904 by Bishop Fredrik Nielsen.

Wikipedia: Vejgaard Kirke (DA)

6. Kunsten

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KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art is located in Aalborg, Denmark, on Kong Christians Allé near its junction with Vesterbro. Of a modern Scandinavian design, it was built between 1968 and 1972 by Finnish architects Elissa and Alvar Aalto and Danish architect Jean-Jacques Baruël. It was completed on 8 June 1972.

Wikipedia: KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg (EN)

7. Vor Frelsers Kirke

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Vor Frelsers Kirke

Our Savior Church is located on the corner on Mount Anniber west of Aalborg, leading to Abalon Street. It was built according to the drawings of architects, etc. VAT and VAT oil. Construction began in 1900, and the church was completed on Sunday d. September 28, 1902, Bishop's Freedom Day.

Wikipedia: Vor Frelsers Kirke (Aalborg) (DA)

8. Church of Our Lady, Aalborg

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The Abbey of Our Lady, Aalborg was an early Benedictine monastery in Aalborg, Denmark. The former monastic church survived a parish church until 1876 when it was demolished. The present Vor Frue Kirke was built on the site between 1877 and 1878.

Wikipedia: Abbey of Our Lady, Aalborg (EN), Website

9. Sønder Tranders Kirke

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Sønder Tranders Kirke Steen Lund Hansen / CC BY-SA 3.0

Sønder Tranders church consists of a Romanesque choir and nave, with three late Gothic extensions: tower to the west, sacristy on the north side of the choir and a porch, which – contrary to custom – is placed on the north side of the tower.

Wikipedia: Sønder Tranders Kirke (DA)

10. Ansgars Kirken

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Ansgars Kirken

Ansgars Church is a national church in central Aalborg, built in 1929. It is the parish church of Ansgars Parish and is located in Vesterbro, just opposite Aalborghallen. The church belongs to the Diocese of Aalborg.

Wikipedia: Ansgars Kirke (Aalborg Kommune) (DA)

11. Aalborg Zoo

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Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg Zoo is a zoo located near the center of Aalborg in Denmark. Every year, Aalborg Zoo is visited by around 375,000 guests. The zoo covers 8 hectares, and keeps more than 1,500 animals belonging to 126 species.

Wikipedia: Aalborg Zoo (EN)

12. Gug Kirke

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Gug Kirke

Gug Church is located in southern Aalborg. It is built according to drawings by architects Inger Exner and Johannes Exner. Construction started on July 1, 1971, and the church was consecrated in 1972.

Wikipedia: Gug Kirke (DA)


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