13 Sights in Ostrava, Czechia (with Map and Images)

Explore interesting sights in Ostrava, Czechia. Click on a marker on the map to view details about it. Underneath is an overview of the sights with images. A total of 13 sights are available in Ostrava, Czechia.

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1. Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě

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The Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava was founded as a regional gallery in 1952 and is the oldest gallery in Ostrava. It builds on the tradition of the Association for the Construction and Maintenance of the Exhibition Pavilion in Moravská Ostrava from 1923. Its seat is the Ostrava House of Arts. The first fund was the collection of the Ostrava builder and art collector František Jureček. Since the 60s of the 20th century, the gallery has started extensive acquisition activities and expanded its collections of fine art. At present, the gallery houses mainly exhibitions of the collections of Czech painting of the 19th and 20th centuries and sculpture of the 20th century. Furthermore, graphic collections of old and modern European art. The quality of the collections ranks the gallery among the five most important Czech collecting institutions. The gallery owns, among other things, one of the most important paintings of the 20th century, Judith, the work of Gustav Klimt.

Wikipedia: Galerie výtvarného umění v Ostravě (CS), Website

2. Hornické muzeum

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The Landek Park Mining Museum is the largest corporate museum in the Czech Republic. It is located in Petřkovice near Ostrava under the hill Landek. Part of the complex is also located in nearby Koblov. Local continuous area has an area of 10 hectares, which makes it the largest museum area in the country. The museum was opened on December 4, 1993, symbolically on the feast of the patron saint of miners, St. Barbara. The site, proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO list, contains the preserved site of the Anselm Mine. In addition to the surface exposition of machinery and equipment, underground exposition and mining rescue exposition, we can also find the reconstruction of a settlement of mammoth hunters. There are also numerous sports facilities, such as beach volleyball courts, tennis courts and a cyclocross track. The total area of the complex is about ten hectares. There is a chapel of St. Barbara in the area.

Wikipedia: Hornické muzeum Landek Park (CS), Website

3. Církev československá husitská

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The Jan Hus Congregation of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church in Ostrava-Michálkovice is a church building located on the southern edge of Michalské Square in Ostrava-Michálkovice. The construction plan was drawn up by builder Otmar Pazourek from Moravská Ostrava. On 10th November 1924 excavation work on the construction of the Hus Congregation began. After the foundation wall was built, the foundation stone was laid on 17 May 1925 with a memorial deed with an extraordinary participation of the citizens of Michálkovice. The construction of the church itself faced considerable financial problems, which had a negative impact on the length of the construction. Therefore, the Christmas services in 1926 were held in an unfinished building. In mid-1927, a loan was used to ensure the completion of the construction. The inauguration of the choir took place on September 11, 1927.

Wikipedia: Husův sbor v Ostravě-Michálkovicích (CS)

4. sv. Kateřina

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The Church of St. Catherine of Alexandria is a church in the Hrabová district of Ostrava. Wooden church of sv. It was built in the second quarter of the 16th century in the late Gothic style with early Renaissance elements. Probably due to a defect in the wiring on April 2, 2002, it burned almost to the ground. Subsequently, it was restored as a period copy using fragments of the original building. The restoration of the temple was completed in 2004. Ceremonial handover of the keys to the church of the local Roman Catholic parish associated with the consecration of new bells consecrated to St. Francis of Assisi and St. It took place on October 30, 2004. Subsequently, the church was solemnly consecrated on 27 November by the Bishop of Ostrava-Opava, František Václav Lobkowicz.

Wikipedia: Kostel svaté Kateřiny (Ostrava) (CS)

5. Dolní oblast Vítkovice

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Lower Vítkovice (Czech: Dolní oblast Vítkovice) is a national site of industrial heritage located in the Vítkovice district of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. It includes an extensive industrial area Vítkovice ironworks with a unique collection of industrial architecture. A set of three successive parts - coal mine, coke ovens and blast furnace operations - also called Ostravian Hradčany, after Hradčany, the Castle District of Prague. The area is registered in the list of European cultural heritage, and was placed on the Czech Republic's list of tentative UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2001 under the name The Industrial Complexes at Ostrava.

Wikipedia: Lower Vítkovice (EN), Website

6. Michal Mine

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The Michal Mine known by its Czech name Důl Michal in Ostrava-Michálkovice, in the Czech Republic is a museum of mining located in the pit bank of a former coal mine. The museum is an Anchor point on the European Route of Industrial Heritage. The buildings have been preserved as they looked at the turn of the 20th century; the area was declared a National Cultural Landmark in 1995.

Wikipedia: Michal Mine (EN), Website

7. Svatého Josefa

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Church of St. Joseph, whose patrons are St. Joseph and Our Lady of Mount Carmel, stands on a hill southeast of the former settlement of Polská Ostrava, by the former imperial road from Ostrava, through Těrlicko to Těšín, and occupies the most beautiful place in the village. Today this church is in the cadastre and in the city district of Slezská Ostrava.

Wikipedia: Kostel svatého Josefa (Slezská Ostrava) (CS)

8. Evangelický Kristův kostel

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The Evangelical Church of Christ in Ostrava is a church built in 1905–1907 in a historicist style loosely inspired by Romanesque and Gothic styles. The building, also called the Red Church, is one of Ostrava's important monuments, it was included in the central list of cultural monuments of the Czech Republic.

Wikipedia: Evangelický Kristův kostel (Ostrava) (CS)

9. Kostel Neposkvrněného početí Panny Marie

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The Roman Catholic parish church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary is an important Neo-Gothic building in Ostrava. It is located on Svatopluk Čech Square in Přívoz and is the second church dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in Ostrava.

Wikipedia: Kostel Neposkvrněného početí Panny Marie (Ostrava-Přívoz) (CS), Website

10. Slezskoostravský hrad

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Silesian Ostrava Castle is a castle in Ostrava, in the northeastern Czech Republic. It was originally built in the 1280s near the confluence of the Lučina and Ostravice rivers. The castle was built for military purposes due to its proximity to the Polish border.

Wikipedia: Silesian Ostrava Castle (EN)

11. svatý Václav

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The Church of St. Wenceslas is one of the oldest and most important cultural and historical monuments of Ostrava. It is a three-nave building with adjacent chapels and a Gothic tower, once topped by Renaissance battlements and now a Baroque onion cupola.

Wikipedia: Kostel svatého Václava (Ostrava) (CS)

12. nanebevzetí Panny Marie

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The Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is the oldest Marian church in the city of Ostrava and the second church in Ostrava dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Since 2 March 2011 it has been a protected monument.

Wikipedia: Kostel Nanebevzetí Panny Marie (Třebovice) (CS)

13. Kostel Neposkvrněného početí Panny Marie

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The Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary is located in the Ostrava district of Radvanice and is the second church dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary in Ostrava.

Wikipedia: Kostel Neposkvrněného početí Panny Marie (Ostrava-Radvanice) (CS)


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